Team Spiritz


Private Investigation 6

Team Spiritz were invited to investigate this location by the owners to try and clarify some of the reports of paranormal activity witnessed by guests over the years, as a team we decided to go to this location not knowing any previous reports to see if what we get match up with reports


9:00pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location and had a look around.  As they got to the top floor, Andy felt sick, and Sam's ears went funny and she was shaking. Charlie stood in the doorway to one of the rooms and had her hair pulled. As they were all downstairs in the reception room, they heard footsteps in the room above and there was no-one up there.

They began to set up equipment and trigger objects. The trigger objects were -

Room 10 - Knight figures. As they went to set them up, Charlie was picking up on a drowning, with someone being held under water in a bath. She had a line of pain one side of her head. Sam's ears also felt funny in there again, and she could hear a whooshing noise.

Room 5 - A cross

Room 2 - A cross. As they went to this up, Charlie felt a horrible, heavy feeling in there.

Living room - marbles in flour

Big table room - metal symbol

Top of stairs by Buddha - A ball

Bannister - Teddy bear

9:50pm - Andy did a circle of protection in the reception room. Investigation began in the living room. Everyone heard a noise by the door. Andy began to call out. Footsteps were heard in the room above (bedrooms 4 and 5). Electrical equipment was being affected, brand new batteries were draining. Orbs were caught on cameras. Andy was picking up on a Butcher chopping meat! Charlie saw a white light on the wall by a canvas ( Louise had also seen one in the same place earlier). Everyone heard a bang outside.

They all moved into bedroom 5. Andy was picking up on a teenage boy age 16/17. He felt sadness. There was a knock coming from inside the wardrobe. Dave could hear people walking around. Louise felt like she had a lot of noise in her head. Andy felt like things were swirling around. Charlie could taste blood in her mouth.

They all moved into bedroom 4. Louise's camera would not work in bedroom 5 but as soon as they walked into bedroom 4 it started to work. Andy had a feeling of somebody was caught doing something they shouldn't have. Dave heard someone running down the stairs, Andy felt they were both connected. It also tied in with the blood taste in Charlie's mouth. Andy had a sickening feeling, and felt someone had passed from a beating. Dave heard a whine. Louise saw lights in the grounds outside. Charlie was picking up on the name Jacob. Andy felt he had walked in on an intimate situation! It shouldn't have been happening and he had to be silenced. Charlie felt Jacob was a small 14 year old. Lights appeared across the wall, and they were not from car lights outside.

They all then went into bedroom 6. It was a calm, happy room, relaxing. Andy had a cobweb feeling on his face. Sam took a photo of Andy and a big orb appeared on the left side of his face. Andy felt this was all connected.

They all then went into bedroom 9. Andy had a bad stomach. Louise's camera batteries died again. Dave heard a groan. Sam saw a light change by the door. Andy could hear mumbling coming from upstairs.

In bedroom 12, Andy had a cobweb feeling again and Sam had pressure in her ears. Andy began to call out but got no response.

They moved into room 11. Andy had a sickly feeling. He began to call out. Andy and Louise heard 3 thuds but didn't know where they were coming from. Andy asked for it again but got no response. Karen heard a voice.

They all went back up to room 10 and Sam still heard whooshing noises in her ears. Andy felt someone had been locked away. He felt it was a forbidden room. Louise began to feel sick.

Break in the kitchen. The k2 metres started flashing straight away. As Sam sat at the table, she felt something touch her hair, and Karen who was sat opposite her, saw her hair move down! Dave tried using his voice box. They asked how many spirits were present, and got the answer - 8. They asked - Do you live here? - and got the answer 'no'. They asked - Do you visit? - and got the answer - 'yes'.

They decided to try glass divination in bedroom 5. the glass began to move and confirmed yes/no answers. They connected with a male spirit. He confirmed he was a teenager. Andy began to count and asked him to move the glass at the correct age. The glass moved at 17. He confirmed he was the same spirit Andy was picking up on earlier. He was seriously injured in the house before he died. He was beaten and he knew why. It was not his fault. He confirmed he didn't live in the house, but worked there. There was a connection to a Butcher, he had hurt him. He confirmed he had injuries to the left hand side of his head. Straight after, the glass stopped moving, he had gone.

They moved into bedroom 3 and tried again. They connected with a female spirit after confirming yes/no answers. She confirmed she had long black hair. After counting, the glass moved at 47, confirming she was 47 years old. She said she was not a housekeeper.

They then moved into the reception room and tried the glass again but it just kept moving to the corner of the board. Charlie and Dave could hear music in the distance. Andy could also hear something in the distance. Charlie could hear Spanish music and violins.

They began to collect up all the equipment and trigger objects. The cross in bedroom 2 had moved significantly.

Andy did a closing prayer of protection in the reception room. Investigation ended.


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