Team Spiritz


Station Hotel :- 24th September 2011

Team Spiritz had the opportunity to investigate this hotel as a team only investigation as we feel the last time we did it, it was an event of ours and we felt the team could not investigate it the way we should of, so couldn't refuse this great opportunity they offered us


8:45pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location, and checked in at reception. They then entered the Bar area and had a drink. They then began having a walkaround and taking photos.

9:00pm:- They then entered the Cellar with all the equipment and set up video cameras, trigger objects, CCTV and laptop. Sam and Louise began taking photos, Sam caught what looked like a moving orb on a still photo. Many lights were recorded on the laptop/CCTV.

10:00pm:- Investigayion began with circle of protection done by Andy in the main centre room. Straight away, Andy and Louise heard someone humming, they thought it was Sam, but it wasn't. A large ball of white light then went straight across the room. As they were calling out, Louise was taking photos, she caught on camera a white light around Sam's head, like a halo. They all moved to the other side of the room, stood on a ledge, Andy had a sudden cold blast down his right side, his right arm went freezing, and the room was very warm. At the same time, the k2 metre spiked to red. Andy felt like his face was burning.

They all then moved into the corridor, and began taking photos. Andy was asking for knocks, and the k2 metre was spiking. Andy felt a strong connection to a small room, so he stood in there alone. He felt women had been locked up in there. There were two women inparticular, he felt they were maids. He also picked up on a male spirit, named Alex. Louise's legs went very cold.

They then moved down to the Barrel run. As soon as they got there, Andy and Louise both heard a conversation between 2 males further down the cellar, but there was no one there. Andy began to call out, asking for knocks. Chris then took 2 identical photos, but one was very blurred, so Sam tried to take the same photo, she took one and it saved on her camera, but when she took the second one, her camera switched off. When she switched it back on, both photos had disappeared, which was very strange. Andy and Louise then heard what sounded like a door catch further down the cellar again. Andy, Sam and Louise then also saw a black shadow at the end of the corridor, by where the toys had been set as trigger objects. It was like someone was peering around the corner.

All of the team then went into Room one. Everyone sat on chairs. As soon as Sam sat down she felt very dizzy. Andy also felt sick. Andy felt like it had a different atmosphere to the rest of the cellar. Chris then heard a long cough in the corridor, it sounded like male. Sam felt pressure in her head. Louise heard an intake of breath, she thought it was Sam, but it wasn't, Sam was sitting with her head in her hands as she felt unwell. Andy then called it The Miserable Room!! He felt misbehaviour, rape etc. happened in there. Louise then heard another breath, the k2 metre was doing lots of flickering and then stopped altogether.

They all then walked down to the entrance of the cellar. Louise was holding the k2 metre. She stood in a spot where she had seen a shadow on a previous visit, and the k2 metre was spiking to red. They then entered the pipe room., and took photos. Louise had the k2 metre in her pocket, and as she walked out, the k2 metre went up to red while still in her pocket. It was only doing it in the middle of the corridor, not by the ceiling or the floor.

11:10pm:- The team decided to have a quick break, while still watching the laptop.

11:25pm:- They decided to try glass divination in Room one. They connected with a female spirit, she did not work or drink at the hotel, she was not connected to the team. She was not grounded, she confirmed she was just visiting. She confirmed she was connected to the area before the pub was built. Andy asked if she could write, she said she could, so Andy asked her to write the year she died with the glass, she wrote - 1891. Louise said the building used to be black and white. Andy asked if she was connected to the black and white building, she said no. Andy then asked her to write her name withe the glass, she wrote - dead. So Andy asked - Do you know that you are dead? she said yes. He then asked if spirit were messing with the team, confirmed no. The glass then kept moving to Sam, she confirmed she was standing behind Sam. Sam then had her hair tickled.

12:05am:- Everyone then moved into the Barrel run and decided to try and get some communication going with Sam's pendulum. She hled the pendulum over a piece of paper with yes, no, and dont know/don't care to answer directions on it. She connected with a female spirit. When asked if she was connected to the hotel, she said she didn't care to answer. Andy asked if it was the same spirit that they had spoken to on the glass, she said yes. She confirmed she preferred to commuincate through the pendulum instead of the glass. She said she was not an adult, but when asked if she was a child, she replied she didn't care to answer. Andy asked if she had mental health problems, she said no. Sam then asked her if she had died before she was actually born, she said yes, she had been stillborn. She said her mother was connected to the hotel, she was a maid. Andy asked if she was the well known maid who had been murdered in the cellar, she said yes, and that she was pregnant at the time. She was murdered by the landlord, and he also did it to others. Her mother's body was never found, Sam asked her if she knew where her mother is buried, she said she didn't know. She knows how her mother died, but she doesn't know if he killed her in the cellar. She was pushed down the stairs, and died instantly. Her mother did not know she was pregnant at the time, she was 22 when she died, in 1891. her murderer was the father of her child.

Andy then asked her to use the pendulum to choose two groups for the team to split up into, she chose Andy and Louise in one group, and Sam and Chris in another.

1:00am:- They decided that one group should go in front of the CCTV cameras while the other group watched them on the laptop while asking for things to happen to them. Andy and Louise went into the Barrel run while Sam and Chris watched the laptop, and they began asking spirit to do things to them. They asked spirit to touch Andy's head and Louise's hand. They also asked spirit to talk to Andy, to tell him their name. As they moved into the area with the toys, they asked spirit children to throw or kick the ball, but nothing happened.

Sam and Chris then went into the barrel run while Andy and Louise watched the laptop. Sam and Chris heard 3 loud thuds coming from the Barrel run. They called out but nothing happened, everything seemed to have gone very quiet.

1:20am:- They started collecting up all the equipment and packing away.

1:30am:- Closing prayer of protection done by Andy. Investigation ended. Registered & Protected


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