Team Spiritz


Private Location :- 15th October  2011

Team Spiritz were given an opportunity to investigate this very old building with a fantastic history, so we wanted to share this experiance with some of our website members and some of the White Knights Paranormal Team


9:00pm:- Team Spiritz, along with Chris Butler and his friend Paul, arrived at the location and met White Knights Paranormal. They all entered the building and were shown around by the caretaker, deciding where to put cameras, trigger objects etc. They decided to use The Conference Room as the hub for the evening. Chris began setting up the CCTV cameras and laptop while Sam and Louise set up the trigger objects and taking photos.

10:00pm:- Circle of Protection was done by Andy in The Conference Room. Investigation began. Everyone then entered The Exhibition Room. Andy began to call out. Cold spots were felt at different points around the room by different people. Becky, a volunteer from the location, could feel the floor vibrating. Andy felt there was a strong connection to children in the room. He began to call out to the children to come closer. He was feeling a connection to the staircase. Becky confirmed that the staircase was not original, it used to be in a different place. Andy was picking up on the image of a female spirit walking up a staircase holding hands with two children, a boy and a girl. Thuds were then heard in the room. Sam could hear slight taps right in front of her, Andy moved to her as he could also hear them, they were coming from underneath the chair that Sam was standing behind. Andy asked for them to be louder. While everyone was in the room, Louise heard noise outside the door, so she went out, and there was movement and taps coming from by the lift.

Everyone then moved into The Library. Andy began calling out. A tap was heard in the corner, he asked for another, and straight away there was another tap. Several team members heard a bell ring. Cold spots were felt all around the room. Sam and Louise then moved outside the door, and sat on the steps by the lift. Andy and Becky came to join them, and they were talking about orbs, Andy had a k2 metre in his hand, pointing to the floor, and it flashed to red. Someone / something then tickled Sam's right ear. White Knights Paranormal decided to go into The Basement, while Team Spiritz moved downstairs into The Parlour Room. Andy began calling out. There was a severe drop in temperature. Andy thought he saw one of the dummy's arms move. Louise and Paul both saw Andy's head disappear!! They could only see his body. There was then groan right next to Sam.

All of the team then moved into The Inventions Room. Andy had a severe sickness feeling as he walked in the room. He felt they should not have been in there. As Louise walked across the room, Andy felt someone walk behind her. Andy still felt very sick. He had a tickling on the back of his neck. the temperature on the laser thermometre dropped from 15.5 to 14.8.

White Knights had finished in the Basemant so decided to swap, they went upstairs while Team Spiritz went inot the Basement. As they entered the Basement, it was very cold!! Andy felt there were energies swirling around. they decided to do a seance, stood round in a circle holding hands, with the k2 metre in the middle, on the floor. Andy asked for spirits to come into the middle of the circle, and the k2 metre spiked. Taps were heard in the corner of the room. Sam saw a shadow move in the doorway, above Chris's shoulder. As they stopped the seance, some team members noticed there was a cchain on the wall, and it was swinging. It was too heavy for a breeze to move it. Sam, Louise and Becky moved into a corner of the Basement and called out. Becky had a strong breeze blow across her face and right ear. The k2 metre spiked at the same time, and Louise heard a groan. Further down the Basement, in another room, Andy could smell wood burning, at the same time, Louise's leg went hot, like she was stood by a fire. The k2 metre then spiked again.

11:45pm:- Everyone had a break in The Conference Room, whilst also still watching the laptop.

12:00am:- The team then went into The Exhibiton Room and began glass divination. They connected with a male spirit, he was connected to the house. Andy asked him if he was able to spell, he said maybe. He was not an adult, he confirmed he was a child. Becky then went very cold, he confirmed he was standing next to Becky. Andy counted and asked him to move the glass at his age, it moved at 8, he confirmed he was 8 years old. Becky then asked him if his name was Edward, he said yes. Andy asked him if there was more than one child present, he said yes. Andy counted again, and asked him to move the glass at how many spirits were present, it moved at 5, he confirmed there were 5 spirits present, all children. they asked him to point the glass to where all the children were in the room, it pointed to 5 places around the table. Andy was picking up on the name Lucy, and asked if this was connected, but he said no. Andy asked if they were running around and making the tapping noises earlier, he said yes. Andy asked him to point the glass to where the tappings were, and he pointed to the exact chair.Sam threw a ball across the room, and asked the children to come and play with it. There was a tap in the corner of the room, and then another in the opposite corner. Becky then heard footsteps behind the door.

They then tried the glass again, and connected with a female spirit, she was not an adult, she confirmed she was a child, she wa related to Edward, she was his sister, she didn't mind talking to the team. Andy then asked her to write her age with the glass, she wrote - 10. She was not the eldest, she had the same father as Edward. The glass then moved to every team member except Sam. It was then moving in big circles, it was a different spirit. It was very aggressive, didn't want them to be there, wanted them to leave. The glass then moved to the k2 metre. There was then a big thud on the table between Sam and Paul, he confirmed he did it, and can do it again. He kept saying no every question, getting very aggressive. He had affected Andy earlier in The Inventions Room, he didn't want anyone in there. Andy asked who he wanted to talk on the glass, he pointed to an empty space, meaning he wanted no-one to talk. He then pointed the glass to everyone in the room and the stopped moving.

12:45am:- In The Conference Room, Sam began using her Pendulum. She connected with a female spirit, a child, Sam began counting and asked her to move the Pendulum at her age, it moved at the number 5. She confirmed she was 5 years old. She said she used to live in the house. She did not know she was dead. Her parents were with her in the spirit world. She was not related to the family that had lived in the house, she was related to one of the servants. She did not know who her father was when she was alive. She said she did not know if there was a photo of her father in the house. She did know her mother, she died in a fire, it was not an accident, she was murdered. She said the fire was in the basement, she knew who started the fire, it was a servant. Andy asked her if her name wa Lucy, she said yes. She said she was not happy. She didn't know if if the person who started the fire was ever caught. It was a female servant that had started the fire, she was not present in spirit in the house. Lucy did not know the year the fire had happened. she confirmed there were more spirits in the house. Sam asked her if she would communicate on the glass in the basement, she said yes, so the team moved into the basement.

In the basement, everyone agreed there was a different atmosphere than earlier. They tried the glass but got no movement. Becky heard footsteps. Andy then saw a shadow move in front of Paul. Andy went very warm, at the same time, Chris went very cold! All of the females then tried to connect on the glass, Sam asked for Lucy to communicate, but still got no movement. Everyone then started collecting the equipment out of the basement, and headed back upstairs.

The coins trigger object in The Invention Room had moved significantly.

2:00am:- Closing prayer of protection was done by Andy in The Conference Room. Investigation ended. Registered & Protected


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