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Private House 12 :- 2nd May 2014

Team Spiritz had access to this empty private house due to the previous owners own paranormal experiences, which was also a bonus  to see if we could try and link some information from a previous investigation we did back in 2012 at another property, so this was an experiment on its own


8pm :- Team Spiritz arrived at the location and had a walk around. They began to set up cameras and trigger objects. As Sam set up a ball on the fireplace as a trigger object, a k2 metre next to it went to red.

Andy did a circle of protection. Investigation began. They began to call out in the living room. All of the k2 metres went up to 2 lights and stayed there. Andy began to call out and his k2 metre went up to red. Louise shut the curtains and all the k2 metres went up to red. Louise's camera began to play up. Sam saw a white flash of light next to Jo's k2 metre. As Andy was talking, the k2 metres were responding to his voice. Dave's k2 metre went to red on its own. Andy asked spirit to make 3 lights on the k2 metres if they were a male spirit, or 4 lights for a female spirit, and they went to 4. Dave picked up on the name Elsie. As he said it, his k2 metre went to red. This was confirmed but a delayed answer. Andy asked -  Did you used to live here? - again, it went to red but was a delayed answer.

They all then moved upstairs. They decided to try glass divination in bedroom 3. They connected with a female spirit. She confirmed she used to live there, and it was one big house then (now 2). She didn't mind talking to the team. Everyone introduced themselves. She confirmed she could spell her name. They asked her to point the glass to where she was standing, and she pointed it between Sam and Louise. She spelt her name - rose. They all heard knocking coming from downstairs. Rose confirmed Elsie was present, she was a relative. She confirmed they were sisters, they had lived in the house together. They asked Rose to write her age with the glass, she wrote - 9. She confirmed she was a child. She was 9 years old when she passed. Jo felt she would have had back problems, she was affecting Jo's back. They asked her to write the year with the glass, she wrote - 1945. She confirmed she had no other siblings, just her and Elsie. Elsie was old when she passed, she had carried on living there. They then asked her to rite the year she was born, she wrote - 1936. This confirmed how old she was. Their parents were not with them. She confirmed she goes next door aswell. she confirmed she had spoken to the team before and pointed the glass to Andy, Sam and Louise. Andy felt a cold blast. She was aware of the present year, but she had not communicated on a glass before (the team did not do a glass on the previous visit). Sam then read out the report from when some of the team investigated next door last year. Everyone heard a bang in the next bedroom. They tried the glass again and it began moving in big circles. They were picking up on an angry male from the previous investigation next door. He kept taking the glass to Andy, he didn't like him. He wanted Andy to put his finger back on the glass. There was a freezing cold blast across the table and glass. He confirmed he wanted to harm Andy. They asked him to take the glass to where he was standing, he moved it to between Andy and Jo. He was angry that Sam had read out the last report. All of the k2 metres started flashing.  He confirmed he didn't like Jo, the glass was erratic every time she spoke. He liked Charlie and Louise, but didn't like Dave. Jo took her finger off the glass and he was happy about it. They asked him to write his name with the glass, he wrote - go. He confirmed he was telling the team to leave.

Dave then tapped on the radiator with a rhythm and asked for spirit to do it back, there was a delay again, but then the same rhythm on the radiator was heard by everyone, and all the k2 metres went to red.

Break - during a break in the living room, Charlie felt a blow in her ear, then straight away, Dave saw a flash of light above Charlie's head on the wall. Sam set up a pendulum on a banana stand, and all the k2 metres started going off.

10:30pm:- They began to call out in the living room, asking for the pendulum to swing. Again, the k2 metres were responding to Andy's voice. Everyone heard a thud but didn't know where it came from.

They all then went upstairs into bedroom one and tried glass divination. everyone introduced themselves. They connected with a female spirit. Andy saw a flash of light on the table. She hadn't lived there, was only there in visitation, she was not grounded. She said she was related to someone, and pointed the glass to Jo. Then, none of the answers were making sense, someone was messing around. The glass then pointed to every female in the room. Andy felt there was another spirit present, standing at the other side of the table. Andy was picking up on to little boys, they were twins. He was also picking up on the name Richard or surname Richards. Dave was picking up on the name Clive. As Dave as lying on the floor, he felt a cold blast across his face. They then tried the glass again, and connected with a male spirit, he used to live there. He confirmed he was an adult. He had passed recently but couldn't write the year with the glass. He confirmed he had died next door, in the 1980's. He didn't like the team being there, he wanted them to leave. He was not a gent. He confirmed he was not grounded, and he knew it was not his house now. They asked him if he was happy now, he moved the glass in a circle, giving a maybe / don't know answer. He had no family members with him. He hadn't lived alone, he had a wife, but he died first. they were not together, but she visits. They were getting no more answers so decided to end the session.

11:45pm:- They began to collect up all the equipment and trigger objects, none had moved. Andy did a closing prayer of protection. Investigation ended.




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