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Private House 14 :- 18th October 2014

Team Spiritz were asked to cover this private house investigation by good friends of our from Staffordshire Paranormal Investigation Team, as it was in our area we took this opportunity to get some answers for this family

Case Details

8:30pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location and were shown in by the owners. They had a chat with the owners, the things they had been experiencing were - 

# Things go missing and found somewhere else

# The owner's daughter would wake up and have a feeling of being touched

# In the living room, someone touched her hair

# There was a feeling of being watched all the time

# The owner's daughter's hair had been cut during the night

# Stamping on the stairs were heard, slamming of doors and lights switch on in the bedroom. When sat downstairs, they can hear walking about and banging upstairs

# Washing baskets had been turned upside down on the kitchen floor

# The owner's daughter's eyelashes were cut down short in the night

# Bruises appeared on arms when waking up on a morning

# Doors open and close on their own, and they actually saw the handle move

They then set up equipment, cameras and trigger objects.



9:00pm:- Andy did a circle of protection in the kitchen. Investigation began. Andy began to call out. Dave's k2 metre started to flash. Andy was picking up on a male spirit and felt angry. Andy asked for a tap on something and a tap was heard in the toilet. Charlie had the image of a car accident and the k2 metre went off when she said it. A male was involved, and she felt it may be related to the house. The accident had been in the last 20 years. The male spirit was not angry. The car had been hit on the left hand side by a larger vehicle.

They all then moved into the living room and Andy began to call out. He was picking up on a male spirit, he was in his 50's in 1940, or in his 40's in 1950, he was not sure which way round it was. Simon's temperature gauge went off to say the temperature had gone down. Andy felt the male's name was Jeff. He was adamant it was his name, and he felt very angry towards Andy.

Charlie was picking up on the man in the car accident again. She felt he didn't die straight away, he died in a coma in hospital. He was frustrated and wanted to tell Charlie what happened. He had a bad head injury, bleeding to the brain. He was not connected to the house. She felt his name was Marcus, and he was in his late 20's / early 30's. He had brown hair with a bit of a flick to it. The accident was on a main road. Marcus told Charlie - "I took the risk, a car was coming but I pulled out!". Andy heard a whining noise in his head. Andy could see a yellow van, it was possibly involved. Marcus's car was two tone - purple / blue.

They all went into the kitchen and tried glass divination. Simon put his echo box on in the background. The glass was not moving, so they decided to turn the echo box off. Andy had a bad feeling. They tried women only on the glass, and men only, but got no communication whatsoever.

10:25pm :- Tea Break

They all then went upstairs and split into 2 groups, one team in front bedroom, one team in back bedroom. Andy was picking up on the same male as earlier, he now felt more sorry for the problems he had been causing the family in the house, he didn't mean to scare anyone.

11:15pm:- They then moved back into the kitchen and tried the glass again but got no response at all. They also tried a seance and Andy enforced protection on the family and home.

11:30pm:- They began to collect up all the equipment and trigger objects, none had moved. Andy did a closing prayer of protection. Investigation ended. 



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