Team Spiritz


The Leasowes :- 16th August 2014

We decided to an outdoor investigation for a change as we hadn't done one for a while, Andy has been drawn to this location for a number of years and never had chance to find out why, this was the day to discover what lies within The Leasowes 


8:30pm :- Team Spiritz arrived at the location and started walking through the woods.

9:00pm:- They stopped at a clearing in the woods and Andy did a circle of protection. They began to call out and take photos. They walked up further towards the golf club. Andy could see a spirit dog in the distance, a short, black scruffy mongrel. Andy could also see a man, he was also scruffy. He had an Al name - Albert, Alfred etc. Andy could see him as 55 - 60 years old, he looked haggered. He was in visitation. Sam took a photo and there was a bright light / orb in the trees. Andy asked him to come closer to the team, Sam kept the camera in exactly the same place and took another photo, and the light / orb had come closer. Andy heard "I'm happy you're here". He wanted to talk. He was very lonely, but a nice man. He only had his dog for company. Andy then saw a ripple effect move across the path to a tree, like a heat shimmer. They moved back up to where Andy saw it. Andy wanted to cry. He felt like the man missed his wife, he couldn't look after himself. The bottom of Louise's legs were really warm. Andy felt the dog had brushed past her legs. Karen's k2 metre went to red. Andy felt the male spirit's name was Albert. He would have been seen quite often and quite recently. Sam's ears kept ringing. Andy could hear he had an accent but couldn't quite make it out, maybe Irish?. His dog was black and grey with wirey fur.

 They began to walk back down the path and noticed that piles of sand were on the pathway that they had not noticed earlier, and couldn't understand why. As they carried on walking, Andy felt that Albert was following them. As they walked past a pond, he made Andy look into the pond and he had a vision of him as he pulled a young boy out of the pond, while he was in spirit, the boy survived, he had saved the boy's life.

They carried on walking and Andy was drawn to a tree by a lake. He could see someone hanging. He felt his name was Richard. Drugs had made him do it. It was in the late 1980's. He was showing Andy that there was a missing branch. They then headed back to the car and decided to call it a night. Andy did a closing prayer of protection. Investigation ended.


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