Team Spiritz


2nd Private House :- 20th November 2010

Team Spriitz were called to a 2nd Private House to Investigate some strong activity which was affecting the family who live there

A Baseline Test was conducted on arrival by Steve & Sam

Living Room:- Average EMF Reading 0.5mg - Lowest Room Temp 12c - Highest Room Temp 13.5c - No pysical Drafts or Noise Noticed.

Stairs & Landing:- Average EMF Reading 0.5mg - Lowest Room Temp 11.6c - Highest Room Temp 13c - No pysical Drafts or Noise Noticed.

Main Bedroom & Spare Room:- Average EMF Reading 0mg - Lowest Room Temp 11.2c - Highest Room Temp 12c - No pysical Drafts or Noise Noticed.

Childs Room:- Average EMF Reading 0.5mg - Lowest Room Temp 10c - Highest Room Temp 11.5c - Little Draft from window, very cold room - Little Noise from traffic.


9:30pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location and began setting up cameras and trigger objects, and doing a baseline test. As Sam was walking up the stairs, she saw and heard a black shape in front of her walking up the stairs. No other team mambers were in the area at the time.

10:15pm:- Circle of protection done by Tracey in the living room. As the investigation began, several team members saw flashes of white light in the corner of the room above the christmas tree. Andy began calling out, taps were heard, sounded like a heartbeat, coming from a round the coffee table. Andy asked spirit to move one of the christmas decorations hanging from the ceiling, one of them began swinging. Andy was picking up on the image of a man in his 60's/70's, he was old fashioned, stuck in his ways. Andy then saw a big flash of white light in the hallway at the bottom of the stairs.

10:45pm:- The group then split up into two groups, females went upstairs into the bedrooms, while the males stayed downstairs in the living room.

The female group, in the children's bedroom, began glass divination. They connected with a male spirit, he was a relative of someone living in the house, he likes it here but did not die here. Tracey and Louise then heard a hissing noise by the door, he confirmed he was standing on the landing. Bangs were then heard and lights were seen. More movement was then heard on the stairs. He is attached to the children in the house, he watches over them, he doesn't mean to hurt them, he knows he can be more gentle.. The team then asked him to give them his name and began going through the alphabet, the glass moved at the letter V. He confirmed his name is Vincent. Joanna, the girl living in the house asked - Are you related to Andy (her partner)? - YES she then asked  Do you know someone called Terence? - YES  He then confirmed he is Terence's Dad. Terence is Andy's Dad, who he has never met. Sam then had a cold breeze up her face. Vincent then told the group that Terence is alive but he's not ok, he's hurt, he lives near, and doesn't know his family are looking for him. Joanna's hair then got touched. He then told the group there are 6 spirits in the house. The team then asked him to move the glass when they got to the letter of the alphabet of the initial of the area Terence is in, it moved at W. He confirmed he in Wolverhampton. He is no more than 3 miles away. He is living in a house with his girlfriend. He is not drinking but he used to. The team then asked Vincent to spell out the name of the street that Terence is living in, it spelt out - G.E.B.B.I.D.O.N Street. The glass then began moving in a figure of eight, so the team closed it down.

The male group, in the living room, began by calling out, a few lights were seen and unexplained knocks were heard. Andy, Steve and Chris  all felt coldness around them at different times. Andy then asked a spirit to move closer to him and he then felt an energy move close to him. Chris felt someone/something touch his glasses, which they found out later that the female group upstairs had asked for this to happen to him. Andy then saw a white light fly past him and Chris, then about a minute later, Steve saw a face between Andy and Chris behind the sofa, it was a male, aged 11/12.

11:30pm:- The female group then moved downstairs into the living room. Louise began using the dowsing rods and got some movement. Tracey had a cold breeze on her face. The light around the blind on the window then disappeared, as if someone had walked past it. More cold spots were then felt around the sofa.

The male group upstairs tried glass divination but got no response, they felt he did not want to communicate with men, just the ladies. Steve called out and some noises were heard coming from the other bedroom.

12:00am:- Tea Break

12:20am:- The whole group then began glass divination in the living room. They connected with a female spirit, a young girl, she was 12 years old. She likes Joanna, she plays with the children and their toys. She had lived there in another house, before that one was built. The glass then kept moving to the torch at the edge of the table, so Andy asked - Does that mean you want to go to the light? - YES so the team encouraged her to walk to the light and the glass stopped moving. The room then felt instantly warmer.

12:50am:- After a quick break, the team returned to the glass to make sure the girl had gone. They connected with a different spirit. The glass kept moving to the married couples of the team, it was someone connected to the team, not the house or the family. This spirit protects the team on every investigation they do. When asked to point to the member of the team they are connected to, the glass moved to Margaret. It was Margaret's dad, Harry. Harry told them there are six spirits in the house and that they are harmful. He aggred to help them to move on.

As the team felt things had calmed down in the house, they decided to end the investigation.

1:20am:- Closing prayer of protection done by Tracey. Investigation ended.


As Team Spiritz arrived at location we were greeted by Joanne who was in need of our help to try and remove any negitive spirit from within the property which was affecting the family, As a Team we can say we were successful in the investigation and the removal of the negitive spirits within the property. Joanne was very happy with our work in what we did for the her and the family all free of charge. Registered & Protected


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