Team Spiritz


Private Investigation 4 :- 9th August 2014

Team Spiritz were invited back to this location for a 2nd time to investigate deeper into its said paranormal activity, as we were so impressed with our 1st visit we grabbed the opportunity to do it again



8:30pm :- Team Spiritz arrived at the location and were shown in by the owner. They were then left to it and had a meeting. They began to set up equipment and trigger objects.

9:30pm:- Andy did a circle of protection in the reception area. They all then headed upstairs into bedroom one, where Andy felt drawn to. Investigation began. When Andy was setting up a camera  in there earlier, he had heard a girl in the distance, singing to herself. K2 metres began flashing. Andy felt that there was a dominant female holding the girl back. He felt the year 1836 was connected. Charlie was getting the name Cassie / Casey. Charlie was getting pins and needles in her legs. Charlie was picking up on a woman in her late 40's, she had bobbed auburn / ginger hair, just above her shoulder. She was 47. She was strict, important, quite posh. She was very prim and proper. She was the lady of the house. Andy felt she was the same spirit from a previous investigation. Charlie could see her wearing a skirt, a sort of suit but not as formal. She had to wear it for an important role. Charlie felt the name Annabella was connected to her. She was calling Annabella. Andy could see her rushing in and out of the rooms, cleaning and tidying.

They moved into bedroom two. Orbs were caught on several cameras. Everyone introduced themselves, then the temperature in the room dropped. Charlie had a feeling of "Who are you?". Andy was hearing "Why should I listen to you?". In the distance, Andy heard the woman say "you will do as I say!". Karen was cold on one side of her body, warm on the other. Charlie did some calling out. Andy wanted to laugh, and felt the woman was laughing at the team. She was observing. Andy was standing in the doorway, and felt that she would have stood like it. Andy felt she was standing right next to him, his left arm was very cold. He asked her to move away. He had a sickly feeling.

They then moved back downstairs into the living room and began glass divination in front of the fireplace. The glass began to move and pointed to all the females. Didn't want males on the glass. It was a female spirit. The same spirit they had connected with upstairs. She confirmed she had auburn hair and was 46. She confirmed she was the lady of the house. They asked her if she looked after 2 children, and answered sort of / maybe. Andy asked her if she was a nanny and got no reply. Everyone heard a knock outside the room. Andy and Dave had a cobweb feeling across their faces. Andy felt the girl was standing in the doorway, and kept running in and laughing.


11:20pm:- All the females went into the dining room and tried glass divination again. Charlie had pains in her lower back and lower stomach. They connected with a female spirit. She was happy the men had gone upstairs. Charlie asked her if her name was Cassie or Casey, she confirmed it was Cassie. She was not able to write numbers. Charlie felt she was born 13th  February 1938, and passed September 1983. She confirmed she was not grounded. She hadn't lived in the house, lived nearby. It was quite modern. Sam asked if there were other spirits present, she said there was. They asked her to move the glass as they counted, and the glass moved at 10. She was showing Charlie a silver car. She was trying to show Charlie a number plate, but Charlie couldn't make it out properly, she thought it started with a K, and it was yellow. This was confirmed. Sam asked if she had died in a car accident, she said yes, and the glass began moving faster. She confirmed others had also passed in the car accident, her husband. Charlie felt his name was Jonathon. He was 48, and was wearing a suit, with a grey tie that had a blue diamond pattern on it. Everyone then introduced themselves to them. They were gaining the team's confidence. The accident had been in the local area. Charlie felt Cassie had curly hair and was wearing a floral skirt between knee and ankle length. She could also see her red lipstick. Sam asked if they were dressed up for a special occasion, this was confirmed. They were on their way to a family wedding at the time of the accident. It was their daughter's wedding. Charlie wanted to cry, she was feeling their emotions. She felt their daughters name was Suzanne and her husbands name was Richard. They were showing Charlie how they were hit by a white transit van turning out of a junction. They were getting no more answers so decided to end the session and head upstairs to the boys.

The boys had been calling out and using the laser grid wall and the ghost box, but got no response.

They all moved back downstairs into dining room 2. Andy decided to try some scrying in the mirror. Sam and Charlie were standing behind him and saw his face go very wrinkly and had a droopy right eye. Andy felt his other eye was blind. Karen tried having a go but nothing happened.

They decided to call it a night. They began to collect up all the equipment and trigger objects, none had moved. Andy did a closing prayer of protection. Investigation ended.


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