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7th Private House Investigation :- 8th June 2013

Team Spiritz were called to this private house to try and discover and remove a spirit who was causing this family lots of paranormal activity and problems


8:45 :- Team Spiritz arrive at location

9:00 :- John and Jo interview homeowner on the background on paranormal activity witnessed, while Andy, Dave and Charlie had a walk around the house to get the general feelings of the building.

9:15 :-Andy, Charlie and Dave came back and mentioned their findings. This includes how they felt about the rooms. They believed that the main focus of spiritual energy and pressure came from the room facing the stairs and the second room on the right. The owner believed it to be the living room and his youngest daughter’s room. Andy explained spirits don't stay in one place, then the owner went on to account us with another series of events which the family could not explain. Andy felt that West Bromwich was important to the problem. The owner confirmed that the major problems originated from West Bromwich.

9:30 :- They started  investigation in the living room. Andy performed the prayer of protection and invited the owner to join us. We asked about any back history the owner knew about the house he was in. All he knew was that the third tenant before his family had died in the house. Andy felt that it was an elderly couple who had lived there and that the elderly woman had passed away and the older man moved on to a care home. He felt that they were not relevant to the problems the family were facing.

Andy felt that the spirit was trying to mask itself from him. Andy believed that the spirit was quite possibly a gentleman, but lost him. Andy then went on to say that he felt as if the spirit was laughing at us.  Andy believed him to be linked to the owner and could have followed him from another location. The spirit is masking itself successfully against Andy only showing as a shadowy mist. Charlie on the other hand felt and saw the spirit more clearly. She described him as a tall male in the region of 6ft 4”, and slim. Andy felt that the spirit saw him as a threat and that he was not a nice person/ He then said he saw an image of an arm to say come upstairs and daring him to find him. Andy felt that he likes to cause trouble and felt that he wanted to play a hide and seek type of game. Andy said he felt like he was a Frank Gallagher Shameless look a like very long hair and he was untidy.  

10:00 :-They headed upstairs and we once again split into two teams John and Charlie went into the room facing the stairs belonging to the daughter. Andy, Dave and Jo went into the other room which was the parent’s room. Once inside the room Charlie mentioned she started to suffer from shortness of breath. She then said that she felt he was closer to women and was not as threatened by them. John and Charlie began to feel suffocated as if there was no air in the room. Charlie’s heart began to race and beat quite fast. She felt as if the spirit was very disrespectful towards women and liked to mistreat them. She felt that he was in his late 30’s. The K-2 meter began to go to amber, but went off again. Charlie then added that she felt as if the spirit had family, but he lost them possibly was disowned by his own family.

They went into the other room to join the others and the K-2 once again went to amber again, but quickly went off. Andy mentioned that he felt the name Gregg. When we asked the owner he said that the name had no meaning to him.  Andy felt he was starting to be fed certain information, but the spirit was still being defensive. He felt that the spirit was connected to the owner because they both had a trickster/joker personality and lived in one of the houses the owner lived previously. The K-2 went to amber as we were discussing the owner’s previous addresses. We asked the owner to slowly say the addresses and asked the spirit to respond to the address he felt connected to. There was no response whilst he recited his addresses, but the K-2 went to amber once again when we changed subject.  They asked why the spirit was plaguing the family, or if it was just making its presence known or warning the family through the smoke alarms. Andy felt that the spirit was now becoming mellower, but the room began to feel heavier around us. Andy requests the spirit to come forward with the aid of his spirit guide. Andy felt that the spirit was starting to step back and reveal more of him. He felt that he was really thin and untidy in his late 30’s. He felt that the spirit had really itchy facial hair. Andy said the spirit felt like we was attacking him and that he asked to tell the family that he meant no harm and he understood why we was there. Andy felt that the name Angel was important. The owner confirmed he had a tattoo with the name Angel on it. Andy then went on to say that he saw a bird which could have been an eagle; it could have been used for hunting, mainly rabbiting. The owner said he did own an Avery. Andy then said he was going to set up his laser wall from upstairs in the children’s room. Andy felt that the spirits had stepped back.

10:45 :- They then went onto having a break downstairs. Whilst on a break every time Jo mentioned the word Flat the K-2 meter kept flashing to red. The owner confirmed he lived in flats at different intervals in his life. We asked the spirits if they attached themselves to the owner and his family whilst he lived in flats, but there was no response. Andy then asked if the children ever saw a little girl. The owner said no they have mentioned seeing a little girl. Andy said he sensed a little girl named Molly, but she could just be passing through.

Dave felt a cold breeze race past his face and we asked the spirit if it was him and could he do it again. There was no response to our requests and Jo asked if we could do a glass divination. When we began to set up the glass divination the K-2 meter began to go off. During the glass divination Andy felt the name Molly was important, but as we was asking for responses there seemed to be no response. Andy felt that there was a little energy and Jo and Charlie felt as if the glass was slowly twisting and turning. Andy felt that the spirit said he was a trickster and although he was mellow he was becoming stronger. Andy said that the spirit wanted to talk to Jo. Andy believed we would get more out of the spirit with a female only conversation so we moved away and left it to Charlie and Jo. Whilst asking questions there was no response.

Andy felt and saw a rag doll. The owner said that his daughter was given a rag doll from his mom. Andy felt that the spirit was Molly and she had long ginger hair with pig tails and that she liked the doll. They mentioned that the doll has red shoes and the K-2 went off again. Whilst still working on a glass divination we continued to ask shoe related questions with little to no response. They believed the glass was moving a little, but it was very weak. We continued to ask questions to provoke a response, but we continued to get nothing. We changed subject talking about children and spirits when Andy said he felt a breeze go across his face.

 11:15 :- They then decided to do a glass divination in the son’s room. We asked more questions with no responses, but in between intervals the K-2 did move up to another stage of green. We then moved the glass divination into the other children’s room. Whilst asking questions there seemed to be no response, but the glass seemed to be twisting. Andy then recommended doing a séance and that he would leave his spirit guide to protect the house and family. Andy sensed that the spirit would be difficult and play up, or even go as far as to tell us to sod off. Andy the mentioned he believed the house to be much calmer compared to when we first came into the house. Andy believes the pressure we experienced has now lightened. The owner confirmed that when we started he suffered from a pounding head ache, but now it has cleared. Andy then went on to say that Gregg knew why we were here now. Jo gave the owner some advice which included getting clear quartz in every room of the house were the sun light can get at them directly. Andy then added we would do the séance downstairs. 

12:00 :-They started the séance downstairs. We asked any spirits to come forward and step into the circle. Andy then complained that his ears felt strange. We asked a few questions with no response then Andy firmly said for the spirit to get from behind him and enter the circle. Andy then said that the spirit seemed to be very angry. Andy then said once again to get from behind him and enter the circle; Andy also began to say he felt a sharp pain in his back. Dave then said he started to feel sick and he came out of the séance. Andy then said he felt the spirits anger was being to disparate. He requested help from his spirit guide to help remove the spirit and stay and protect the family from other negative influences. He then senses an angry male spirit, who was not remorseful for the things which happened to the family. Andy asked for it to make its presence known, but there was no response. He then asked Jo if she felt any energy lift and she confirmed there was some, but not much. We asked a few more questions, but we got no response Andy believes we got the spirit to move on. K-2 went back onto the second level of green and Andy asked if it was Molly. There was no response and Andy believed it to be nothing negative. And felt the energy starting to lift.


12:30 :-They did one more glass divination downstairs. We asked more questions with no response, but Jo said that she felt the glass was still twisting and showing small movements. Andy said he believed we got the spirit in the séance and Dave said his sickness feeling had now gone. We then collected our equipment and left with the thanks of the owner and his family. We completed our closing prayer outside of the house and Andy asked his spirit guide once again to stay behind and protect the family.


12:45 Investigation Ended



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