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The Station Hotel :- 13th November 2010

Team Spiritz conducted an event at The Station Hotel guests were invited to join us on this location!

A Baseline test was conducted on the 9th November 2010 by all team members the test results were as follows

Room 214 :- Average EMF Reading 0.5mg,  Lowest room temp 18.9c - Highest room temp 21.7c, Drafty window, no pysical noises heard.

Cellar :- Had high EMF readings in some parts of celler due to a power supply, Lowest room temp 15.5c - Highest room temp 18.2c, no pysical drafts, some noises heard from pumps.

Bar - Ballroom - Restaurnt :- Average EMF Reading 0.5mg, Lowest temp 18.5c - Highst temp 21.2c, no pysical drafts, some noisy floor boards.


8:30pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location and began setting up cameras, trigger objects and experiments.

10:00pm:- Guests arrived and Team Spiritz greeted them in the ballroom. Steve explained to the guests the plan for the night, then circle of protection was done for the whole group by Tracey. The group was then split up into the following groups - Group one - Steve, Sam and 5 guests   Group two - Tracey, Louise and 6 guests     and Group three - Andy, Margaret and 5 guests. Debbie, team medium, was to move from group to group, and Chris to sort out the equipment.

10:30pm:- Group three went upstairs into room 214, with Debbie, while groups one and two went into the cellar, and because the cellar is so big, the two groups went into opposite ends of the cellar.

Group one began in the large cellar room and began calling out. Noises were heard that could not be explained. One guest reported a cold spot on the side of her face. They then began glass divination and connected with a child, a boy. The table began tapping. He told the team he was looking for someone, but could not show himself. After counting, the glass confirmed he was 7 years old. He is stuck but no-one is stopping him from leaving. He likes it here,but did not live here, he died here. Guests reported being able to smell fish around the table. After going through the alphabet, the glass started moving at the letter R, indicating this is the initial of his first name. Fish smells were again reported. He wasn't murdered, he had an accident here. He did not want any males on the glass. One of the guests on the glass looks like his mother. The lady sat next to the lady who looks like his mother, moved across, the boy was then happy that he could sit next to her. A noise was then heard by Sam and Steve, and the boy confirmed it was him. He confirmed his name is Richard. There are other spirits with him, nice spirits. He wanted to play a trick on the other group, but did not want to leave the lady that looks like his mom. A fish smell was again reported.

Group two began in the Barrel run of the cellar. Tracey began calling out. A light was seen and a small noise was heard. They then tried glass divination on a table in the middle of the barrel run. The glass did not move so they moved round to the entrance of the cellar, but still got no response. They then moved into one of the storage rooms and Tracey began calling out. Footsteps were heard. In a little alcove, Tracey was picking up on the image of an old man. He was just sitting at a table drinking. He had a grey beard.

Group three began in room 214. Andy began calling out and a few noises were heard. Two guests heard a tap at the back of the single bed. Debbie was picking up on the image of a little girl in the bathroom, named Molly. Jan, one of teh guests, sat on the chair in the corner of the room, and felt a cold breeze around her legs. Andy took the temperature but there was no change. Andy was then picking up on the image of a little girl stood dtill at the end of the bed. Her name was Jenny and she was wearing a long dark dress. Michelle, one of the guests, felt a cold spot, then something touched her on the back. Something then tickled Margaret's finger on her right hand. They then began scrying in the mirror, Michelle began and she saw - a big nose, a big forehead, looked like a witch but then the image changed to a man's face in his 40's, with a scowl. Michelle then felt something touch her leg. Another guest then had a go at scrying but nothing happened.

Group one then moved into room 214 and began scrying in the mirror. One of the guests started and could see her face had dropped on one side, like a stroke, and her face was tingling. Others stood behind her could also see her face dropping. Michelle then tried scrying and experienced the same type of thing - a dropped face, a mouth dropped, and a tear fell down her face, she was very upset. Michelle then had to be taken out of the room, while another guest was touched on the back of her head. They then beagn glass divination to try to connect with the person they were picking up on in the scrying.  They did not connect with the person, but they did connect with a relative of the team, unfortunately this information cannot be disclosed. 

Group two moved into the large cellar room. They began by calling out but got no response. They then tried glass divination and the glass moved very slightly. Debbie then joined the team and began calling out. She was picking up on the image of a man who was feared by the other spirits, and won't let people communicate on the glass.

Group three moved into the Barrel run and began by calling out and doing a seance, trying to encourage spirits to walk through the motion sensors. Bangs were heard coming from the store room. During the seance, Michelle had a burning sensation on her back. Andy asked spirit to take this feeling away from her. Andy then picked up on the image of a male spirit, 'Justin', he was in his early 20's, no older than 25. Andy felt Justin was causing Michelle to have the burning sensation. The face then moved up to her face. Michelle then had pain in her back, when team members checked, she had 2 scratch marks.

12:00am:- The group had a tea break. As group two were not getting much activity, they decided to change team members with group one.

12:45am:- Group one went into room 214 and immediately began scrying. One guest, Vicky started first, she saw -  the image of an old lady with wrinkly eyes, a hair lip, and had a feeling of being really sad. Another guest, Julie, then tried scrying, she saw -  one side of her face getting fatter, a dropped mouth on one side, a female in her mid 70's, her left eye went dark, and she had pressure on the right side of her head. She also felt like she was in mourning. A male guest then had a go, he saw his left eye disappear, and his face went fatter. He felt very tired and like he was in the 40's era. 3 more guests attempted scrying but didn't get much response.

Group two moved into the barrel run and began calling out. A tapping was heard. One of the guests felt like they were being touched, and all of the group felt cold spots around their legs. They then began glass divination. They connected with a male spirit, Richard they connected with earlier. He liked being around Julie, the guest who looked like his mom. He wanted to play. The team asked Richard to return a ball they had just thrown, the ball moved slightly. Louise was then touched on the leg, at about shin height. The line between the two motion sensors should not be visible, but at that point, Louise saw the line appear, and at the same time,Tracey caught a black shape move through the line on her video camera. This footage can be seen in the videos section.

They then tried sometable tipping in the first part of the barrel run. The table was moving slightly and Tracey was picking up on a little girl called Georgia. Tracey then caught an orb on video camera float across the table. They then moved to a restricted area and began to call out. Most of them began to feel cold. A slight breeze was moving around the group. Lights were also seen. Louise stood in the doorway of the restricted area and had her back to the group and was facing the wall, a light appeared on the wall then disappeared.

Group three moved into the large cellar room and started glass divination. They connected with Justin, the male spirit Andy picked up on earlier. He confirmed he was in his 20's. The glass then began tapping. Another spirit then came onto the glass, male, they asked him to spell out his name with the glass, it spelt out - D.O.N.A.L.D - Andy felt he was 53 years old, the spirit confirmed this. They then asked if he was killed in a fire, due to guests having the burning sensations, and he confirmed this, and Justin died in the fire too. Justin was a bell boy and Donald was management. Donald told them through the glass that him and Justin were lovers and not many people knew.

1:30am:- The whole group got back together in the large cellar room. They did some calling out, asking for the pendulum to move. Some of the guests did some more glass divination and got some more information on Donlad, Justin and Richard. The team then had to clear up in the cellar and move all the equipment upstairs into the ballroom.

2:30am:- The whole group were in the ballroom. Sam and Louise felt a cold breeze in the corner of the room so they started using the laser thermometre. This was showing a major drop in temperature at one particular part of the room.

They then began doing some table tipping on the dance floor. There was some slight vibrations but no major movement. Louise and Chris began using the dowsing rods in the restaurant and got some communication. Louise's rods led her up to the top part of the restaurant, and Chris's just kept crossing over.

3:00am:- The whole group then decided to move into the restaurant. Andy began calling out and noises were heard all around the room. Debbie also began calling out and loud knocks were heard coming from the large round table in the raised part of the restaurant. 3 knocks were heard, so they decided to do glass divination on the table. They connected with a male spirit, George,  who likes to sit at that particular table, and has been seen sitting there before. He does not know he is dead and does not want to be moved on.

3:30am:- A group of girls that were staying in room 217 let the team investigate their room while they investigated room 214. After calling out in 217, noises were heard and shadows and orbs were caught on cameras. This footage can be seen in the videos section. A crystal that had been set up as a trigger object hit the mirror on the wall.

4:30am:- Closing prayer of protection done by Tracey. Investigation ended. Registered & Protected






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