Team Spiritz


Oswestry Visitor & Exhibition Centre :- 23rd October 2010

Team Spiritz had the pleasure to investigate this 600 year old building

A Baseline Test was conducted by Steve on arrival at location

All Areas had same readings.

Average EMF Reading 0.5 mg, warm building, all areas had little noise from traffic and noisy floors.

Full Investigation Report

8:00pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location and were greeted by Karen Pringle, who runs the centre, and a member of Oswestry Council. The team had a look around the place, and began setting up equipment and trigger objects. As they were setting up the trigger objects, Sam saw the face of a woman in the window, next to Margaret. They tried to work out how it happened to be in the window, but could not find an explanation. When the team moved back downstairs, ready to start the investigation, Louise thought someone was stood next to her, but there was no one there.

8:30pm:- Investigation began with circle of protection done by Tracey. Andy then began calling out in the restaurant area with everyone stood still. Sam felt something pinch her ears twice and had the sensation of being pushed forward from behind. Andy picked up on the name 'George', he possibly worked there. Constant noises could be heard in the kitchen. After investigation, the team worked out which noises the coffee machine was making, but other noises were also heard, which sounded like cutlery being banged together.

8:50pm:- The group then moved upstairs. They began calling out in the room directly opposite the stairs. Tracey felt there were children present, so she sat on the floor and asked them to come close to her. She got a coin off the table and threw it, asking spirit to throw it back. Tracey then saw a shadow peer around the doorway. They then moved into the school room, where Andy picked up on the image of a little boy, he had blonde hair, and was dressed in brown, he was skipping around, about 5 years old, possibly named 'Alex'. Banging was being heard. They moved through the doorway, into the next room, where it sounded like the banging was coming from the walls. Again, Tracey sat on the floor, asking the little boy to connect to her, but she was picking up on  a woman in a nurse or maid's outfit.

9:20pm:- The team moved downstairs into the restaurant and began glass divination. They connected with a male spirit, he used to work here, the glass started moving like it was going to form a letter, it looked like it spelt GE, so they asked 'Is your name George?' - NO  Louise then asked - Is your name Gethin? - YES, he used to be a teacher here, his spirit is grounded, and he is not happy to be here.

A different spirit then connected with the team. The glass moved to everyone in the room to say hello. It was a female spirit that did not work here. There is more than one spirit present. 

The spirit of a child then connected, a little girl, she wanted the team's help, the glass moved to Andy, he asked her to help the team first in the investigation, and she agreed. Margaret felt the name 'Gwyneth' was connected to her. Different smells could be smelt all around the team whilst doing the glass.

9:45pm:- Chris an Steve moved into the kitchen area as more noises were heard coming from there, while the rest of the team continued. Sam and Tracey could smell a horrible smell behind them. There was someone on the glass that would not reveal who they were, just moving round and round the table. Andy challenged the spirit, straight after, the horrible smell moved across the table to Andy, where he was overcome and felt sick, and had to leave the table.

A male spirit then connected, he had worked there, he was making a smell of matches (sulphur), especially around Margaret. He was a headmaster, the glass then started moving funny as if it was signing a signature, it did this many times and was very fascinating.

10:30pm:- The group had a break

10:45pm- The team went back upstairs, into the school room, and began Table Tipping. The table started vibrating, then began rocking from side to side.

11:20pm:- The group split into two, women and men. The men started in the school room and the women in the other two rooms and began calling out and asking for EVP's. Nothing was heard. To reduce noise, Sam and Louise sat on the floor, while Tracey lay on the floor! Everyone began laughing uncontrolably and orbs were then caught on cameras, as if it was reacting to the laughter.

11:30pm:- Andy rejoined the women and began glass divination to try to help the little girl from earlier to pass on, but the team could not connect with her. Someone else came on the glass. The women were still laughing uncontrolably, and did not know why. They asked the spirit on the glass if the room had once been used for drugs, and they answered yes, which explains why the women felt weird and felt fine as soon as they left the room.

12:00am:- Investigation ended. Registered & Protected


History Of  Oswestry Visitor & Exhibition Centre

Oswestry visitors centre for started life as a boys school founded by David Holbache in 1401. He was a pioneer in education. The first recorded headmaster was a man called Reynolds 1537.

During the Civil War Oswestry was a royalist town.

The building was later moved to its now location in the grounds of Oswestry church yard (date unconfirmed).

In 1781 the building was used as a workhouse, by the 1800s it became a laundry. By the 1950s the building was used as dwellings.

In 1970s the building fell into disrepair and was brought and turned into a museum.Later the lease was changed and is now used as the visitors centre,which has a tearoom.



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