Team Spiritz


The Oakfield Centre :- 19th Febuary 2011

With reports of the feeling of being watched, strange figures been seen and problems affecting electrical equipment Team Spiritz couldn't refuse the chance to investigate this local community centre


9:00pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location and began setting up camera and trigger objects.

9:15pm:- Investigation began with circle of protection done by Andy in the main hall. During the protection, Sam felt someone touch her face, and heard a noise coming from the dressing rooms, which Louise also heard. Andy began calling out, some unexplained knocks were heard. Andy was picking up on a middle-aged man, named John. Andy felt he was maybe connected to the land. Louise then saw a figure stood by the door, so Andy went over and stood there, he felt like John was saying, "Get off my land". Chris began calling out, asking for knocks. A knock was heard at the back of the stage in response. Another knock was then heard by the door, where Louise had seen the figure. The temperature then dropped from 24 degrees to 21.

9:30pm:- All of the team then moved into the back room. Temperature was 16 degrees. They began a seance. Sam could feel Andy's arm twitching, but Andy could not feel it. Andy could feel blowing in his right ear. The temperature dropped to 12 degrees. They moved round in the circle, and Louise then felt cold where Andy had been stood but there were no draughts. Andy was sensing the name William or Williams.

They then began glass divination. They connected with a male spirit, a young boy, aged under 10. They counted and asked him to move the glass at his age, it moved at 6. They then asked him to spell out his first name, in child - like writing, it spelt - c.h.r.i.s. He died in the area, he was killed, it was not an accident, he was killed by a stranger. He was taken away from his family. They then asked him to write the year he died with the glass, he wrote - 1926. They then asked him to write his surname, it spelt - R.E.C.O.Y - the team felt he did not know how to spell his surname. The glass then began to move in a figure of eight so the team stopped.

10:20pm:- They then moved into the dressing rooms. One of the Trigger objects, a cross, had moved upwards on the paper. Andy began scrying in a mirror on the wall, he saw - a man with a thick, bushy, ginger beard. He was in his late 50's.

On the stage, all of the team felt very uneasy, Andy had a sick feeling. Chris began to call out, some knocks were heard and several lights were seen on the wall at the back of the main hall. Louise then saw the red beam of the motion sensors glow, and was touched on the top of her head. Andy had a tickling on the back of his neck, and he saw a white light on the floor by the motion sensor.

11:00pm:- Tea Break

11:15pm:- The team then decided to try glass divination on the stage as they felt it was the most active area. Chris set up a new device on the video camera, a laser wall, it covered the whole room in lasers. As they began glass divination, the lights on the lasers began dimming, spirit on the glass confirmed they were draining the battery. Andy asked them to make the lights come back on, and they did. They connected with a male spirit, he was 50 years old,he was connected to the building, he used to work there. They asked him to spell out his name, it spelt - O.L.I.V.E.R, he confirmed he performed in a production of Oliver in the building. He was part of an amateur dramatics society. They asked him to write out the year he died - he wrote - 1976. He doesn't mind talking to the team, he doesn't know he is dead, he is still acting. They asked him to write the year he was in, he wrote 2011. The team asked him - Do you have a message to give the team? - he wrote - I AM DEAD!! He is grounded, but likes it, he likes watching the other performances.

12:15am:- Andy and Chris did some lone vigils while Sam and Louise went into the dressing rooms. Andy and Chris did some calling out, asking for the girls to be touched in the dressing rooms.

In the dressing rooms, Sam and Louise began taking photos, orbs were caught. A weird screeching noise was heard outside the door, coming from backstage, no one was in the area. A bang was then heard on a piece of wood by the window.

12:30am:- Andy and Chris then joined the girls in the dressing rooms, but got no response so decided to end the investigation.

12:45am:- Closing prayer of protection done in the main hall by Andy. Investigation ended. Registered & Protected

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