Team Spiritz


Wychbury Hill :- 18th June 2011

Team Spiritz decided to investigate this location because of its history and reputation of ghostly activity so we had to check it out.


10:00pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location and had a look around. They decided to walk up through a wooded area, up to the Wychbury Hill Monument. They walked around the monument, taking photos. They couldn't get right up to it as it was fenced off and over - grown, but the view from the top of the hill amazing, and it felt very peaceful.They decided to head back down the hill to the car to collect equipment and start the investigation properly.

10:45pm:- Back at the car, theygot the equipment ready and set up the body cams on Sam and Andy. Andy the did a circle of protection. They then set off in the opposite direction, heading into the centre of the woods. As they were entering the woods, Andy was picking up on the image of a young girl, she had long blonde hair, she was wearing a blue dress with a white frill on the front. She was playing, like she was chasing something, she was hunched over, laughing. Her energy was stronger in the open area than it was inside in the woods. Andy felt her name was Alice. As the were walking through, Andy felt a connection to a second clearing in the woods, so they carried on walking until they came to it, and stopped and set up cameras. Ady began calling out and a few noises were heard. Everyone agreed that there was a calm feeling and there was nothing negative. They then set up a table and began glass divination. They connected with a female spirit, she was not an adult, she confirmed she was a child, they asked her to write her age with the glass, it wrote, - 9. She confirmed she was 9 years old. The glass then stopped moving, and after a while it started moving again in a different way, it confirmed it was a different spirit, it was a female, they asked her to write the year she died with the glass, it wrote - 1819. They then asked her ot write her name, it wrote - molly. She was standing between Andy and Chris. She confrimed she died in the wood of natural causes. Voices could then be heard. They asked her to write her age, but got no response. The glass stopped moving. Andy and Louise then felt surrounded, like something was closing in on them. Andy was seeing a circle of spirits all around the team. The glass then started moving strongly to the edge of the table, trying to tip it off. All of the team then felt very uneasy, Andy felt sick. The k2 metre then began flashing around Andy. Andy could hear chanting. He said he could sense around 30 spirits around them, and he felt very very sick as he said it. Everyone was very on edge. They all then heard a thud over by the video camera, and when they went to look, the camera was rocking.

11:30pm:- They then carried on walking through the woods, to the next clearing and stopped. They began calling out and taking photos. Andy was picking up on someone being hung, suicide, and he was drawn to a particular tree.

They then decided to do a seance. They stood in a circle holding hands. Unexplained noises were heard all around them. Andy was picking up on the image of a man pacing around the circle. Louise could smell strong aftershave. Andy and Louise could hear voices. Andy saw a flash of white light in the trees. All of the team felt uneasy so decided to head back to the car.

12:15am:- Closing prayer of protection done by Andy. Investigation ended. Registered & Protected


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