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8th Private House Investigation :- 13th July 2013

Team Spiritz were again called to this private house to try and find a solution to the paranormal activity being witnessed.


Full Investigation Report


 8:30pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location and met the owner of the flat, and he showed them around and told the team the problems he had been having.

9:00pm:- Andy did a circle of protection in the living room. Investigation began. They began to call out. Andy went into the bathroom, and he was picking up on an old gentleman. He felt he had had a heart attack, either in the bath, or out, had a heart attack and fell into the bath. Andy felt it was like a memory. Jo began to use her pendulum in the living room, but couldn't get any proper answers. Sam said that Andy had a negative attitude towards the place, and the pendulum answered yes!

Sam then tried using the pendulum to get some communication going. She connected with a male spirit, the same one Andy picked up on in the bathroom. when she asked him if died of a heart attack, he said he didn't know. Jo felt he was looking for his wife, he confirmed this. They had lived there together, and he had died in his 60's. After counting, confirmed he was 69. He confirmed he does not like the dogs that live in the flat, and likes to scare them. He has been causing problems for the man who lives there. He was stuck and didn't know if he wanted to move on. His wife was not with him, and he didn't know if he wanted to be with her because they didn't have a happy marriage. His wife died in hospital, she lived in the flat before the present tenant. He was not happy to be stuck in the building. Jo asked him if his name was Herbert, he said yes. Sam asked him if he would give more information through glass divination, he said yes.

After setting up the table, they connected with Herbert straight away. He only wanted to talk to the women. John walked in and asked them to find out if his wifes name was Mary, the glass responded to him and answered yes. Andy then left with John to leave the girls to carry on. Herbert confirmed he had lived there with Mary. Jo felt he liked Sam because she reminded him of Mary. He used to drink a lot. It was his fault the marriage was unhappy, because of his drinking. He confirmed he was ashamed and embaressed about it. He walks around confused, he doesn't like the flat now as it was not as he remembered it. Jo felt drawn to a picture on the wall, she asked Herbert if it had belonged to him and his wife, he said yes. He confirmed he hadn't seen his wife since she passed. He misses her and wanted to say sorry. He was quite a scary man when he was alive, and got angry when he had a drink. He told the girls he wanted to be moved on, so they called Andy in. Andy encouraged him to move into the light, he was reluctant at first, as Jo felt he was scared, but he did it in the end. As soon as the glass stopped moving, everyone felt the energy in the room change. All throughout the session, the dogs in the bedroom had been whining, as soon as the glass stopped moving, they stopped aswell. As Andy had come to move him on, he had felt overwhelming sadness.

They got the owner back in and explained everything to him, and he was very happy. So they decided to leave as there was nothing else they could do for him.

Warley Woods :- 13th July 2013

After successfully moving the spirit on from the private house we headed to this historic wood to try and discover the mystery over its paranormal sightings .

 10:50pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location and walked through the park, up to a statue. Some calling out was done and photos were taken. Andy walked up a little further with John, and he was picking up on a lady spirit. She was wearing a green dress that came to her feet, and had a small jacket on. They walked back down to the others and Andy asked Jo and Charlie to go up, to see if they could pick up on her. Sam went with them aswell. As they walked up, they all agreed the atmosphere changed. They stood in front of where the house used to be. They could hear people messing around in the woods area, so they headed back down. Andy was picking up on a little boy running around. He felt his name was Johnny, and he had a problem with his left leg.

They decided to try glass divination. The glass started moving and confirmed the answers for yes and no. They connected with a female spirit. She confirmed she was the lady spirit who had been seen in the park many times. Andy asked her to point the glass to where the house used to be, she did. Andy then asked her to point the glass to where she was standing but got no reply. They could get no more answers, so ended the session.

They started to walk further into the park, up paths and through trees. They came to a small bridge. Andy stopped. He was picking up on the little boy again. He began to call out. They carried on walking, and Andy was picking up on hanging from some of the trees. Jo and Charlie were also picking up on the little boy, they felt that he was following the team. They felt he was from the 1800's.

They carried on walking further, but they were picking up nothing, so decided to head back towards the cars.

1:15am:- Andy did a closing prayer of protection. Investigation ended.


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