Team Spiritz


Ye Olde Punchbowl :- 26th October 2013




Team Spiritz were kindly invited to this 700 year old inn, due to the spirit activity witnessed over quite a number of years, we took this opportunity to see what we could discover


8:30pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location and entered the function room. They had a short meeting.

10:00pm:- They were shown around the place. Andy had a horrible feeling in the corridor to the toilets. Louise began taking photos, an orb appeared on Dave's head, she took another straight away, it had moved, but so had Dave, and a figure appeared in front of Andy. They began setting up cameras and equipment, and trigger objects. Trigger objects were - Cross on chair by function room toilets, a teddy and a toy car in the function room as Andy felt a child was present.

10:15pm:- Andy did a circle of protection in the function room. Investigation began. Andy began to call out. As Sam had set up trigger objects earlier in the function room, she had felt like a cob web had gone across her face. She felt it again. The k2 metres flashed to orange. Andy felt that there was a child spirit present, and they were drawn to Sam. Sam began to call out, asked spirit to move the toys in the room. Andy was sensing a J name. Andy set up the laser wall and asked them to walk through it. Andy felt a little boy was present. Sam and Louise could feel a cold draft, low down, near the floor. Jo felt drained. All of the team were saying boy's J names, Sam said Jeremiah, Andy felt that was correct.

They tried using Dave's ghost box. Communication was not very clear to start with. When they asked if there were any spirits that wanted to communicate, they heard 'yes'. They asked how many spirits were present, they heard '5'. Jo asked if there were definitely 5 spirits present, they heard a very strong 'yes'. They asked - Are you a man? they heard 'no'. They asked again how many spirits there were, they heard '4', one had left. They asked the spirits name, and heard 'John'.

They all then went into the bar, as they walked in, all of the k2 metres flashed to red. They decided to try glass divination. After confirming yes and no answers, they connected with a male spirit, he had lived in the building, but did not own it. He liked the ladies, but not the men. He was watching the team from behind the bar. He confirmed he had something to do with the image Louise caught on camera. He was 12 years old. He confirmed he had been touching Sam's face in the function room. He had lived there with his parents, and died of a head injury when he was 12 years old. They asked him to write the year he died with the glass, he wrote 1840. They then asked him to write his name with the glass, he wrote - g.o. He was telling the team to go! There was another spirit present who wanted to harm the team. It was his father. It was his father's fault he died, he beat him. There were 4 more spirits present but they were not related. His mother was not with him. His father killed himself, and Dave reminded him of his father ( the glass kept moving to Dave). He confirmed his own name was Jeremiah. It was not a pub when he had lived there. They asked Jeremiah if his father had hurt him deliberately, but he wouldn't give an answer. They asked him to write his father's name, but he only wrote a D. the glass then started moving differently, a different spirit was on the glass. They connected with Jeremiah's father. He was standing by Jo and was upset with her. He would not spell out his name as he was ashamed of commiting suicide, but he was not ashamed of what he did to Jeremiah. Jeremiah was caught stealing from him. They asked him to write the year he died, he wrote 1840, same as Jeremiah. He shot his son then himself. Their wife / mother was not with them. 

Tea Break

The team then decided to split up. The boys went to investigate the toilets, while the girls stayed in the function room and did a pendulum. Sam and Louise decided to try 2 pendulums together, as a new experiment, to see if they got the same answers. They connected with a male spirit. It was Jeremiah or his dad. Jo could see him as a big fat jolly man, he confirmed he was touching Sam's hair. He was laughing. He confirmed he had lived there, he was landlord. Jo felt very happy, then she had a pain in the head, connecting to Jeremiah. The male spirit knew Jeremiah and his dad, he was his dad's brother. Jo felt his name was Jake, he confirmed this with the pendulum. Him and his brother were like chalk and cheese. Jake had inherited the building after they died, and turned it into a pub. He was a nice man, that liked the ladies. The boys then popped briefly back into the function room, they had been doing scrying in the toilet mirrors. They all saw a large face with a white, clean cut beard. He looked quite angry. Due to his angry appearance, they felt that they were seeing Jeremiah's father. He was possibly in his mid 40's. The boys then went again, and Sam and Louise carried on with the pendulums. They were still connected with Jake. He was in his 40's when he took over the pub. The pub had stayed in the family. Jake confirmed that he was having an affair with Jeremiah's mom, which was why his dad had killed himself and Jeremiah, they had then got married after they died. That was why they wouldn't talk about her. He confirmed he felt guilty. He had known what was going to happen. He confirmed that Jeremiah and his dad were present. Jo then felt her chair shake. Jeremiah did it. He didn't like Jo, and was laughing at her. Then, all at the same time, Sam was touched on the hand, Louise was touched on the head, and Jo was touched on the leg. They asked the spirits to go to the boys and touch them, poke them in the eye! When they came back, both Andy's and John's eyes had been affected.

1:40am:- They all then went into the bar and tried glass divination with Mike (works at the pub) present. They connected with Jeremiah again. He liked talking to the team. Mike asked Jeremiah if he knew Harold and Jessie (known spirits to the owners, and a story about them is in the pub guide). He said he knew them, they passed before he did. He said Harold had a dog and Jessie was a little girl. He confirmed that Harold throws glasses at women because he hates them. Harold was not related to Jeremiah. Harold and Jessie had lived there before Jeremiah and his dad. The same type of thing had happened to the two families but at different times (both had died from gun shot wounds). Jeremiah had died 1840, and Harold and Jessie 1740, exactly 100 years apart. Jeremiah had lived in the stables. He then confirmed what they had got on the pendulum - that his mom was having an affair with his uncle and that's why his father shot him and then turned the gun on himself. His mom was not sad when he died, she knew it was going to happen. Jeremiah was not grounded, and confirmed he was going to visit when he could, as he liked Mike, he would look after him. Everyone then heard a noise coming from behind them. 

2:30am:- They started to collect all the equipment and trigger objects. Andy did a closing prayer of protection. Investigation ended.                                 



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