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3rd Private House :- 5th Febuary 2011

 Team Spiritz was contacted by this family for help with their ghostly goings on

so we couldn't refuse to help in any way we could.

After the family took this picture they were concerned in what it was.


 A Baseline Test was conducted on arrival by Andy & Sam

 Living Room :- No EMF Reading - Lowest Temp 21.9c - Highest Temp 23.4c - No Drafts - No Phsyical Noises

 Kitchen :- EMF Reading 0.5mg - Lowest Temp 20.6c - Highest Temp 21.2c - No Drafts - No Phsyical Noises

 Landing :- No EMF Readings - Lowest Temp 21.5c - Highest Temp 22.8c - No Drafts - Noisy Floorboards

 Bedroom 1 :- No EMF Readings - Lowest Temp 21.3c - Highest Temp 22.8c - No Drafts - No Physical Noises

 Bedroom 2 :- No EMF Readings - Lowest Temp 21.2c - Highest Temp 23.9c - No Drafts - No Physical Noises

 Bedroom 3 :- No EMF Readings - Lowest Temp 19.1c - Highest Temp 22.9c - No Drafts - No Physical Noises

 Bedrrom 4 :- No EMF Readings - Lowest Temp 20.3c - Highest Temp 20.4c - Drafts coming from door near by -  Noises heard coming from outside


9pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location and began setting up equipment and trigger objects.

9:45pm:- Investigation began with circle of protection done by Tracey in the living room. Andy began calling out. Taps were heard on the TV screen on the wall. Andy asked for 4 taps, and immediately 4 taps were heard on the screen. Andy and Tracey saw a shadow move across the back of the room, in front of the window.

All of the team then moved into the downstairs bedroom, as they walked through the kitchen, they noticed a video that had been set up facing the bedroom, had been moved, the camera was facing the floor, unfortunately the camera was not recording at the time.

After asking out in the bedroom, Sam and Louise both had cold breezes around their back, above the bed.

Everyone then moved upstairs into bedroom 1. Andy began calling out. Orbs were caught on both digital cameras and hand held video cameras. The EMF metre was placed on the bed, and they asked spirit to make it go off, but it didn't.

10:20pm:- Tracey began using her pendulum in the living room. Some questions were asked but the team feel spirits did not want to communicate fully through the pendulum, so they decided to try glass divination.

On the glass were - Andy, Margaret, Louise and Steve. The glass began moving in the figure of eight, Louise felt the spirit was not connected to the house or the land. Different noises could be heard around the room. A male spirit then connected, he was standing between Steve and Margaret. Sam then saw a red flash of light in the doorway. The male spirit was from the 1800's. They asked him to write the year with the glass, it wrote - 171-V. V is the number 5 in roman numerals. He confirmed he was writing in roman numerals and the year was 1515. He was not a farmer, he was a soldier,he was killed in battle. The house is built where he died, it was a miltary camp, he was a foot soldier for the king. They yen asked him to write his name with the glass - it spelt - W.I.L - the team asked is your name William? - he answered YES. They then asked him to spell out his surname - it spelt - SWOIAQ. He confirmed he was Italian, his family came with the Roman soldiers, they were wealthy, they fought for the land, they didn't fight the Welsh, they fought the Scottish. More clicks were then heard in the room.

10:55pm:- Tea Break

11:10pm:- The team decided to split up into 2 teams. The men went upstairs while the women went into the downstairs bedroom.

In the downstairs bedroom, the women began glass divination on the bed. They connected with a female spirit. She is the spirit who harms the girl who's bedroom it is, she is jealous of her. She is the same age as her, 21, she reminds her of her. They then asked her to write out the year she died with the glass - it wrote - 1926. She was murdered, by a stranger, in this house. Louise then said that this house is not that old, then the glass began moving fiercely saying YES YES YES! The team believe she was disagreeing! They then asked her to spell out her name with the glass, it spelt - C. O. N, so the team asked - Is your name Connie? - YES. She was British, she was not hanged, she was stabbed, the murderer was caught. She wanted to pass over, so Tracey encouraged her to walk to the light, then the glass stopped moving.

The men were calling out in the bedrooms, but they didn't get a response.

11:50pm:- The team re-grouped in the living room, and Tracey began using her pendulum. The pendulum confirmed there are spirits in the house, connected to the land, they are all male, no female. William connected on the pendulum, he was draining the battery from the cameras.

They then started glass divination again, and connected with William. He is grounded here, he wants to be passed over, as he feels it is his time to go. He wanted it done straight away. Andy asked him to move the glass in a circle, the circle started to get bigger and faster. Andy then encouraged him to walk towards the light. The glass then stopped. They asked the glass to move again, it didn't. Andy then asked if there were more spirits present, and the glass started to move. It was a different movement from a different spirit, it was a male spirit, they asked him to write out the year, it wrote - 1778. The spirit is grounded here, he didn't know William. They then asked him to write his name, he wrote - JIM COOPER. He likes Tracey, he then moved the glass to everyone. He was standing between Tracey and Louise. Andy asked him to touch someone, Tracey went very cold. He was the spirit that threw the cat down the stairs, he doesn't like cats!! The glass then pointed to everyone again, even the cat!! It then moved towards the torch, and wouldn't move away from it, so Andy asked him if he wanted to move towards the light, and he sais YES. So Andy encouraged him to move the glass in large circles and walk towards the light. The glass stopped. Contact was attempted again, but got no movement.

As the team felt they had calmed things down in the house, the investigation ended.

12:00am:- Closing prayer of protection done by Tracey. Registered & Protected




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