Team Spiritz


Private Investigation 3 :- 3rd August 2013

Team Spiritz were kindly invited to this amazing location by the owner, we decided not to find to much about this place and take a different approach and see what we could discover.


8:30pm :- Team Spiritz arrived at the location an met with the owner. She showed them around the amazing building, and the team were in awe. The owner then left them and they had a look around alone, deciding where to put cameras and equipment. Some of the team started taking photos, and some team members went into Dining Room One. As Dave walked in, in front of a sofa, he felt something brush down his arm. He took a photo straight away, and a rope appeared on the photo going down the wall, there was nothing there. (see photos). Sam began taking photos of the same place, and a black shadow appeared on one, but not on others. Sam had heard movement in there before they went in, when she was standing in the reception area alone. John heard tapping noises coming from Dining Room Two. Dave's k2 metre started flashing. With so much happening already, they decided to get started straight away, so Andy did a circle of protection in the Reception area.

They all then went into Dining Room One, and sat around the table. Jo felt it was a happy room. Andy was picking up on a little girl, she was very happy. Both of the k2 metres started flashing. Andy felt she had mousy/blonde hair. Andy felt if she was seen as an apparition, her hair would be bright, but would not represent a true image of her, it was a much dirtier blonde. She didn't pass at the age that he was seeing her, it was just a memory. Sam, Jo and Andy heard footsteps underneath Jo's chair. Jo felt drawn to the corner of the room. Jo felt the girl was very pleasant and playful. Andy felt her name was Emily, but would have possibly just been called Em. Andy asked her to go upstairs to John and move the marbles, she told Andy "I've got a little brother who likes marbles". Everyone in the room introduced themselves to Em. The k2 meres were responding to Andy's questions. Dave asked if she would have had stomach problems, as he had a sudden sharp pain in his stomach. Andy felt she was reacting more to Jo and Dave because of the family connection. A big bang was heard in the kitchen but everyone was in the dining room. Andy felt her little brother was called Charlie. Movement and noises were coming from the bottom of the stairs. Jo saw an arm in the darkness of the Reception area. A big bang was heard but no-one knew where it was coming from. Jo asked Em if the arm she had seen was Charlie's, the k2 metre flashed to red to confirm. Andy felt Charlie was her dad's name, not her brother's. Jo felt her brother's name was Jacob or Jake. The k2 metre flashed to confirm again. Andy felt Em was stepping back because her dad was present. Andy felt he was a very proud man, and would think of the team "you are a peasant!". They tried doing glass divination but the glass would not move. Andy felt Em was holding back because of her dad, she can't be happy when he's there, he's very firm, stuck in his ways. Speak when spoken to. When Jo asked her if her mom was present, the k2 metres went crazy. John saw a face on the wall of the living room while the rest of the team were in the dining room.

They all then moved into living room one. Andy said it felt stuffy. As Sam walked in, she had a sudden sharp pain in her stomach, and had to leave the room. Dave's pain also got worse, so they decided to go outside for a while, where the feelings eased. Andy, Jo and Louise sat in living room one. they were picking up on a male spirit, he was very stern and aggressive, very Victorian. "Children should be seen and not heard!". He had very old fashioned ways. He was wondering why the team were there. Jo could see him with a pocket watch, he kept walking around, looking at it. He was very well dressed, in a top hat and cane. Andy saw a bright flash of light in the corner. As he could see it, he could see the man sitting in the corner, writing. He was shouting to the housekeeper "keep the children quiet, I'm trying to work!". He was a very clever man. Jo was feeling the same thing at the same time as Any. Andy felt that Em was not allowed to go through the doorway, it was his space. his wife was not present. Jo felt the stomach pains Dave and Sam had experienced was because she had died during childbirth. Andy felt he looked like Abraham Lincoln! Dave heard the name "Seth".

Tea Break

11:10pm:- Everyone headed upstairs into bedroom one. Andy said it felt like a nanny's room. Jo and John began talking about the Victorian era, to try to get the k2 metres to respond. Andy was connecting with Charlie again, he felt within his work, he used to write plays. He didn't spend much time in the house, he was a very busy man, always out and about. Louise had sharp back pain, had it since she was in the living room, same as Sam. Both k2 metres began flashing. Andy could hear a woman singing in the distance. Jo felt it was a nursery. John felt drawn to the doorway, he felt like someone was looking in at him. All the k2 metres started flashing on the bed, so Jo got off "their" bed, and sat on a chair opposite, but she didn't like it, felt like it was the naughty chair. Andy felt Charlie used to beat the children. He didn't like Jo, because she kept laughing, and he was very serious. Jo had upset him.

They moved into the next bedroom, and Jo was freezing cold. Andy was seeing a different side to Charlie, he was playing with the children. Downstairs was for work, upstairs was for fun. The k2 metres were flashing by Jo on the bed again. Something came over Andy, he had a sick feeling, he felt someone had stopped him from saying something. He felt something negative had popped in and straight out. Jo felt like she couldn't breathe. Jo asked the feeling to back off. Andy and Jo did not like the atmosphere, they felt someone had died in there, Jo felt it was from TB.

Jo tried using her pendulum, but got no response, so Sam tried. After confirming the directions for yes and no., she connected with a male spirit. She asked him if he was Charlie, he said yes. The k2 metres were also flashing. He confirmed he was a writer, and that the children downstairs were his. He loved his work and was very proud of it. Andy asked him if he used to sing to his children, he said yes. He didn't know what year he passed as he didn't know he was dead. He also didn't know the present year. He confirmed he had owned the house, but didn't live there with his wife. The k2 metres were flashing wildly. He lived with his children and the nanny. He confirmed his wife died in childbirth. Jo asked him if he remembered coughing up blood, he said yes. The children were present with him, they asked him if the girl was called Emily, he said no, for just Em, he said yes. They asked if the boys name was Jake, he said no, said yes to Jack. They could get no more answers so ended the session.

Tea Break -  alone in the reception area, Louise heard whistling

12:30am:- All of the team then went into Dining Room Two. They decided to try glass divination. After confirming yes and no answers, they connected with a female spirit. She was not a child, confirmed she was an adult. She was housekeeper/ lady of the house. She was not married to Charlie, and didn't look after his children, she didn't even know him! She was there before Charlie was. Someone / something then touched Sam's leg underneath the table. She had caused the tapping noises that John had heard in there earlier. They asked her if she could write, she said yes, so they asked her to write her name with the glass, she wrote go. When they asked her for the third letter, the glass didn't move, she confirmed she was telling the team to go! They asked her to write her name again, but again, she wrote go! Taps and bangs were heard in the room. They had a couple of minutes rest with the glass up-turned, then tried again, but she came back on the glass, but kept pointing it to Sam. They realised that the door was behind Sam, and she was still telling the team to go! So they ended the session.

They then decided to use some playing cards to split the team into 2 groups. The groups were - John, Dave and Louise upstairs. Sam, Andy and Jo downstairs.

Sam, Andy and Jo went into Living Room Two. The k2 metre was on the arm of the sofa that Sam and Jo were sitting on, and it started going crazy. Andy asked if it was the woman from the glass present, and if it was and she wanted them to go, to stop the k2, and it stopped instantly! Andy could sense her, but she was giving him no information at all. Jo felt like she was a landlady, and she was evicting the team. Sam felt she had a mar name, eg. Mary, Margaret. Andy had felt it was Mary earlier, but didn't say. Andy felt like someone had been smoking and it was stinging his eyes.

They then moved into Dining Room One. As they walked in, Sam and Jo could smell perfume / flowers. Then further into the room, a strong smell of burning. The k2 metres were still going crazy. Jo felt there had definitely been a fire in the building. It was absolutely pitch black in the room, and Andy saw a light in the middle of the room on the table, and it had a shape to it. Andy then saw a pair of legs on the stairs in the reception area. Jo then felt someone / something grab her leg. Andy could see a bright light on his own shoulder, pointing upwards. They could also smell burning again. The other team then came down and joined them. As they had been in the bedrooms, twice they thought someone had walked down the corridor with a torch, but everyone was accounted for.

1:45am:- They then started collecting up all the equipment and trigger objects, none had moved. Andy did a closing prayer of protection. Investigation ended.



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