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6th Private House Investigation :- 25th November 2012

Team Spiritz were invited to this empty house by the owners, due to some reports of paranormal activity which have been experienced by previous tennents

Full Investigation Report

11:00pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location and had a walk around. They began setting up cameras and trigger objects. Orbs were caught straight away on cameras.

11:15pm:- Andy did a circle of protection in the dining room. Investigation began. Andy began calling out. He was then picking up on the image of an old lady. He felt she was in her 80's. She was a widower. She was wearing a long floral dress, dark green/brown with big daisies on it. Andy felt her passing was quite recent - 1970's - 1980's. The initial M was connected to her. Everyone could smell something they had smelt upstairs earlier, like wood burning, an open fire. Louise heard a sigh and thought it was Sam or Andy, but it wasn't. Sam was taking photos and caught some dark shadows and mists, these can be seen on the photos section.

They then moved upstairs into the small bedroom. Andy was picking up on a girl, aged 10, with blonde hair. She was not treated very well. She was not from the house, but she was local. Andy could see her sitting on the bed sobbing. Andy then felt very sick. She had been abused, but not sexually. She was badly beaten. She was making Andy cry. He felt her name was Amy. Her hair was very blonde, almost white. She had been sobbing for a long time. She was just visiting because the team were there. There was not a connection to the house, he felt her house was more to the right.

They moved to the next bedroom. Andy felt Amy's uncle used to beat her. The timescale Andy was getting was 1883 to 1908. As Sam turned her torch off, Andy saw a shadow move across the wall behind the door. He then saw 2 flashes of light on the wall. He felt the name Christopher was connected. "Christopher is my brother" Amy told Andy. He was older. Andy then heard movement, like furniture moving. Andy called out, asked for noises, and asked Amy to move a ball that had been set up as a trigger object on the fireplace in the living room.

In the opposite bedroom, it felt much colder. Andy felt it was newer, the back of the house was depressing. He felt it had been 2 different houses at one point, then had been knocked into one. Andy saw a flash of light in the corner of the room. The lady he had picked up on earlier was named Margaret Fellows. Her husband was named George - he died aged 72/73. He had an illness, Andy felt it was cancer.

They then moved back downstairs, and as they entered the living room, they noticed that the ball that was placed on the fireplace, was on the floor the other side of the room. The floor was laminated, and the house had been extremely quiet all night, so wherever they had been in the house, they would have heard the ball bounce off, but had heard nothing. They  spent a while trying to work out how it happened, and tried to replicate it, but they couldn't, so had no explanation for it at all. So they sat in the dining room, asking for it to happen again, continuous tapping was heard.

1:10am:- They decided to try glass divination in the middle bedroom. Sam and Andy heard a noise downstairs, Andy went to check on the ball but it was still in place. After confirming yes/no on the glass, they connected with a female spirit, a child. Andy asked her if she could spell, she said no. The glass was moving from the k2 metre to the torch. Andy switched off the k2, but the glass still moved to it, Andy moved the k2 metre, and still moved to it. A different spirit then came on the glass, not male, not female, they were messing with the team. They tried resetting the glass, but still got no contact.

1:30am:- They started collecting up all the equipment and trigger objects.

1:45am:- Closing prayer of protection was done by Andy. Investigation ended.


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