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Private House 13 :- 10th May 2014

Team Spiritz were called to this private house due to many years living with unexplained  paranormal activity, it got to a point to where the family needed answers, Team Spiritz always look forward to helping to find this answers


8:30pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location and entered the house, into the downstairs bedroom. They met with the owners of the house. They told the team some of the problems they had been experiencing, including - unexplained puddles of water on the floor in the downstairs bedroom, and coming out of the water were 4 large paw prints, too big to be a dog's paw. Things had been seen and felt  in one of the front bedrooms, and they wanted to see if the team could pick up on what it was. Neighbours were also getting some paranormal activity. A creature with red eyes had been seen running up the stairs. A Ouija board had been done in the house, and there had been an increase in negative activity since. Dave had got pins and needles, and could feel something. There was a heavy feeling in the room. Andy felt where the puddle of water had been found, was a vortex. The last puddle appeared 2 weeks ago. The k2 metres started flashing to red.



Before they started a walkaround of the rest of the house, Andy felt they needed protection, so Andy did a circle of protection.

Upstairs, the team had a quick walk around of the bedrooms. In bedroom one there was a heavy feeling. In bedroom two, Andy was picking up on a tall, stern man. Charlie felt the owners would hear lots of banging in there, the owners confirmed this. Andy felt the man was wearing a black suit and was in his 50 - 60's. He was a very proud, old fashioned man. He was a gentleman. He was wearing a top hat. Andy could only see the top half of him. In bedroom three Andy felt the vortex was connected to the attic, and involved the Ouija board. In the bathroom Andy was picking up on a little boy running around playing, poking people. In bedroom four ( the attic), Charlie felt dizzy as she walked in. The Ouija board had been done in the attic.

They all moved back downstairs. Charlie had ringing in her ears, like constant white noise. They began to set up equipment and trigger objects. They put pads on the floor in the downstairs bedroom. The k2 metres started going to red.

They moved back upstairs into bedroom one. Andy could hear foreign chanting, maybe latin? But it was very distant. Andy felt devil worship / witchcraft was connected. A figure with a covered face and a cloak would have been seen gliding through the room. After Andy said it, there was a cold blast next to him. The k2  metres started flashing. He wouldn't give Andy his name. Dave was picking up on the name Gemma. The figure told Andy " I wanna take your soul"! Sacrifice was connected.

They moved into bedroom two. Andy and Charlie were both picking up on a male spirit, he was not negative. Dave saw a shadow in the corner, the owners Jenny and Rachel confirmed that was where big bangs were heard in the room. The male spirit was keeping his distance. Everyone heard footsteps upstairs in the attic, Dave went to check, and there was  no one there. The noise of it from below was different to what they had heard. Andy could see lots of trees, maybe before the house had been built.

They all moved up into the attic. Someone touched Rachel's head. They decided to try glass divination. The glass started to move and confirmed yes / no answers. They connected with a female spirit, she was not someone the family had sensed. Dave asked if she was Gemma, she said yes. She didn't know she was dead. She confirmed she was a child. She was connected to the house, she used to live there. Charlie felt she was 6 years old, with long brown hair and a fringe. She was wearing a white top / nightgown with a lace collar. She only wanted females on the glass. She was not alone, she had family. She had a little brother, Tyler, who Andy picked up on in the bathroom. Tyler was 4 years old. He had blonde hair and was wearing a blue t shirt. He was not grounded. He plays tricks with the family's children in the hallway, but he can't understand why they are different. He likes the family, and means them no harm. He likes playing with them, and confirmed he moves the family's keys. He was not aware of the puddles of water. There were other spirits present, adults, a man with a cloak was also present, they hide away from him. They were standing by Andy. They asked how many spirits were present, the glass moved at 5, the other 3 were adults. The glass started drawing a picture. She drew a face. She confirmed it was of the hooded man, an oval shape. She was then showing Dave and Charlie a picture of a cat she had drawn.

They reset the glass. They connected with  a male spirit. Confirmed he was the hooded figure, but didn't mean any harm. The glass moved to Andy. Andy felt a religious connection. The glass kept pointing to the family, but confirmed he would not cause them harm. There was a creak outside of the door. Andy felt someone was blocking him. Louise felt a cold blast, but Sam was red hot. Everyone heard a noise behind Rachel.

They reset the glass and tried again. They connected with a different spirit, everyone thought it wasn't human, maybe a demon? The glass drew a symbol. Sam began looking for the symbol on the internet to see what it meant, but couldn't find an exact match. The symbol was maybe latin? The glass was moving in a funny way so they ended the session.


They then decided to try glass divination in the downstairs bedroom where the puddles of water had appeared. They connected with a male spirit. He was connected to the house, not the family. He was the man wearing the top hat Andy had picked up on. He confirmed his name was Charles. Everyone introduced themselves to him. He was a nice spirit, he watches over the family. They asked him to write the year with the glass, he wrote - 1961. He was 66 years old when he passed. He confirmed he had been  in the funeral trade. He was aware of the nasty spirits in  the house, but he was happy to stay, to look after the family, and didn't want to be moved on. Charlie felt he had had 2 heart attacks, and passed from the second one. He confirmed the nasty spirit had come in through the Ouija board. They asked him to help them close the vortex via a séance, he said he would help. The demon spirit was not present.

The team stood around the area the puddles of water had appeared, and did a séance, asking angels and guides to help close the vortex.

They began to collect up all the equipment and trigger objects, none had moved. Andy did a closing prayer of protection. Investigation ended.




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