Team Spiritz


Saltwells Inn

Andy has always wanted to investigate this location as this was his very first investigation many years ago and felt there was some unanswered questions to find out, there is so much more to this location than just a pub, Team Spiritz jumped at the chance when we were invited



8:30pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location and had a drink and a meeting.

9:30pm:- The team headed upstairs into bedrooms 4 and 5. They used room 4 as the hub. They began to set up equipment and trigger objects. Sam went into room 5 alone to set up a trigger object and she felt very uneasy and her legs were tingling. She called Jo and Charlie in and they felt the same. Back in room 4, Karen was holding the k2 metre and it flashed up to red. They turned the lights off and it went to red again. Andy did a circle of protection. Investigation began.

They began to call out, and the k2 metres started to flash. Andy was picking up on the spirit of a little boy. He was showing Andy different stages through his life, flicking from one to the other. He was reserved, quiet, and holding back. He was scared of something. He was wearing a leather waistcoat, shirt, and cloth cap. Andy felt his name was Chris / Christopher. Andy felt the years connected to him were 1890 - 1910. He was an observer, watching what the team were doing. Dave was picking up on the name Harold. Jo felt really sad, felt the need to kneel down and lean on the end of the bed sobbing. Dave felt like he needed to keep rocking backwards and forwards and pointing his finger. Dave felt like he needed to take the k2 metre off the bible. As soon as it was moved, it went to red. Andy felt Christopher was gaining confidence. His parents were religious. Andy went freezing cold, he felt someone / something else had come in. Jo had a horrible feeling, and Karen's back went cold. Andy felt the religious connection was against the bible, an atheist. Something had  come in and pushed Christopher out. A male. It was a fleeting presence. Dave's hand on the bible was freezing cold. The male was connected to the next bedroom, room 5.

They all moved into room 5. Charlie had a pressure headache, Jo's eyes hurt, and Sam's legs were tingling again as soon as they walked in. Andy saw a shadow out of the corner of his eye move in front of the wardrobe. The k2 metres were flashing. Jo felt like she wanted to cry again. Andy felt blocked. Charlie felt like someone had had a stroke. Dave's and Karen's arms were also affected. Just Jo's k2 metre was flashing, not the others. Karen felt like her arm was drooping. All of the k2 metres then went to orange and stayed there. Andy wanted to cry, he was feeling Christopher's emotions, how scared he was. Andy asked him to come closer. 2 of the k2 metres went to red. They asked if he was grounded and the k2 metre flashed to red. Jo was feeling complete tragedy, Christopher had had no life, no childhood. Andy felt he was happy until the age of 5,  after that he was traumatised, the k2 metre went to red to confirm this. Andy felt that was why he had shown Andy his 2 different ages, to show how things had changed. Something horrible had happened to him. Andy began to cry. Knocks were heard coming from the wardrobe. Andy felt he would have been hidden or locked away in a wardrobe, sobbing. Andy began sobbing uncontrollably and had to leave the room. As he walked out, the k2 metres went wild, then totally stopped. Andy felt Christopher was begging for his life, saying "What have I done wrong?!" As Andy went back into the room, the k2 metres went wild again. Christopher was sticking to Andy.

They then decided to try glass divination. They connected with a male spirit, confirmed it was Christopher, he was standing between Sam and Charlie. He couldn't write. It was confirmed Christopher made Andy cry. He had suffered a stroke. He knew his age but couldn't write numbers. He confirmed he was 18 when he had a stroke, very young, caused by stress. He was grounded but felt safe. His parents were strict, his father, Harold, had come in the other room and ushered him out. He wanted to talk to the team and was going to help them. They asked Christopher how many spirits were present, the glass moved at 5, but they were not at all in his time scale. He confirmed he had been a stable boy. He also confirmed he used to cry on the end of the bed. Dave had a pain in the side of his neck. Jo felt someone else had entered the room. Andy felt the atmosphere change. They had now connected with a female spirit. She was a 'lady'. Andy and Dave felt there was a connection with a horse. In 1870 she had a neck injury from falling off a horse, but unsure if she died from it. Jo was seeing her with a lace shirt on, with a high collar, very prim and proper. She was the lady of the house. Andy and Dave felt she had a J / G name. Dave said Julie Anne, Sam also had the name in her head. Karen heard a female murmur.

They all then moved downstairs. They entered the  snug and started glass divination. They felt someone was observing. Jo felt an ex - customer was sitting with his drink, he was male. Andy was drawn to the gambler machine. He was a regular. The glass started to move and Andy heard "Ah I've made it move!". Charlie felt his name was John. He wanted a pint of Bitter. He was short, thin, and was wearing a cap and a waistcoat. He passed in 1984, but he didn't know the present year. Jo told him the year, Andy heard "wow!". He often visits the pub when its closed, likes the quiet. Charlie felt that  a Donald was connected to him, and Dave felt there was a connection to Mushroom Green.

They then moved into the bar and tried the glass again. They connected with a male spirit. He used to run the pub but did not own it, he was not a landlord. It was after 1936. The glass started moving in big circles, and pointed to all the females. They introduced themselves. He recognised Andy and Sam from a previous investigation. Everyone then heard footsteps.

Sam then decided to try using her pendulum. She asked spirits to come forward and communicate, and confirmed yes and no answers. She connected with a male spirit. They had not already communicated with her. He confirmed he had lived there and was a landlord. There was a list of ex - landlords on the wall. Sam asked him if his name was on the wall, he said yes. He confirmed his name was John. The k2 metres were also flashing. He confirmed he died in the pub. Sam had a pain in her chest, so asked him if he had died of a heart attack? The pendulum didn't move, stayed dead still. She then asked if he had died of pneumonia, he said yes. A noise was then heard behind the bar. Dave felt like he was being watched. Sam asked him if he was grounded, he said yes, but he didn't want to be moved on. He was happy to stay. He said there were other spirits present, so Sam asked the other spirits to communicate. She connected with a female spirit. They had already communicated with her earlier on. the k2 metres flashed to red. Sam asked if she was Julie Anne, she said yes. They asked her if she knew Christopher, she said yes. She was related to him, his aunt, but she died before he was born. She was aware of how he had been treated. She confirmed she was Harold's sister. She confirmed that Harold was violent. She agreed with the way Harold had disciplined Christopher. They asked her - 'Do you not think its wrong?'. she answered with a very strong NO! The k2 metres flashed to red. She confirmed Samuel King owned the pub (name on the wall). Christopher was not present in the room.

They then decided to try glass divination in the other room, as they were leaving, Jo heard a scream coming from outside, and the outside light came on.

They got no response on the glass so decided to call it a night. They collected up all the equipment and trigger objects, none had moved.

Andy did a closing prayer of protection. Investigation ended.




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