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9th Private House Investigation :- 31st August 2013

Team Spiritz were Invited by this family to investigate their paranormal problems which they had been experiencing over a number of months, so we turned up to see if we could offer our support, and advice.

Full Investigation Report

9:00pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location and met the owner of the house, and they showed the team around. They began to set up equipment. As they were setting up, John and Charlie went upstairs. In the small bedroom, the k2 metre started flashing and Charlie felt someone walk behind her.

9:45pm:- Andy did a circle of protection in the living room. Investigation began. The k2 metre began to flash straight away. Andy began to call out. Andy was picking up on a male spirit, and 2 children. He felt one of the child's names was Aiden. Charlie was picking up on a male spirit, age 20ish, and had an initial J. He was tall, thin with dark hair. The k2 metre was still flashing. Andy was picking up on a car accident, connected to the man and 2 children. He felt drawn away from the house, like the accident was further up the road, not relevant to the house.

They all then moved upstairs. Andy was standing in the hallway facing the bedroom and he felt a shudder/ cold presence. He felt it was a bad spirit who wouldn't hold back. He asked him to communicate with the team and the k2 metre went to red. Andy felt a presence behind him again and he believed he was getting stronger. Andy felt the male and 2 children were present, but the children were not a threat. The k2 metres were going crazy, so they decided to move them, to rule out electricity cables affecting them. They asked them to flash again but got no response. They moved downstairs and the k2 metres went to orange, and stayed there. The owner felt her arm go cold. Andy felt that something was swirling around him from left to right, as if to build energy.

10:30pm:- In the living room, Andy felt Jonathon was getting more aggressive towards him, so they had a break.

11:00pm:- They decided to try glass divination in the living room. The glass started to move in a circular twisting motion. John felt someone tap his hand. Andy asked for confirmation on the glass that they touched John, and the glass moved in a circle. After confirming yes and no, the spirit would not confirm their gender. The spirit confirmed it was them the owners hear walking about the house. They were not doing it to scare them or cause them harm. They were not looking for someone. They knew they were dead. They confirmed they were grounded and wanted help to move on, but they were scared. They trusted the team to help. They asked if they were male, they said no. Charlie asked if it was a little girl, she said yes. She confirmed she was 6 years old. She had long ginger hair with a plait in one side. They asked her if she could move the glass to where she was standing, but she said no. She confirmed her dad was present, and that he was not very nice. She confirmed the little boy was her brother, and his name was Aiden. She confirmed that her family would go with her if she was moved on. Andy asked her to move the glass in circles and move towards the light. Andy counted own from 10 as the glass was moving, and stopped when he got to 1. Andy asked if they were still with them, the glass didn't move. Charlie an Andy felt like something had moved, but her dad may still be present. Andy felt he pulled back at the last minute.

They tried the glass again, and it was moving in the same way, so they asked if it was still the little girl, she said yes. She said she did want to pass, but Andy felt her dad had stopped her from passing over, she confirmed this was right. They asked her where her dad was standing, she pointed, she pointed the glass to the left. She was standing on the right. They asked her if her dad controlled her, she said yes. They asked her if her mom had passed to the other side, she said yes, and she missed her. She confirmed they all died at the same time, suicide, in a car, carbon monoxide poisoning. Andy felt her death was due to them splitting up, her dad took her away somewhere. They asked her if she had attached herself to the building, she said yes, she felt safe with the present family. She confirmed she had followed them there. They asked her if she was aware of when she died, she was, it was in the last 20 years. Charlie felt it was 1993, she confirmed this. It was in the local news. She died on Christmas day. She confirmed her dad would not let her go to be with her mom, he wanted her. They asked her to bring her dad onto the glass, but he wouldn't. She confirmed his name was Jonathon. Andy asked him to communicate, the glass moved to the left twice. Andy told him if he move to the other side, all would be forgiven. Andy felt he was stubborn.

The little girl came back onto the glass, everyone introduced themselves to her. They asked her to point the glass to who she wanted to talk to, she pointed to the owner of the house. She asked her if she was from her last house, she said yes. She confirmed she liked her daughter, and watches her at night, but didn't want to speak to her. She was not ready to move on, or her brother. she would rather be with her mom though. Andy had a nasty vision of her dad beating her, very violent, and slaps her across her face. As Andy mentioned it, Charlie felt her dad pull back.

They decided to try doing a séance. Andy asked spirit to come forward. Andy heard a male voice say "I'm going", it seemed quite distant. He felt it was Jonathon, he had given in in the end. Andy felt his arm go funny.

12:20am:- Andy did a closing prayer of protection, enforcing extra protection over the home and family to keep things at bay. Investigation ended.


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