Team Spiritz


The Regal Cinema:- 29th May 2010

Team Spiritz had the pleasure of being the first paranormal investigation team to have done a private investigation at this amazing location.


A Baseline test was carried out as we were shown round location just before investigation started

Auditorium:- Average EMF Reading 1mg, Warm Room, Some Noise Heard from Traffic and bypassers

Staircases:- Average EMF Reading 0.5mg, Cool Area, Little Noise as above

Balcony:- Average EMF Reading 1mg, Warm Area, No Noise Heard

                         Room Next to Balcony:- Average EMF Reading 1-3mg, Warm Area, No Noise Heard from Outside

                                                             Projection Room Area:- Average EMF Reading 0.5mg, Warm Area, No Noise

Full Investigation Report

10pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location and entered the main Auditorium. Before the investigation began, Louise and Debbie went to the toilet where Debbie was immediately picking up on the energy of a young girl.

The owner of The Regal began showing the team around the building, at the same time as some of the team conducted a baseline test. The equipment was then set up around the building.

10:45pm:- Investigation began with a circle of protection. The team then continued a walk around with Debbie, team medium. In the smoking area, she picked up on a boy with a cut to his head, but no other information was given. In the Auditorium she then picked up on the name Mr. Broad who sits in seats 14, 15 and 16. He was wearing a war uniform and spoke about a bomb. The names Angela and Alice were also mentioned. Debbie also saw a black hooded figure in the corner of the room but didn't know who it was.

In the Projection room, Debbie picked up on the name Andy Warwicks, and also had a feeling of being sick.

11:00pm:- Balcony - The team started doing some calling out. Tracey was sat in seat 19 and felt like she had to sit up straight. She also sensed the name John. Debbie picked up on the name Mr. Micheals.

11:15:- Andy started calling out in the Projection rooms. Andy, Shaz and Sam heard a noise in the corner of the room, at the same time, Louise had a patch of burning on her arm, while the rest of her was still cold.

11:30:- Auditorium - The team started doing glass divination by the screen. On the glass were - Andy, Steve, Sam, Margaret, Debbie and Tracey. Andy started asking for spirits to contact them

Is this a male spirit? - YES - Debbie felt the spirit was Andy Warwicks

Is this Andy Warwicks? - YES - Debbie felt he was 45 when he died

Were you 45 when you died? - YES

When asked to point the glass to where they were standing, the glass went to a gap between Sam and Steve

Did you work here? - NO

Were you here before it was a cinema? - YES

Was it your home? - YES

Debbie felt his family was killed by a bomb in the 2nd world war. He sits in the cinema with a woman named Angela and a man who Debbie believed to be his father. Debbie felt the young girl from the toilets is name Amy and was now standing round the table by Sam and Margaret. Debbie felt Amy is Andy Warwick's daughter. She was an only child. Mr Micheals is Amy's grandad. Amy hasn't crossed over but her father wants her to. There was also a large fire, which explains Louise's arm feeling hot. Mr.Micheals wont let Amy and Andrew connect with each other so the team encouraged Amy to go to the light.

12:00:-  The group then picked playing cards to choose groups to split up into. The groups were - Projection room - Steve, Andy, Debbie, Louise and Margaret. In the Auditorium were - Sharon, Chris, Ann, Tracey and Sam.

12:05am:- Projection room - The group moved upstairs towards the projection room, Debbie picked up on the enrgy of Amy, she is 4 years old, wearing a white bonnet and nightdress, this was at the space at the top of the stairs. Mr.Micheals is her grandad, and he is not nice to her. The group asked Amy to move the EMF metre, but there was no response.

In the room behind the balcony, an old man appeared to Debbie, he was wearing a nightshirt, had long grey hair, his name was Alfred Morgan, he was 86 years old.

In the Projection room Andy did psychometry on one of the projection machines and got the name Brian, the year 1948 and that he had a heart attack.

12:05am:- group 2 - Auditorium - The group started by calling out, some of the group saw some shadows and heard whistling. Tracey started using her pendulum and the following questions were asked -

Is Mr.Warwick present? - YES                                                              Are there any other spirits present? - YES    Have any spirits followed the other group? - YES                                   Can you touch one of them? - YES           Can you do it now? - YES ,   Tracey then saw a shadow walk down the aisle

The group then moved up onto the balcony and started calling out. Flashes were seen through the door, when checked, there was no one on the other side. Sam then heard a growl.

1:00am:- Break

1:20am:- Playing cards were again used to choose which smaller groups to split into. The groups were -   Chris, Ann and Margaret - group 1   -    Sharon and Tracey - group 2   -  Steve and Andy - group 3                 Louise, Debbie and Sam - group 4.

1:45am:- Sam, Debbie and Louise moved into the room behind the balcony and started glass divination. They connected with a male spirit who was not connected to the building. So when asked if they were connected to someone around the table, the glass moved to Sam. Sam's Grandad, Arthur Morgan, was there to watch over Sam. Sharon and Tracey joined the group at that point and they saw a red flash of light behind Sam, and no cameras were being used at the time.

1:45am:- Andy and Steve - Auditorium - They set up the voice recorder and asked questions to try and get answers through EVP.

2:15am:- The team re-grouped in the auditorium and did glass divination. Sam , Andy Steve and Margaret were on the glass. It started moving frantically.

Is this a male spirit? - YES     -     Are you connected to the cinema? - NO                                                              

Do you want us to leave? - NO   -    Do you like talking to us? - YES

Tracey felt the spirit was connected to the organ they were standing next to

Are you connected to the organ? - YES ,     The jazz button on the organ had been pressed down

Do you like jazz? - YES

Debbie picked up on the name Thomas, he used to play the organ, he died in 1941

Do you like the organ being here? - YES    -     Do you want to help restore the cinema? - YES

The glass then started moving in a figure of eight, it also moved around the table, pointing at every single person!     Amy then came back onto the glass, the team asked - Are you grounded here? - YES     Do you want to see your family? - YES       The team the tried to help Amy go towards the light, but something / someone was stopping her.

The glass then started moving very differently again, in an aggressive way, the team asked - Are you a male spirit? - YES      Is this Andy Warwicks? - YES             As the glass kept changing the way it was moving, the team started getting confused with which spirit was on the glass. It was very aggressive. Are you the one who stops Amy going into the light? - YES    Debbie felt he wants Amy to stay there so he wouldn't be on his own. Amy is the only family memberthat likes him. He doesn't think he would be made very welcome on the other side. Debbie felt something happened between him and a member of Amy's family, maybe an arguement with Amy's dad. He doesn't want to make peace.

The team tried to guide him towards the light and take Amy with him. The glass stopped. When the team checked to see if he had gone, the glass once again moved to every team member and then started drawing a pentagram. Asthe team were not sure what was happening, they decided to end the session.

3:00am:- Investigation ended. Registered & Protected



This location is a great place, some great feelings within the building everything the team experienced may not be put down to paranormal, but is recomended to be investigated a few more times to determain any more paranormal activity








History of the Regal Cinema

In 1932 local businessman Victor Morral had a idea he was going to build a cinema. With the help of desinger Archibald Hurley Robinson the regal super cinema was born. The art deco building quickly became popular not only in evesham but throu out the west midlands.

Over its years many different staff have all taken their turn in helping the cinema be such a big part of the community. Local book writer Rob Hemming has written a book dedecated too the regal called  SHAZAM, which follows the history from start to finish of the cinema.

When you vist the cinema you cant help but be amazed at how from the outside it looks quite small but once in the space inside is very impressive. A small foyar greets you once inside where you can either take the door to your left for the lower seating area or the marble staircase up to the balcony. The cinema itself is farily big toilets either side of screen. Once upstairs the balcony sweeps round but dont stray to close to the edge as this old building has the illusion the lower floor is closer than it really is!! The projection room is wonderful as it still contains the old fashioned projection equpiment  .

Sadly the cinema is showing its age but in a away that adds to its beatuy, most of the original features still remain so you can still get a sense of been back in the 1930's . At the time of writing the cinema is under going a massive make over so some day soon the cinema will once again be the talk of the town. 


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