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Private Investigation 5 :-  7th February 2015

Team Spiritz were given the opportunity to investigate this beautiful location, this location was the 1st of 2015 for us, after a bit of a break it was great to have a location such as this to get stuck into


We were contacted by this location due to guests over a number of years had experienced numerous paranormal activity that couldn't be explained, the owners of this building were intrigued to find out more and didn't tell any of the team in what had been experienced, we grasped this challenge to see if we could pick up the same stuff others had experienced.


8:45pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location, let themselves in and had a look around. They began to set up cameras and equipment. They set up the following objects -

Room 1 bathroom -  a cross

Room 2 - a cross

Room 9 - coins

Room 5 - Teddy bear

Top of first flight of stairs - Ball

Living room 2 - marbles in flour

Top of piano - metal symbol

9:45pm:- Andy did a circle of protection in the kitchen. Investigation began. They all moved into the living room with the piano. Andy began to call out. Andy had the image of a 'beggar', a scruffy old man. Louise felt that at some point, two houses would have been joined together as one, then separated. Andy felt the beggar liked his drink - whisky - in a hip flask. He had a funny accent. Andy heard 'I need the whisky to keep warm'. Everyone could feel cold drafts around the room. He told Andy 'I used to stay here'. He was wearing a tatty looking suit. Andy felt something had happened in his life to force him to live the way he did. He told Andy 'I come back here to see if my wife's still here'.

They all moved upstairs into bedroom 3. They began to call out. Everyone heard a crack coming from above. Then a noise came from the door handle. A big bang was heard from somewhere in the house, but no-one could tell where from. Andy asked for more noises, and he heard 3 footsteps. It sounded like people were walking around the house. Andy had the image of a lady, sitting on a bed, brushing her hair before she goes to bed, but in a different room.

Then they all moved into bedroom 1. Louise took a photo, as she took it, Andy saw something move in front of him, and Louise caught an orb with a smiley face in it. Andy was picking up on children running around. Andy wanted to act like a child. He had visions of children jumping on the bed and off the other side while people slept in the beds. They were joyful but very mischievious. Andy wanted to bounce around the room. There was a boy and a girl and they were as thick as thieves, inseparable. The boy was whispering, calling the girl, Molly. Andy felt that they hadn't passed that young, they were just a memory.

They all moved into bedroom 2. Everyone introduced themselves. Andy saw a light move in front of him. Charlie was picking up on a dog walking around, a Bassett Hound. Dave was sitting on a sofa just outside the door, looking down a staircase. Suddenly, he jumped up and ran into the room because he had seen a figure walk up the stairs towards him. Andy went out to have a look, he felt it was the 'beggar' man. Back in the bedroom, Andy felt there was a feeling of regret and that the 'beggar' had something to say. Dave had a feeling of being watched. Louise had felt the same in that room earlier on when they had been setting up the trigger objects. Something not nice had happened in there. Karen felt that someone/something didn't want them in there. Andy felt like they were waiting for something to happen, Karen felt it was that they were waiting for someone to die? Dave felt tingling, had pins and needles in his head. He also felt down and depressed. He felt different from when he was outside on the sofa.

They all then decided to head back downstairs to try glass divination in the piano room. They set the glass up and introduced themselves. The glass began to move and pointed to each person. They connected with a male spirit. They asked him if he was the 'beggar' man, the glass moved in a maybe/sort of answer. Andy asked if he had offended him for calling him a beggar, again it was a maybe/sort of answer. They asked him to point the glass to where he was standing, it pointed between Andy and Karen. He confirmed he liked whisky. They asked him if he was the shadow Dave saw coming up the stairs, he said yes. Charlie asked if his name was John - he said no. Dave asked if his name was Joseph - they got another maybe / sort of answer. They asked him to write his name with the glass, but all he wrote was the number 9. They asked him if he wanted them to go to room 9, he said yes, so they all went up to room 9.

They set the glass up again in room 9 and connected with the same spirit. He died in the room. Karen asked him if he had been poisoned, and got another maybe/sort of answer.It was alcohol poisoning. He didn't own the house. He was looking for his wife, Charlie felt her name was Carol. They asked him to write his name with the glass again, he spelt out - Dodington. Maybe his surname? Carol was a housekeeper. Charlie was picking up on the year 1847, and June 22nd. He was grounded and wanted to stay to find his wife.

Break - During a break, Dave put on his voice box, and everyone heard the following words - listen, hip flask, coffee. Andy asked - will you speak to us? and got the answer no! They also heard - accident, numbers, slow, burn, fire, truck, death, burnt, out, bastard. Andy asked - what room do you want the team to go to? He got the answer '10'.

They all moved to room 10. Andy began to call out. The room seemed very flat and they were getting nothing, Sam mentioned that there had been no k2 metre activity all night, and then practically straight away, all 3 k2 metres went up to maximum and stayed there, all flashing manically! Then all stopped suddenly altogether. They tried to find an explanation but couldn't find one. Then, they all went off again, and stopped suddenly. The team were baffled as they hadn't seen that from the k2 metres before. They went next door into room 11 but the k2 metres didn't go off, and they got no activity at all, so they decided to call it a night.

They began to collect up all the equipment and trigger objects. The cross in room 1 bathroom had moved significantly. The metal symbol on top of the piano had also moved quite a lot.

1:00am:- Andy did a closing prayer of protection in the kitchen. Investigation ended.


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