Team Spiritz


Private Location 2 :- 12th May 2012

Team Spiritz invited Wolf Paranormal Events to help us out on this exclusive location




9:00pm :- Team Spiritz arrive at the location and met up with Wolf Paranormal. They entered the building and were shown around by a member of staff. They began setting up equipment, but decided not to set up any trigger objects in order to not touch any displays.

9:30pm :- Investigation began in the Birth Room, with circle of protection done by Jane from Wolf Paranormal. Andy began to call out, but Jane felt it was not the right room to start in. Andy was picking up on the image of a 5/6 year old boy. He was wearing a cloth cap, about 3ft tall. At the time he wouldn't give his name to anyone, but later on in the evening, Andy felt his name was 'Thomas'. Sam, Andy and Louise then moved into the Hay Hunter Library, As they walked in, they all smelt a strange smell as they shut the door, but discribe the smell. They asked Kevin from Wolf Paranormal to come in, he could smell wood burning. Sam, Andy and Louise then went downstairs into the cellar. The K2 Metre flashing in the middle of the room. There was a display in the cellar with dummies ect. As they were standing there, Sam saw a black shape, like an arm move downwards across the display. Orbs were caught on camera. As Sam demenstrated what she had seen to Andy and Louise someone/something touched her hair. Andy then went very cold, and Louise went very hot. Andy asked Louise if she knew if there had been a fire in the building, she didn't know, Andy felt there had. As he asked her, at the same time, the light on the clipboard flashed, but it's not actually possible to do. Louise then saw a flash of light coming from the kitchen, then her torch flashed, again this is not possible to do.

They then decided to go back upstairs into the birth room. Andy began to try Psychometry on an old bench/period furniture. All he could get was the words - "He owes me money". Taps were heard in the corner of the room. Louise's face went red hot down thw one side. Andy was then getting that furniture had been sold, Gambler ? He was getting the name Alexandra/Alexander. They had work for the house owner, outside of the house. He felt they were connected to his books, they had pulled a fast one and took of with his money.

In the introduction room, Louise did some calligraphy while Andy called out. Andy could smell the same smell they had smelt downstairs, Sams camera and torch were switching themselves off.

11:00pm :- Tea Break

11:15pm :- In the Attic, they began reading a dictionary the owner of the house had written, Louise was still getting a hot face. Andy was feeling pressure in his head, like a head injury.

11:30pm :- They then decided to try glass divination in the birth room. The glass moved straight to the K2 Metre, and it flashed at the same time, which was impressive! Yes/No answers were confirmed. They connected with a male child. He confirmed he was under 10 years old. He said he didn't know he was dead. He said he was standing between Sam and Louise. He thought the year was 1999. Andy asked him to write his name with the glass, it moved but did not make any sence.

Sam decided to try pendulum to get more communication. She connected with a male spirit. He was saying he was not connected to the building, or any team members, answers were not clear, so Sam started again confirming Yes/No answers. She then connected with a female spirit, she confirmed she owed the owner of the house money. The money owed was from the sale of his books. The K2 metre flashed to maximum. She confirmed that there were other people involved in the crime, a male. She did not want to tell the team who else was involved because the person would get in trouble. As Sam counted, she confirmed there were 8 spirits in the building, but none of them were willing to communicate.

12:30am :- They then moved downstairs into the shop area, took some photos and did some calling out but got no responce.

1:00am :- Started collecting up equipment and packing away, investigation ended.


























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