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Waggon & Horses :- 9th July 2011

Team Spiritz were invited back to this great location, to see if we could catch any more paranormal activity like we did on our first investigation there in 2010



9:40pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location. They went straight up into the function room upstairs. They began setting up all the equipment. As this was the team's first live investigation on the internet, it took a while to set up the CCTV cameras, laptops and microphones. All were tested and working. Sam and Louise set up trigger objects in the function room, kitchen and cellar. The rest of the cameras were also set up around the pub in various places.

11:00pm:- Andy did a circle of protection in the function room, before switching the cameras to live. Investigation began. Andy began calling out. He was picking up on the image of a lady, she was wearing a long dress. On a previous visit to the location, Andy had sensed her on the baseline test, but not on the actual invest. He was picking up on the name Elizabeth. As he said the name, the K2 flashed to red. He felt that she walks around the top floor, up and down the stairs.

They then decided to do glass divination. They connected with a female spirit, Andy asked if it was Elizabeth, and she said no. She was a child spirit. Andy counted and asked her to move the glass at her age, it moved at 7. She confirmed she was grounded. She was connected to the pub. Andy asked her if she can write numbers, but she said no. She also didn't know the year. Andy was picking up on the name Molly. She didn't want Andy to talk on the glass, so he asked her to move the glass to the person she wanted to talk, it moved to Chris. Sam's hand was then touched. Chris asked for it to happen again. She confirmed she had lived in the pub with her family. Louise then began talking on the glass. The glass was spinning, but confirmed it was still Molly. She didn't die in the pub. Andy was sensing she didn't die age 7, she was at the pub when she was 7 years old. She confirmed this. The glass was then not making any sense, the glass gave different yes/no answers. There was then a knock in the corner of the room, then straight away, a louder knock. The glass moved to Louise so she continued to talk. The glass kept moving to the empty seat at the table. They connected with a male spirit but then the glass stopped moving so they decided to end the session.

Andy and Chris then took the live CCTV camera into the kitchen, while Sam and Louise sat watching them in front of the laptop. Sam and Louise were asking for things to happen to thm in the kitchen, Sam asked spirit to touch Andy's face, and he was touched straight away. Andy felt someone had got burnt in there. Sam and Louise were checking comments that viewers had left on the Team Spiritz website, giving times of orbs, etc. Chris then put the live camera in the corridor, where the apparition was caught on camera on the last visit. Andy came in front of the laptop too,and was calling out. Lots of orbs were showing on the screen.

Andy then stood on the stairs with the live camera on him, he felt a draft move from his ear, down the back of his neck. The window was checked, there were no drafts.

12:30am:- They decided to try using Sam's pendulum in the function room. As she began, Sam felt something tickling her hand. She connected with a male spirit, he was not connected to the pub, he was not connected to the land. He was connected to the area, he had lived in the area, he didn't used to drink in the pub. Andy had a strong feeling he had died in a car accident outside the pub, the spirit confirmed this. Andy picked up on the name **** , his car was a red fiesta, he was alone in the car, he confirmed he died in 1992. He was 21 years old when he died, it was close to his birthday. He died **/**/**. They asked him if they look it up on the internet, etc, would they be able to find records of his death? He said yes. The accident was not his fault, there was another car involved, no-one else was killed. Andy felt the other car was dark blue, he confirmed this.

As this accident was quite recent, the team feel they should not give the name and date of birth the spirit had given them, out of respect for possible family members reading the report.

1:10am:- After a short break, the team moved into the cellar. As they were walking in, Sam felt something hit her right knee, but there was nothing there. They began to call out. Andy then began to feel sick. They decided to hold hands and do a seance, they heard various noises around them. Sam felt like there was something behind her in the corridor towards the barrel run. Andy had a sharp pain in his right eye. Andy was then picking up on the image of an old lady, she was stern, stuck in her ways/ strong minded. Andy felt her name was Maggie/Margaret. More calling out was done, but got no response. They then went into a small room in the cellar to collect the trigger object, and all of the coins had moved significantly to the right, and no-one had been in there.

1:30am:- After collecting up all of the equipment, a closing prayer of protection was done by Andy. Investigation ended. Registered & Protected


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