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Smethwick Baths :- 29th October 2010

With a BIG THANK YOU to R.I.P for inviting Team Spiritz to investigate this amazing location, which has such a vast history we couldn't refuse this opportunity.

A Baseline Test was not conducted as we wanted to get straight into the investigation

Full Investigation Report

8:30pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location and were greeted by R.I.P and shown into the building. R.I.P began showing Team Spiritz around the building, including the underground tunnels, where Andy and Chris began setting up cameras, and Sam and Margaret set up trigger objects. Weird smells could be smelt by most of the team.

9:30pm:- Investigation began with Tracey doing a circle of protection in the dance studio. Everyone then went back down the tunnels, with R.I.P doing one end of the tunnel and Team Spiritz doing the other end. Andy began calling out and photos were taken, with orbs caught.

9:45pm:- The team then moved further down the tunnel, inot the smaller pool area and began a seance. Steve began to feel very cold, he swapped places with Chris, but still felt a cold breeze. Andy was picking up on the image of a scruffy/haggered man, maybe a tramp, in his 50's. This was then confirmed by Andy, the manager that was with the team. Noises were being heard in the tunnel round the corner, so Steve decided to stand down there. He had a tingling sensation all over his body while he was down there. Sam and Tracey stood at the end of the tunnel, watching him, the black shape they were looking at was not Steve's shape! When Steve turned around, his shape turned back to being Steve's! It was very weird, so Sam and Tracey started taking photos. On the first one Sam took, Steve seems to have disappeared and was replaced by a black mass surrounded by a fire-like image. Sam took a second photo, and the photo was similar but had a blue signature-like line on it. These photos can be seen on the website. Steve then came out of the tunnel and the tingling sensation stopped.

10:15pm:- The team then moved into one of the rooms in the tunnels and tried glass divination, but no communication was made. Both Andy and Tracey had severe headaches. Photos were taken, and again, when Sam took a photo of Tracey, it showed a bright blue line around her, this can also be seen on the website.

10:30pm:- Team Spiritz and R.I.P had a break, during this time, R.I.P showed the team around the upstairs of the building.

11:15pm:- While R.I.P stayed in the upstairs area, Team Spiritz went back down into the tunnels, and split up into two groups, men and women. The women started glass divination and connected with a female spirit, but could not get any more information as the glass kept tipping over.

The men's group did an EVP session in the smaller pool area and took photos but nothing was caught.

11:35pm:- As nothing much was happening, the team joined back together and entered the pump room. Tracey could smell perfume, and Andy was feeling someone had been murdered in the area, this was confirmed by Andy, the manager.

11:45pm:- The team then moved into the backstage corridor and set up cameras and voice recorder, and took some EMF readings. Andy began calling out and a few noises were heard. The EMF metre started flashing, but after searching around, they realised it was coming from a major power source outside the building.

12:10am:- The team then moved into the ladies changing rooms and Tracey began calling out. The EMF metre was showing fluctuations when it was no where near a power supply. Steve and Sam then tried standing in the shower, and asked spirit to switch the shower, thankfully, it didn't!!

12:20am:- All of the team moved into the sauna area and sat on the loungers. Andy was picking up on the image of 3 children running around. One boy and two girls, no older than six or seven years old. The girl had long blonde hair in pigtails, and was wearing a blue dress. The children were playing tag. Two of them may be brother ans sister, the other one their cousin.This was then confirmed by Andy, the manager. One girl is stronger than the other two. Andy felt her name was Ann/Annie, Margaret fet her name was Amelia, and Sam felt her name was Amy, which were all very similar. Andy, the manager, then confirmed her name was Emily, which again was similar to what the team were sensing. Andy felt the children were connected to the 1950's.Again, Andy, the manager, confirmed this. Abang was then heard in one of the sauna rooms. When asked to do it again, a bang was heard in the other sauna room. Noises were then heard in the walkway between the two rooms, so Sam walked down there and asked Emily to hold her hand, she felt a touch on her arm, then her hand, then a stroke across the face! Andy had a feeling that Emily had been abused, and she felt safer around women.

12:45am:- The team then moved into the gym, formerly the ladies changing rooms. They began calling out but got no response. Andy, the manager, began telling them some history of the room. As they walked out and up the stairs, most of the team smelt pipe smoke.

1:00am:- Tea Break

1:15am:- The team then moved onto the balcony of the swimming pool. They began walking around, taking photos, Louise felt something keep touching her head. A huge bang was heard coming from by the door, and this was also caught on video camera, with no one in the area at the time. They then began glass divination in the seating area. They connected with a amle spirit, he likes to sit in the chair that Tracey was sat in. He was upset that she was in his seat. They asked him to point the glass to the person he wanted to sit in the seat, and it pointed to Andy. The spirit was happier once they had changed seats. They then asked him to spell out his first name with the glass, it spelt out - C.H.A.L.L.O.E. He used to work in the area, at the chemical works. He stayed in the area after the war, in Oldbury, and married a local girl. He was born in Italy. They then asked for a surname - he spelt out - B.O.Y. He then confirmed he had spelt out the name of the horse he owns, Challoe Boy, the horse is seen on the site of the building. The horse ran in the grand national in 1966. All of this information will be researched.

2:00am:- Investigation ended. Registered & Protected



History of Smethwick Baths

Smethwick Baths was opened on March 30 1933 built in an art deco style. The building is now grade two listed and keeps many of its original features.

Over the years the swiiming baths has had many different uses, and played an important role during the second world war . The basement of the baths was used as air raid shelters for the local community and treatment area for the sick or injured. One room in particular was used to house the dead from the air  and bomb attacks.

During the 1950/60s when the baths was not in use the pool would be drained and a false floor would be constructed over the top making it into one giant dance floor. Many dance and disco was held there with some very famous names of the pop world playing there:

The Kinks-Feb 1965        The Who-1966      THe Beatles-1962(just before they hit the big time)

The baths became quite a popular venue on the music scene.

The baths now houses a sauna room , gyms and hasnt really changed much from the day it opened its doors.

Most of the ghost stories steam from the war period two airmen are said to haunt the building and a little girl.

P.S Still on going invest into info on the horse name.



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