Team Spiritz


The Bull I Th Thorn :- 21st September 2013


Team Spiritz were kindly Invited to investigate this 1000 year old pub, this location is a very popular and well know with the paranormal events teams, so for us to be able to conduct our own investigation was an honour

8:30pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location and had a meal and a meeting.

10:30pm:- The owner of the pub showed the team around the place. They began to set up equipment and trigger objects. Trigger objects were - A cross in the function room

                       A cross in the bar by the front door

                       A toy car on the snooker table, in between motion sensors

                       A cross and figures in the pool room

                       A teddy and a ball on the window sill in the corridor

As they were being shown around, when they got back to the restaurant (the hub), the light had been switched off. Dave was last out, and he had left it on. Jo and Charlie went into the toilets, and the k2 metres were flashing to red. They went back to the hub, and they were still flashing.

11:00pm:- Andy did a circle of protection in the hub. Investigation began. Jo's k2 metre was still flashing. Jo felt it was a happy room. Everyone introduced themselves, and the k2 metres responded, so Charlie put her k2 metre next to Jo's, and they were both flashing. Jo asked them to flash if there were children present, and they did. Andy called out for them to come and play. Andy then had the image of a little girl, dirty looking. She had a straggly, really dark ginger hair, a dirty face, a white dirty dress, and no shoes. She hadn't had her hair brushed. As Andy had said girl, the k2 metres flashed to red. Andy felt her name was Molly, or was connected to a Molly. She was no older than 8 years old. Jo felt it was still a nice atmosphere, it was a happy room.

11:25pm:- Everyone then went into the function room. Andy began to call out, but got no response. They decided to try glass divination, but again got no response, it felt very flat. Jo felt like she was being watched.

They decided to go into the pool room. Andy felt it used to be used as a gambling room, a snug. There would have been dodgy dealings, in the early 1800's. A lot of money would have passed hands. Andy was picking up on a male spirit who was angry at what went on in the room. He was not a nasty man, he was just angry. He felt his surname was Jeffersen.

12:00am:- Tea Break

12:15am:- In the bar, Sam decided to try to get some communication with her pendulum. The pendulum began to move and confirmed the answers for yes and no. She connected with a female spirit. She hadn't lived or worked in the building, she was just visiting. She confirmed she was connected to one of the team. Some personal information came through, which cannot be published. They asked her if there were any nasty spirits in the building, she said yes. She was protecting the team from the nasty spirits. She wouldn't let any other spirits communicate. There were children spirits present.

They began glass divination in the same place. As they started, an empty chair cracked, then the glass pointed to it. They connected to the same spirit, and gave some more personal information. No other spirits were willing to communicate so decided to end the session.

1:30am:- They began to collect up all the equipment and trigger objects, none had moved. Andy did a closing prayer of protection. Investigation ended.


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