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5th Private House :- 21st January 2012

Team Spiritz were called to this private house in Coventry to investigate its alleged paranormal activity, so we went to see if we can help this family out.


9:30pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location and were introduced and shown around by the tenant. They began setting up all the cameras and trigger objects. Cross trigger objects were set up in both bedrooms, and the motion sensors were put in the doorway of the smallest bedroom.

9:45pm:- Circle of protection was done by Andy. Investigation began. Andy began to call out in the living room. A bang was heard coming from upstairs. The k2 metre flashed up to red (max) ad the dog started barking at the same time. Andy was picking up on a male spirit, he felt his name was Micheal, in his 40's, 6ft tall with dark brown hair, wearing a brown suit. He seemed quite timid, not a nasty spirit, and he just passed through. The k2 metre was reaching maximum at various points around the living room. A loud tap was then heard coming from the kitchen, and then a sound like a chime/gong of a clock was heard, but no clocks in the house could do that.

Andy then had the image of a boy, a teenager, with short messy blonde hair, he felt he was no older than 15. His energy was quite negative, he possibly killed himself.

Chris heard footsteps, then a cough coming from upstairs but there was no-one up there. Chris then went upstairs alone to see if he could hear it again. He heard noises coming from the smaller bedroom. The k2 metre was flashing p to red again, and the dog was barking at the same time again.

All of the team then moved upstairs. The k2 metre was going wild flashing up to maximum. Andy tried calling out, asking for spirit to come forward. Andy then tried to connect with the teenage boy in the smaller room. Knocks were then heard downstairs so Andy stayed upstairs while everyone else went back downstairs. Andy called out, asking for things to happen to the group downstairs.

10:20pm:-Downstairs, Chris's zip on his camera bag began moving on it's own. Louise put the k2 metre by it and it flashed to maximum. The zip began to slow, then stopped and started again. A loud thud was then heard coming from upstairs.

10:25pm:- The team decided to try glass divination in the living room. The glass would not move, but the k2 metre was flashing up to maximum again. They then took the light out of the glass to see if it made any difference, but still no response. Andy was then getting the image of a line of spirit people laughing at them.

10:45pm:- The team had a break

10:55pm:- All of the team went upstairs. Andy began to call out and movement was heard. Andy was picking up on the image of of the teenage boy stomping around the house.

11:10pm:- Downstairs, the group attempted a seance. Andy requested the ball of white light and the help of their spirit guides, and asked the spirits to walk towards the light and leave the family alone.

11:30pm:- Closing prayer of protection done by Andy. Investigation ended.


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