Team Spiritz


Sandbrook Vaults :- 17th March 2012

Team Spiritz were invited to this location by the Brewery, due to contractors working on this building experiancing strange occurances, and staff feeling uncomfortable to work there, so we couldn't refuse



9:30pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location and were met by a member of staff who let them in and showed them around the place. They were also introduced to a photographer from a local newspaper, who then took photos of the team to appear in the local press.

10:30pm:- The team were then left alone in the empty pub for the evening. They started setting up equipment, cameras and Trigger objects. Various taps and clicks were heard in the bar. As they were setting up a cross as a trigger object in the bar, metal rods that were across two tables, slid off and were dangling from the table. No one had been near it, and when the team tried the foor around it, it was solid. Then, as they went upstairs into the living quarters to set up more trigger objects, Louise felt like someone was walking behind her, but there was no-one there.

10:50pm:- Circle of protection was done by Andy in the bar. Investigation began. Andy began calling out. 2 taps were heard by the fridge/window, but they couldn't work out where, so they asked for it again but got no response. All of the team then moved upstairs. In the kitchen, Andy and Louise's batteries drained on their cameras, but as soon as they came out onto the landing, they were working perfectly. Cold spots were felt on the landing. As they were standing opposite each other on the landing, Sam felt Louise touch her pen, Louise felt it aswell but no-one had moved, it was like someone had moved between them. Andy was then seeing the image of a man. He had a goatie beard. He felt he was connected to the military, a Sergeant Major, but he was wearing normal clothes, a white shirt and black trousers. Andy felt like he had a cobweb over his face and hair. He then felt a connection to downstairs with the man.

Downstairs, Andy had the image of a Victorian dressed woman. He could see the pub as it was then, she was going about her business. She was wearing a matching dress and hat. Andy felt she was from the 1800's, and that she had been walking around downstairs while the team had been upstairs.

11:40pm:- The team then decided to try glass divination in the bar. They connected with a male spirit, he had lived there. He confirmed he was the man from upsatirs. It was his pub, he was the landlord. He had died recently. He said he had not caused the mist that the builders had seen. The glass began moving in big circles. Andy felt the bame Nathan was connected to him. The glass was moving funny then it tipped off the edge of the table.

It was confirmed a different spirit was now on the glass. It was a female spirit. It was her house. Andy's ear was then touched, she confirmed it was her that did it. She confirmed she had caused the mist that the builders had scared the builders. Andy then asked her to write her name with the glass, she wrote - nancy broors. She died in 1990. She confirmed she was 64 and born in 1926. She was born in Market Drayton. She confirmed she was not grounded and that she just visits.

12:45am:- Break

1:00am:- All of the team then went back upstairs and decided to try table tipping on a table in the living room, but got no response. They decided to go into the bathroom. There were no windows so it was pitch black, so the tried doing a seance. Andy began calling out. Three loud bands were heard, like doors slamming, but could not work out where it was coming from.

Moving back downstairs, Sam began to use her pendulum in the bar area. After confirming the directions for yes and no, she connected with a male spirit. He was a former landlord, he confirmed he had lived there with his family. Andy asked if he had owned the pub in 1926, he said no. Andy asked if his wife was nancy, he said no. Sam asked if he a connection with 1926, as Andy was picking up on the year, and he said yes. But it was not the year of his birth or death. He confirmed he was grounded at the pub but he was happy., and did not want to be moved on. Sam then asked him if he knew he was dead, he said no. He still thought it was his pub. Sam asked him to move the pendulum at the correct number of spirits that were present in the pub, it moved when she said 4. Andy was picking p on the name Harold, he confirmed there was a spirit present named Harold. Sam could not get any more clear answers , so decided to end the session.

1:45am:- They started packing away all of the equipment. A trigger object of a cross placed in the bedroom had moved significantly.

2:00am:- Closing prayer of protection was done by Andy in the bar. Investigation ended.


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