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RAF Tilstock :- 28th August 2010

Team Spiritz decided to do an investigation at RAF Tilstock because the place has such a vast history, and couldn't refuse the chance to go, has we wasn't sure what to expect from this location we didn't conduct a baseline test.

Full Investigation Report

10:35pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location and began walking around. All of the team felt very uncomfortable. After deciding where to set up equipment, Andy and Chris went back to the car to fetch the equipment, as they walked off, Sam and Margaret both saw a black figure stood in between two trees, and at the same time, Louise heard a strange noise.

In the main building, as Andy and Chris were setting up equipment, Louise could hear movement down the corridor. Tracey then heard a scream in the distance and a whistling noise.

11:35pm:- Circle of protection done by Tracey. All of the team then entered the first building and began calling out. Tracey felt vibrations in her ears. They then entered the second building and all team members stood in all corners of the room while Andy called out. Photos were taken with orbs caught on cameras.

12:00am:- The group then moved into the main building and began glass divination. Noises were heard by most of the team before they even started. They connected with a female spirit, she was happy to talk to the team, she was in the RAF, she did not die of natural causes, she died in the war, she was standing by Tracey and Margaret, she was not a pilot, she was a nurse. Noises were then heard in the distance. She confirmed there were other spirits there with her and that they made the noise! She knows the spirit, it was a male, she asked him to make another noise for them. The female spirit was 18, she had blonde hair, Margaret felt the name 'Jane' was connected to her, she confirmed this was her name. She didn't die in the first world war, she died in the second. A bang was then heard in the corner of the room. She died in August 1944. The team then asked her to write the initial of her surname with the glass, it wrote L. Tracey felt her surname was Lucas. The spirit confirmed her name was 'Jane Lucas'. She died in a bomb blast, she is buried at a local cemetary. Her boyfriend was a fighter pilot, he is buried in the same churchyard.

A different female spirit then connected with the team. She was not a nurse, she was not in the RAF, she was a civilian. She was killed in the second world war, she was treated in the hospital that was at this location. She died in this building, she was angry with her treatment. She was treated by Jane, the previous spirit on the glass, she felt she was mistreated. She was given the wrong dosage of drugs, and not by accident, she says Jane murdered her. She is noe English, possibly a German spy, she is till fighting her war in the spirit world.

12:30am:- The team then asked the spirits to to point to people to split into groups. Sam, Andy, and Louise went into one end of the building, while Steve, Margaret, Tracey and Chris went to the other end.

Sam, Andy and Louise stood in a very dark room and began calling out. Footsteps were heard in the corridor outside the door, and some strange clicking noises.

As the other group were not getting much, they joined them in the room and stood still. Movements were heard by all the team and Chris was touched on his arm.

1:00am:- Closing prayer of protection done by Tracey. Investigation ended.


Team Spiritz decided to revisit RAF Tilstock on 2nd October 2010 as we did not cover the full area of this locaton on first visit here is our second investigation report

It began raining quite heavily as the team reached Shrewsbury

10:00pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location and entered some of the derelict buildings. Circle of Protection was done by Tracey. As they walked through the buildings to get to the woods, Louise was kicked in the leg and no other team members were by her. They entered the woods, where all of the team felt uneasy. Sam felt sick and had a feeling the team should not have been there. The team then found four more derelict buildings, including the one with the old car in it. A trigger object of a cross was placed in the car boot.

10:40pm:- The team moved into a tin roofed building and began calling out. Andy was picking up on the image of a uniformed officer with a grey moustache. He felt the name 'Edward' or surname 'Edwards'. As Sam was standing taking photos, she saw an arm move down the side of her, up and down the camers, when checked, no one was stood beside her. Andy continued to call out.

Tracey began using her Pendulum. After asking the directions for YES and NO, the following things were confirmed - a spirit was present, an officer. An aeroplane was then heard by Tracey and Louise, the rest of the team did not hear it. A different spirit then connected, a polish air man. The name Andy picked up on, Edwards, was confirmed as his surname. He has a grey moustache that he is proud of. As Tracey counted, he confirmed he was 54. He was here because he had a wounded leg. He was here during the first world war.

11:25pm:- The team moved into the building with the car, various bangs and knocks were heard. They then began glass divination by the car. They connected with a male spirit, he was the engineer of the car. Louise had a sharp pain in her head, and asked the question - Were you shot in the head? - YES. He was killed instantly. He is grounded here and wants the teams help to pass over. He is English. The glass then kept moving from Steve to Sam. Steve asked - Is your name Steve? - YES, as it moved to Sam, Andy asked - Is your surname the same as Sam's maiden name? - YES. So your name is Steve Johnson? - YES. Steve's video camera started playing up, he confirmed he was affecting the equipment. The team encouraged him to walk towards the light, and the glass stopped moving.

A different spirit then connected on the glass, a female, she was the driver of the car in world war 2. She drove a Captain around. The glass kept pointing to Chris over and over again. The team asked her to spell out her name with the glass. The glass was moving in a circle, which, at first the team thought it meant YES, but after moving through the alphabet, realised her name began with 'O'. The team asked a few names begining with O and the glass started moving when they said 'Olivia'. The glass continued to move to Chris, Do you like Chris and want him to talk? - YES. She told Chris she is single! She is British and not shy!!

12:15am:- Andy and Chris went to collect the equipment, while the rest of the team stayed by the car, various noises were heard by the door.

12:30am:- Closing prayer of protection done by Tracey. Investigation ended. Registered & Protected


History of RAF Tilstock

RAF Tilstock has an amazing history as the team will be returning to the sight again ( its that big)  i have decided not to put the history of the location on here yet. Once we have fully investigated the history will be revealed.


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