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Whittington Castle :- 31st July 2010


 Team Spiritz were lucky enough to be able to do an investigation in this very old building, Team decided not to do a Baseline test as we wanted more time to investigate.

Full Investigation Report


 8:00pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location and had a walk around the building and started setting up equipment and Trigger objects. Whilst in the Armoury room, most of the team felt strange or uncomfortable. Debbie and Sam both heard groans, and Louise had a sudden headache

8:50pm:- Louise stood in the entrance to the tower taking photos and heard a breath in her left ear.

9:00pm:- Investigation started - protection done by Tracey upstairs. They then entered the school room and began calling out. Debbie picked up on two children playing in there, a little boy - 'Simon' and 'Gregory'. Tracey threw a ping pong ball across the floor and asked for it to be threw back. The ball then came back to her. Andy picked up on the name 'Edward'. The team then the balls in set places and asked the spirits to move them while they were out of the room.

9:10pm:- The team moved into the Armoury room, they stood around the table with the Armour on it, and a few of the team could feel the table vibrating. Debbie felt the year '1648' was connected and the name 'Sir Henry Cecil'

9:20pm:- Andy started calling out in the Book room/shop. The chandelier started moving slightly. In the Souvenir shop, Debbie was then picking up on a soldier wearing mesh leading, he was leading someone who was wearing a wonky crown on his head, he was drunk.

9:35pm:- The team moved into the Guard room next to the Souvenir shop, and put Steve in the stocks!!!

They then started a seance in a circle. Andy and Sam both felt cold spots. Debbie could smell bread! Andy then got touched on the shoulder. Tracey and Louise got touched on the head at the same time.

9:50pm:- The team moved into the Wedding/Function room and started glass divination. They connected with a male spirit, he worked at the castle, he died of natural causes, he took part in a battle and survived, he fought the Welsh, he was a young man when he passed, younger than 18-19. The team asked him to spell out his name, he did a letter I, but Tracey felt his name was 'Eamonn', he confirmed this. He knows the children playing upstairs but he is not related to them.

They then connected with another male spirit, he owned the castle, he brought the castle in the 1400's. After counting, the team came up with 1435, he confirmed this. He refused to give the team his name. He claims the Armour upstairs belonged to him, he was not happy with the team messing with it. He is connected to King John, he is connected to the 'Fitzwarine' family, his first name is 'Fulk'. He is angry that the King gave the castle away to the English. He is connected to 'Powis', King Henry gave him the castle, he was 38 when he died, he died of Smallpox, his body is buried at the castle. Debbie then picked up on a spirit called Elaine/Elaina, she had long blonde hair, a white dress, she was a servant girl and she died of natural causes.

10:25pm:- The team used playing cards to split into groups and asked spirits to pick them with the glass. The groups were - Group One - Armoury Room - Steve, Louise,Sam, Chris, and Tracey. Group two - Shop and Guard Room - Margaret, Andy, Sue and Debbie.

10:30pm:- Group one - School room - The group sat round in a circle and did some calling out. Chris threw a ping pong ball but nothing happened. Steve called out and felt a tap on his head. They then moved into the Armoury room and stood around the table and called out. Tracey felt the Armour belonged to an officer on a horse. With nothing much happening, decided to have a break.

Group two - Souvenir shop - Calling out was done but had no response so they decided to move into the Guard room. They started glass divination, they connected with a male spirit, 'Roger Powis', Andy asked him to touch one of the team members upstairs and the spirit confirmed he would touch Steve. The team then radioed the other group to see if he had been touched, and he had.

11:15pm:- Break

11:30pm:- Group one moved into the Guard room. After asking out and nothing happening, they decided to try glass divination. They connected with the male spirit the other group had spoken to. He was the owner of the Armour, he prefers to be called 'Sir'. They asked him to touch one of the group upstairs, and it did 3 times.

11:50pm:- They then moved into the Book room and did some calling out but got no response.

11:30pm:- Group two - Armoury room- they sat around the table, holding the armoury, all of the group felt the armour pull towards the wall. Andy picked up on the name 'John' whilst holding the armour and felt like his head was being squashed. He picked up on early 1500's. Margaret was touched twice while the group downstairs were asking for it.

11:45pm:- Group two - School room - Debbie rolled the ping pong ball into the centre of the room, while the group sat in a circle around it, and asked the spirit children to move it. Lights could be seen by all team members around the ball.

12:00am:- Closing prayer of protection done. Investigation ended. Registered & Protected


History of Whittington Castle

The fabric of the Castle has been much changed over the hundreds of years since it was built, one of those changes being the 16th century Elizabethan dwelling attached to the northern outer bailey gate-house tower.

The tower keep is 12th century, but has been later modified, the outer gatehouse is no doubt the work of Sir Fulk Fitzwarine of the early 13th century and above the archway can be seen his coat of arms.

Looking at the remains of this once extensive Marches Castle one wonders why this particular site was chosen. In most cases castles had natural defensive features to prevent easy access for attacking forces, such as a river, steep cliffs or deep moat. The highest land in the village, Pen-y-bryn, would have given excellent views towards Offa's Dyke, over which the Welsh raiders frequently invaded English territory. It was protection provided by the treacherous marshlands surrounding the site which was the decisive factor in its choice for the first earthworks and wooden Castle. 

William Peverel built the Norman Motte and Bailey castle after the demolition of the previous stronghold built at the time of King Offa, probably of wood with a stockade of sharp posts.

William Peverel had no male heir so his eldest daughter Mellet inherited the castle. The victor of a tournament for her hand in marriage was Warin de Metz of Lorraine who founded a long line of Fitzwarines. They held the castle until 1420.

Much of the remains of the keep date from a rebuilding in 1222. The outer gatehouse with two towers had a 42 foot long drawbridge leading to the drier land to the east.

During the civil war it was loyal to the Royalists until Oliver Cromwell's Roundheads took it by force in 1643. At the time of Queen Mary II ownership of the castle was granted to Fitz-Alan, Earl of Arundel. Later it was sold to Francis William Albany Esq, a London merchant whose Manor and Estate was Fernhill. When his granddaughter Sarah married Thomas Lloyd Esq of Aston the two estates were united.

So to the last  joint owners Mrs A Hamilton-Hill and the Lady Newborough  of the Lloyd lineage.  The Castle is now owned and run by the local community.The Castle has an interesting history potentially spanning approx 3000 years.


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