Team Spiritz


Private Investigation:- 29th July 2010

Team Spiritz were Gladly Invited to this fantastic location to do a private investigation.

A Baseline Test was conducted on 19th July 2010 by Andy & Chris.

Entrance:- Average EMF Reading 0.5mg, No Drafts, Little noise interferance

Main Hall Area:- Average EMF Reading 0.5mg, No Drafts, Quiet Room

 All Dressing Room Areas:- Average EMF Readings 0.5mg, No Drafts, Quiet Areas

Bar Area:- Average EMF Reading 0.5mg, No Drafts, Cool Area

Court Area:- Average EMF Reading 0.5mg, No Drafts, Little Noise Interferance

Banqueting Area:- Average EMF Reading 0.5mg, No Drafts, Little Noise Interfeance

Balcony:- Average EMF Reading 0.5mg, No Drafts, Quiet Area

Full Investigation Report

7:30pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location

7:35pm:- Some members began setting up equipment, while others were shown around the building by the manager and set up trigger objects. On the walkaround, Debbie picked up on the following - In the main entrance hall, she heard a woman's voice shout ' Dominic, Dominic', it seemed to be coming from the stage, where she felt a man was hung. In the Banqueting Suite, she was picking up on 3 spirits, one was a soldier, he had a bullet to the head, one was an army chaplain. In the top floor dressing room, she picked up on a male spirit in a dark suit, his name was Richard, he had a moustache, it was like he was greeting people. In the bottom floor dressing room, she sensed a little boy called Tristan / Christian, he was holding his knees. There were constant high readings on the EMF.

8:15pm:- Circle of Protection done in the main hall by Tracey. While doing it, two dull thuds were heard, coming from behind the stage. The team then split into the following groups -

Tracey and Steve - Main Hall      Margaret and Debbie - Dressing Rooms

Andy and Louise - Banqueting Suite       Chris and Sam - Coroner's Court

8:20pm:- Andy and Louise - Banqueting Suite - They began by doing some calling out. Andy picked up on the name John, maybe surname begins with a D. He was connected to the building. Two knocks were heard in the corner of the room.

Sam and Chris - Coroner's court - They began taking photos and calling out for things to happen, but was very noisy from outside traffic. Chris picked up a bible and asked spirit to open it, it opened on Genesis. The only name on the page was 'Joseph'.

Steve and Tracey - Main Hall - They started by asking out and tapping noises could be heard coming from left hand fire exit door. They then sat on the stage, facing the entrance doors, they both witnessed movements in the right hand corner on two separate occasions.

Debbie and Margaret - Dressing Rooms - Debbie was picking up on the name Tristan / Christian again, he was wearing shorts and was connected to 'Richard' from the top floor Dressing room. He was well treated and loved and was spoilt as a child. He also had a bag of sweets in his hand. In the upstairs dressing room, Debbie picked up on a female spirit, 'Lady Helen', and said she was in a strop. She was wearing a Ballerina costume, and gave Debbie the impression she wanted her to leave.

8:30pm:- Andy and Louise moved onto the staircase to the balcony. Andy called out. Andy was aware of a spirit woman in white that walks down the stairs. He felt her name was Elizabeth and she was 53 years old.They then moved to the balcony where Louise experienced a tickling feeling on tht top of her left arm. They felt a cold spot in seat 28 of row. Andy then sat in a corner and felt cold all around him.

Sam and Chris moved to the balcony, a few unexplained noises were heard and a high reading was recorded on the EMF when pointed over the edge of the balcony, towards the floor. Steve and Tracey also had a high reading in the same area below.

Margaret and Debbie moved to the Main Hall where Debbie picked up on 'Dominic' and 'Marie'. Marie was a french girl, she was also dressed in a ballerina costume. Dominic hanged himself. Debbie had a feeling of being depressed. They both then heard a whistling coming from the Dressing room area.

8:55pm:- Andy and Louise - Dressing room behind stage. Andy did some scrying, he saw - a man with stubble, in his early 30's, his hair was tied back and had a red face. Photos were taken, with orbs captured. They then noticed taps were dripping in the sink, that were not dripping earlier when checked.

9:30pm:- The team regrouped in the Main hall. They decided to try Table Tipping, only a few members could feel slight movement. They then did Glass divination. They connected with a female spirit, a singer and actress, her name was Catherine. Did you touch Andy when he came to do the Baseline test? - YES she was around in the 1970's, she was french, she doesn't know that she is dead. Dominic was also present, he was a suicide victim. Catherine and Dominic had an affair, Catherine died of a drug overdose after Dominic committed suicide. The last performance she did was Romeo and Juliet, she was in her 30's, her family is still alive in the area, Debbie felt her name was Catherine Bates.

They then connected with a male spirit - Are you connected to the building? - NO Are you connected to someone around the table? - YES  Can you take the glass to the person you are connected to? the glass moved to Sam. Are you Sam's brother? - YES  Is your name David? - YES  Can you tell us how many spirits are here with us? - the glass then went wild as the team believe he did not want any of the other spirits to come on the glass, he was being stubborn! All of the team then heard a bang coming from the Dressing rooms.

10:30pm:- Andy, Louise, Margaret and Debbie all went inot the Courtroom. Andy began calling out. Andy picked up on the name ' Jason' and had a sickness feeling come over him.

Sam, Chris, Steve and Tracey went into the dressing rooms, calling out was done but got no response. Photos were taken, and when the team checked, the marbles had moved in the flour.

Louise found a plaque on the wall of the entrance hall, saying John Dallows and sons builders. She believes this may possibly be what Andy was picking up on in the Banqueting suite.

10:50pm:- The team regrouped again and began glass divination at the bottom of the stairs. They connected with a male spirit, dressed as a woman, he was a dame in a play, he was on tv, Billy Dainty, he never performed here but he performed at the hippodrome. He is the black figure that is regularly seen here, he likes to walk the stairs and entrance. The glass confirmed his last performance was in 1984, and he died in 1986.

11:00pm:- Closing prayer of protection done by Tracey. Investigation ended. Registered & Protected




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