Team Spiritz


Private House 10 :- 15th February 2014 

Team Spiritz were called out to this private house due to all the things this young couple were experiencing

Case Details

.Various knocks and bangs had been heard by the owners around the house, when alone, particularly on the bathroom door, and they felt the upstairs landing to be the most active place. A baby crying had been heard. When downstairs, movement on the landing could be heard. Things appeared to get worse when Emily (owners girlfriend) had moved in, she was very scared of it. When alone in the house, the front door had flung open on its own. When Andy (owner) and Emily had gone out, on their return, items had appeared on their bed - a hair bobble, an ear-ring and a watch.

8:20pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location and were met by the owners, who greeted them and showed them into the house. Andy and Emily showed the team around. In the large living room, Jo was picking up on the spirit of an old lady. She was small / petite, with grey hair, but Jo felt it used to be dark when she was younger. She was saying 'What are you doing here?'. In the downstairs bedroom, Andy had an uneasy feeling and had to leave. Upstairs, in bedroom one (Andy and Emily's room), Andy had an uneasy feeling again. Bedroom 2 felt fine. Andy (the owner) then told the team he had previously tried using a Ouija board in the house, and that there had been a lot of negativity in the house for the last 3 years. Jo felt the old lady was observing. In bedroom one Jo could see someone standing over the bed.

They then began to set up all the equipment and trigger objects around the house.

Full Investigation Report


Andy did a circle of protection in the large lounge. investigation began.

9:00pm:- Andy began to call out. Jo felt the old lady was Andy's nan, dot. She asked her to affect the k2 metres. Andy put his on the floor and it flashed once. Andy felt a cold blast between him and Sam, and then saw a line of white light. Sam then felt the cold blast. Andy was then picking up on a little boy, he felt his name was Jay. Jo had a freezing cold blast on her legs. He felt Jay was 6/7 years old. He had a basin hair cut. He felt 1986 was connected to him. He was dressed quite smart, like a wedding suit., with a gold waistcoat. Sam then got poked in the back, and Andy asked him to do it again to someone else. The k2 metres started flashing.

Upstairs, in bedroom one, Andy could feel someone / something in the distance, he could hear something really far away, but he couldn't pinpoint what it was. The k2 metre on the floor flashed. Andy heard a sigh between Andy and Emily, he felt it was a male sigh. Jay popped up again, Andy felt he was very jolly. he felt he would have been 6 in 1986 (They moved into the house in 1986). He was 6 when he died. Sam was walking up the landing corridor with the k2 metre, and it kept flashing to red. Emily then had her hair pulled on the landing.


10:10pm:- They all then decided to try doing some glass divination in the large living room. They connected with a female spirit, she confirmed she was Andy's nan, who they had connected with earlier. Some private information came through that cannot be published, but Andy and Emily understood the information. After counting, she confirmed that there were 4 other spirits present. A male spirit then came onto the glass, and the glass kept moving to Sam. He was a child spirit, and he confirmed he liked Sam. Andy asked him if he had been brought in via a Ouija board, he said yes. He confirmed he was the boy Andy was picking up on earlier, but Sam asked him if his name was Joseph (Joe), not Jay, and he said yes. Sam had the name Joseph in her head all night. He had been taking the glass to Sam because he knew that Sam knew his real name, and wanted it acknowledged. He confirmed he was 6 years old when he passed. He had been causing the knocks etc. in the house. He confirmed he was ready to be moved on, so Andy guided him into the light and the glass stopped moving.

They tried again and connected with a male spirit, who was connected to Emily. Again, private information was given that cannot be published, but it all made sense to Emily. Throughout, k2 metres were flashing and Dave caught orbs on his camera, on the ceiling. Another male spirit then came onto the glass, again for Emily, and again cannot be published. It was a very short message for Emily, just gave her a message and left.

Sam then decided to try using her pendulum to get some more communication. After confirming yes / no answers, she connected with a male spirit. Sam asked him if they had already spoken to him, he said no. She asked if he was connected to someone in the room, he said yes. She asked if he was connected to Emily, he said no. She asked if he was connected to Andy, he said yes. More personal information came through that cannot be published. The k2 metres started going crazy, Sam felt someone pull her hair, and the room went freezing cold, so Andy decided to end the session.

Some team members went into the downstairs bedroom, but got no response. When everyone was standing in the hallway, they all heard a whining noise, coming from the kitchen, so they went in there and called out, but got no response.

Andy and Emily were happy with the information the team had got, so they decided to call it a night.

They collected up all the information, equipment and trigger objects, none had moved. Andy did a closing prayer of protection in the large living room. Investigation ended.



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