Team Spiritz


Private House Investigation 11 :- 1st March 2014

Team Spiritz were called to this location by family members of the previous tenant, due to experiencing allsorts of paranormal stuff they couldn't explain, we took this opportunity to find out what unanswered questions we could discover for this family.

Case Details

Black figures had been seen around the house. A little girl had also been seen running around, ducking underneath a table. The sound of vegetables being chopped had been heard in the kitchen at night. Activity had increased in the 3 years the owners granddaughter had lived there, and was intrigued to know what was in the house. Her grandfather had died in the dining room, and her grandmother had seen him standing in the corner.

8:15pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location and were met by the owners granddaughter. They were given information on what had been happening, then were left to it to begin their investigation. They began a walkaround of the house. Upstairs, Sam, Andy and Jo were standing on the landing and they all heard the floor boards creaking in bedroom (small front bedroom). It sounded like someone was walking around. They began to set up equipment and trigger objects. Sam, Jo and John took a trigger object into bedroom two ( front bedroom), and as she was walking out, Jo felt and heard a big bang beside her. They all walked out onto the landing and heard more movement and 2 bangs / knocks coming from bedroom one. Downstairs in the dining room, Jo felt something on her right leg, and Sam felt something on her left ankle. There was a very uneasy feeling. Things were happening so they decided to do protection.


8:50pm:- Andy did a circle of protection in the dining room. Investigation began. Jo felt that the grandfather of the house had suffered fro thrombosis of the leg. During the circle of protection, John had cramps in his stomach, knocks were heard upstairs, and Sam was swaying. Andy then heard a soft voice, a woman calling a little girl Emily. As they walked into the living room, Jo had a pressure headache and Sam felt dizzy. Andy felt Emily would be no older than 8 years old, and she was small for her age. He also felt she would have been connected to farmland. Andy and Jo heard a loud bang upstairs but no-one was up there.

They all decided to head upstairs into bedroom two. They began to use Dave's spirit box. They asked for a name, and heard 'Dave' twice, in the same voice. They heard a child crying. They they all heard 'Bollocks!' and 'just go!'. They asked how many spirits were present, and they heard '3'. They asked if there was a child in spirit, and they heard 'Emma'. John heard a noise downstairs, so he went out onto the landing, and he saw a hand on the hand rail / bannister, like someone was walking up the stairs! Jo heard coughing.

They decided to try doing some glass divination in bedroom two. As John came up the stairs, he had heard scratching and squeaking floorboards coming from bedroom one. The glass started moving and confirmed yes / no answers. Everyone heard a knock in the corner. They asked the spirit to take the glass to where they were standing, and it moved to where the noise was. They had connected with a female spirit, a child. She confirmed she was the little girl that had been seen by the family. She used to live there, but not in that house. Andy asked if it had been farmland, and got a very strong yes. She confirmed she runs around the house and plays. Jo felt she had a head injury, and confirmed she had been affecting everyone downstairs with headaches earlier. She also confirmed it was her hand John had seen on the bannister. She was standing between Andy and Dave. Jo felt she was an old soul. Andy felt she was from the 1800's, but she did not confirm this. She said she was willing to spell out her name, but when she started to write with the glass, she spelt cry. John felt something touch his ear, and she confirmed she did it. She was stuck. They asked her if her family was with her, she said yes. Jo asked if her nan was with her, she said yes. Jo had felt her nan earlier, they were all stuck. The lady who had lived in the house had reminded her of her nan. Dave asked her to write the first letter of her nan's name, but the glass moved to the torch. Andy asked her if she wanted to be moved to the light, she said yes. But her nan didn't want to go, and she wasn't happy to go alone. Her parents were not with her.

Someone else then came onto the glass, it was moving very strong. Confirmed it was a male spirit. They asked him if he had died in the house, he said yes. He confirmed he was the lady's husband who had lived in the house, and he was wondering where she had gone.


10:50pm:- Andy tried scrying in a mirror in the dining room. He saw a younger face, smaller, eyes closer together, a male.

They decided to try glass divination in bedroom one. Jo could smell an old lady (urine). She was touching Jo's hair. They connected with a female spirit. She made stronger touches messing with Jo's hair. They asked her to touch someone else and to take the glass to who she was going to touch, the glass moved to Andy, but he did not feel anything. Jo heard someone walking up the stairs. A knock was heard in the corner. She had lived there, she confirmed she was the nan of the little girl from earlier. They asked her if she wanted to move on, the glass moved in a circle, a don't know / maybe answer. She confirmed she didn't know the team enough yet to trust them and wanted to tell them more information. She was standing between Sam and Jo. They asked her to write the year with the glass, she wrote 1870. She confirmed she had passed at the same time as her granddaughter. She confirmed the roof had collapsed in a fire. Her husband had also died in the fire, but he had already gone to the light. She confirmed she can spell, she wrote her name with the glass - Emily. She also wrote her granddaughters name - emma. She said she was scared to go to the light, she couldn't see it, and couldn't see family members waiting for them. Sam felt she needed to tell the team something first. They asked her to tell Jo her message, she told Jo she felt it was her fault her granddaughter had died. It was an accident, it was not her fault. She was scared of what her husband would think of her. Jo felt that there was an open or log fire connected. Dave had the image of them trapped above the stairs and couldn't get out because of the fire. She thought that she had put the fire out, but she hadn't, it was an accident. She had tried to get her granddaughter out of the window, but she fell and hit her head. She couldn't be saved. She confirmed she was happy now she had given the team the information, and was ready to move on. She could now see the light. She began to move the glass in a big circle. Andy counted to ten, but the glass was moving stronger and stronger. There was a horrible atmosphere. Dave's face totally changed, he looked like a different person. Andy and Jo felt that they had gone but someone else had come in. The glass kept moving to Dave. Dave felt like he needed to say something, but couldn't. Andy felt there was a male spirit standing behind Dave. Dave had pins and needles. Jo felt there was a stroke connected.

They tried the glass again and the glass began to move very strong. They connected with a male spirit, he was not connected to any of the team. He was not happy that Emily and Emma had gone, he was alone now. He didn't know if he wanted to move on aswell. He was connected to the house. They asked him to point the glass to where he was standing, he pointed the glass to Dave. Dave had still got pins and needles. Then the glass moved to the k2 metre. He confirmed he caused the shadows the family used to see, he was protecting them, but he was not related. He then started messing around with the glass, they asked him if he wished to harm the team, and the glass moved in a big circle. He said he wanted the team to leave. He confirmed he had told the team to bollocks earlier on the ghost box. They ended the session, and as they were leaving the table, Andy saw a bubble go past the outside of the window.

They all then moved into bedroom 3 with a rocking chair. Andy sat in the rocking chair and felt sick. Dave saw a flash of light in the corner of his eye. Andy had a pain in the back of his eyes. They tried the glass again and connected with a male spirit. It was the same spirit. He was not answering proper questions, he was a comedian, he liked playing. He was not grounded, he was just visiting. He was from the area, the black country. He confirmed he makes next doors dog bark, he bangs on the wall, and thinks its funny. The light on the glass kept going off, he confirmed he was doing it, drawing energy from it. He confirmed he had visited the family at the new house, but not to be nasty, to play around. Jo had her hair pulled. He liked to make everyone laugh, including the team! He was a nice person. They asked him to show himself to them, but said he couldn't, but said he could on camera, by the door, between Dave and John, so  they all took photos but nothing showed up. They decided to end the session.

They began to collect up all the equipment and trigger objects, none had moved.

Andy did a closing prayer of protection. Investigation ended.


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