Team Spiritz


White Lion Inn : - 22nd January 2011

Team Spiritz had the chance to investigate the reported poltergeist activity and regular sighting in this old pub


Baseline Test was conducted on 20th January 2011 by Andy & Steve

 Baseline Test Results:-

Bar :- Average EMF Reading 1mg - Lowest Temp 14.7c - Highest Temp 17.5c - No Noise Heard - No Drafts Felt

Lounge :- Average EMF Reading 1mg - Lowest Temp 14c - Highest Temp 16c -  No Noise Heard - No Drafts Felt

Pool Room :- Average EMF Reading 0.5mg - Lowest Temp 7c - Highest Temp 9.5c - Noisy Floor Heard - No Drafts Felt but very cold room

Cellar :- Average EMF Reading 1mg - Lowest Temp 10.7c - Highest Temp 14.5c - Noise From Pumps Heard - No Drafts Felt


 11:30pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location and put all of the equipment in the Pool room. In the lounge, Tracey stood in front of the open fire and could smell fresh flowers, Sam and Margaret could then smell them too.

 12:00am:- The team begans setting up cameras and trigger objects. The cross was placed in the cellar, a bible was put on top of a piano in the lounge, and various toys were placed around the Pool room.

 12:40am:- Investigation began with circle of protection done by Tracey in the Pool room. They began by doing a seance while Andy called out. Tracey felt a cold sensation on her back, Andy took a temperature reading and it dropped from 15.0 to 8.0, and her back felt warm. Tracey then moved position in the circle and the temperaure went up to 16.5. One of the guests, Clare, felt water drops on her face, but when she checked, it was dry. She also saw several bright white lights around the room. Tracey saw a pinprick of white light move across Chris's knee. Most of the group felt different temperature drops. Steve felt like someone was blowing on the back of his neck, Andy took a temperature reading and it dropped from 15.6 to 13.0. Tracey then sat on the floor to see if there were any children in spirit who wanted to communicate with her, she threw a ball and asked for it to be returned, but it did not move. Tracey then saw a white light move across Sam's leg. Sam then felt someone/something touch her hand, straight away, Margaret felt the same thing and Tracey felt a cold spot on her face.

 1:15am:- All of the team then moved into the cellar. Andy began to call out. It seemed to be much darker at one end of the cellar than the other. Clare was sitting on a ledge near the floor, with a bag over her shoulder, almost touching the floor, and she felt the bag being tugged. Louise then became all anxious and shaking all over, and had to leave the cellar, as soon as she left, she felt fine, so this remains unexplained.

 1:30am:- All of the team then moved into the lounge and began glass divination. They connected with a male spirit, a child, he was 8 years old, he was not alone, he had his 6 year old sister with him. He died at the pub, he was grounded there. He lived at the pub. He died in 2002, in a fall. He lived local and his parents still come to the pub. His name was Aiden. He wanted to stay so that he can still see his mom and dad. He said there are 9 other spirits in the pub, and they are not all friendly.

A different spirit then came onto the glass, a male spirit, he did not like women. He was gay. He used to drink in the pub. He was a local, he died in the pub. He had a connection to Steve, they went to school together. The team then asked him to spell out his name with the glass, it spelt - W.I.L.L, they asked if his name was William, and this was confirmed. He then spelt out D.A.V.I.S as his surname. Steve then knew who he was and asked - Were you 4 years older than me? - YES. His partner still drinks in the pub.

 2:15am:- Tea Break

 2:30am:- The team then split up into two groups. Chis, Louise, Wendy and Sharon went into the Cellar. Chris began to call out, and a pebble was heard dropping on the floor. The landlady then had a pen pulled out of her hair and fell into a drain. Chris then placed the pen on a table and asked spirit to move it agin, but it did not move.

Sam, Margaret and Tracey moved into the bar. Photos were taken and Tracey caught an unexplained mist on her camera. Tracey then began using her Pendulum. They connected with a female spirit, she had lived there, did not work behind the bar, she was married, her husband worked behind the bar. She was allowed to come downstairs, but not behind the bar. She died in the 1800's. She was 54 years old, she had 4 children. She used to clean the pub. Her husband and children were not present with her, she looks after the spirit children present at the pub. There is another female spirit of the same age that looks out of an upstairs window, she looks for someone.

They then connected with a male spirit, his name was Arthur, he was in his 50's, he died of natural causes, he lived on the ground floor, he confirmed the spirit in the cellar is a barmaid, and that she pulled the pen out of the landlady's hair earlier on.

 3:20am:- Andy and Louise then moved into the cellar and began calling out. Thye then noticed a motion sensor on the wall kept going on and off, and they tried to make it come on from their own movement, but it wouldn't, so they could not understand what was triggering it.

 3:30am:- All of the team then re-grouped in the bar. They began glass divination., they connected with a male spirit in his 30's, he was 38, he didn't drink there, he's not connected to the land, he knows someone present, the landlord. The team then asked him to spell out his name, it spelt - S.A.N.D.Y, the landlord confirmed someone of this name had just left the pub, and the glass confirmed this was the person they were connected to.

 3:40am:- The group split into two in the lounge. Andy, Margaret, Wendy and Sharon continued with glass divination, while the rest of the group did table tipping. The table began to vibrate slightly, but got no major movements.

Glass divination - They connected with a female spirit, she was from the 1800's, they asked her to spell her name with the glass, it spelt - A.N.N.I.E, she was connected to the land. She wanted the team to help her move to the light, so Andy encouraged her to walk towards the light, the glass slowed down and stopped. they then tried communicating through the glass again, it did not move.

They then connected with another female spirit, she also wanted to move towards the light, so Andy encouraged her.

 4:00am:- Closing prayer of protection done by Tracey in the pool room. Investigation ended. Registered & Protected




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