Team Spiritz


Private House  4 :- 5th March 2011

Team Spiritz were invited to this empty private house to conduct an investigation as there were reports of electrical equipment switching on an off for no reason, and strange shadow figures being seen.


9:00pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location and began setting up cameras and trigger objects. As activity had benn reported in the rear garden, a video camera was set up out there. A video camera was put in the living room, along with coins as trigger objects on the fireplace. A cross was placed on the shelf in the pantry in the kitchen. A video camera was put in each bedroom, aswell as as trigger objects and the laser wall was set up and left in the smaller bedroom.

10:00pm:- Investigation began with circle of protection done in the living room by Andy. Andy then began calling out. Bangs were heard coming from upstairs. All of the team then heard a knock in the corner of the room, Andy asked to do it again, and it did. A strange noise was then heard by all of the team, it sounded like something was being dragged across the floor upstairs, so they decided to move upstairs.

As they walked up the stairs, Sam and Louise both felt a cold spot in the middle of the stairs, it was warm at the bottom and the top, but was freezing in the middle, with no draughts coming from anywhere. Sam and Chris then heard a noise coming from the big bedroom. As they went to investigate what the noise was, Louise thought Andy was standing behind her in the bathroom doorway, but he was in the bedroom, no one was in the bathroom. Andy was picking up on the image of a little boy, named Jacob. He was 8/9 years old. A noise was then heard in the bathroom.

All of the team then moved into the big bedroom and Sam tried using her Pendulum. A spirit connected to the Pendulum, but said it was not a male spirit, and when asked if it was female, it remained still. It was not a child. The spirit appeared to not want to communicate through the Pendulum so they decided to try glass divination.

the glass began moving in big circles. As it began moving, a noise was heard between Louise and Chris, it was a strange scraping noise, which also been caught on video camera. They connected with a female spirit. She said there are other spirits in the house, but she was the one that protected the family that lived there. They asked her to write her name with the glass but the team could not work out what it was writing. Constant noises could be heard in the room, and a cold breeze seemed to be moving around the team. She said she was unable to tell the team the year or the month that she passed.

11:30pm:- Tea Break. When checking the trigger objects, the team discovered that the cross that had been place in the pantry, the jesus on top of the cross had been pulled off and moved across. The door had been shut the whole time and no one had been in.

11:40pm:- They then decided to do glass divination in the living room. they connected with a female spirit. They asked her to write the year she died, it wrote - 1910. She confirmed she had died in the house in 1910. They then asked her to write her name, it wrote, -B.A.T.H. The team team asked - Did you die in the bath? - YES. So they all went into the bathroom and began calling out, but was very quiet in there. The team decided that was maybe because the bathroom wouldn't have been in the same location in 1910, was maybe outside or downstairs?.

12:10am:- They then moved into the small bedroom with the laser wall. They began calling out, and a few noises were heard. Sam then tried using her Pendulum again, she connected with a male spirit, he had lived in the house in 1921. He died of natural causes. Sam asked how old he was when he died, and began counting, and he said he died at 63 years old. He confirmed he was born in 1858. The Pendulum stopped moving so the team decided to call it a night.

1:00am:- Closing prayer of protection done by Andy in the living room. Investigation ended. Registered & Protected


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