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The Whispering Witch :- 25th March 2011


Team Spiritz had the chance to investigate this very old and creepy location, we couldn't refuse



9:00pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location and began setting up cameras and trigger objects

9:20pm:- Circle of Protection done in the shop area by Andy. Louise was using a K2 metre, she was holding it around a shelf of gifts, and straight away, the lights went upto red (maximum). At the same time, Toni's new batteries in her torch completely drained. Andy began calling out, asking spirit to affect the K2 metre, and straight away it turned to orange. Andy was picking up on an angry, old man. Toni and Louise could feel cold spots around their legs.

9:30pm:- The team moved down into the basement. They began taking photos and many orbs were caught. Andy began calling out. Pat was using the K2 metre, it was spiking to orange, but when he held it towards Andy, it was going up to red. There were also orbs all around Andy on the photos taken.

They then moved upstairs into the Seance room and began table tipping. There was slight vibrations on the table. Andy and Toni then saw a blue flash of light by Sam and Chris. The K2 metre had been placed in the middle of the table with a pen resting on it, Louise heard the pen scraping against the K2 metre as the table was moving. Louise then went very cold and saw a flash of bright light in the doorway. Toni then saw the doorway go very dark. Andy and Louise then heard clicking coming from next door. The lights began flashing on the K2 metre again. Toni felt someone pull on her coat pocket. Andy was picking up on the old man again, he felt he had had a blow to the head.

They then began using a planchette. It began moving and had drawn what looked like a witch's hat. As it first started moving, the planchette was tipping to one side. The K2 metre was spiking again, and then Louise saw a shadow move behind Sam and Chris.

11:00pm:- All of the team began glass divination in the basement. Andy was picking up on highway men. The old man he was picking up on earlier was connected to the highway men. He then had a tickiling on his face and a sick feeling. They then connected with a female spirit who was not connected to the location or the land. She had followed the team from Himley woods, a witch. Toni then saw a shadow over Pat. Sam and Toni heard a shuffling noise between them on the floor. The lights on the K2 metre went up to maximium. The glass then pointed to all of the porches and the K2 metre, so they asked - Do you want to go to the light? - NO. She was using them for energy

11:40pm:- Tea Break

11:50pm:- The team then decided to split into two teams. The females went into the pendulum room. Sam began using her pendulum, she connected with a female spirit. She was connected to Sam and Louise, she had followed them. There were other spirits present, she wasn't stopping them talking to the team, they just didn't want to. The pendulum started moving faster and in bigger circles. Sam asked the spirit to touch Pat's head, who was downstairs, but straight away, Toni's head started hurting with a sharp stabbing pain.

While the males were in the basement, Andy began calling out. The K2 metre was put on the table, one light came on. Andy asked spirit to make a second light come on, and it did. Then Andy asked for a third light to come on, and it did, and stayed on. Andy asked for a fourth light but got no reaction. Andy was then picking up on the image of a young lady around the age of 25, she was wearing a long floral dress. She seemed to be running away from someone. Andy also sensed horses, he felt this was a connection to the highway men. He felt the year was possibly late 1800's.

12:30am:- All of the group then went into the basement and did glass divination to try to connect with the female Andy was picking up on down there. Louise felt like she was having de ja vu and she felt that the light above the table should have been swinging. There was a big bang on the table between Sam and Toni, they then heard a whining noise. They connected with a male spirit, they asked him to write his first name, the glas wrote - petra4d, the team asked - Are you trying yo spell petrified? - YES, he was saying he was petrified of the highway men, they were after him for something. Someone/something then touched the top of Louise's leg. They asked him to write the year, he wrote - 1010. The men then decided to move back upstairs into the pendulum room, and left the women downstairs. The glass pointed to all of the empty spaces around the table. He liked the fact that they had gone because he likes women. Toni then felt pressure on top of both of her legs, like someone was pinning her to the chair. Toni started getting very stressed and could not stand up, she was frozen, and the tops of her legs had red hot patches on them. Sam and Louise were asking the spirit to move away from Toni. Toni stood up and Sam could feel the heat patches on her legs. They decided to leave the basement. 

1:30am:- Circle of protection done by Andy. Investigation ended. Registered & Protected


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