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Private House :- 11th September 2010

On the morning of the 11th September 2010 Team Spiritz had a phone call from two distressed people who had concerns about the spirit activity going on in their home, so we went the same night to help, along with Medium Kevin Crook and his wife Tina.


10:00pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location and met guest medium Kevin and his wife Tina. Circle of Protection was done outside by Tracey.

The team introduced themselves to Luke and Charlotte, the owners of the property, Andy and Steve began setting up equipment and doing a baseline test while Luke and Charlotte began telling the rest of the group the problems they had been experiencing. Things had began happening the night before and felt they needed Team Spiritz help to sort it out. While they were lying in bed, Charlotte had scratches appear on her back and stomach. She also had a bite on her breast and she felt like someone was pushing down on top of her.

Their 2 cats have been hissing at something in the corner of the room. Also, a picture on the living room wall flew across the room. Adog growling has been heard on several occasions. Weird smells have been noticed that burns the back of your throat.

A ouija board had been used previously at the property, and as it was not used properly, Kevin felt something had been brought in that was showing itself to Kevin on all fours and showing its teeth.

10:40pm:- Investigation began. Andy started calling out in the living room. Charlotte felt a push on her back. Louise, Sam, and Tracey all heard a growl coming from the hallway. Bangs were heard by all of the team, Luke and Charlotte confirmed they have no neighbours. Growls were still being heard and Andy's and Tina's faces both went hot. Scratching was heard in the hallway, and both the cats were shut in the kitchen.

Some of the team moved into the bathroom. Sam felt her throat dry up and started coughing, and her lips went numb. When she left the room, it stopped. Kevin picked up on the name 'Jacob'.

11:20pm:- The team decided to do glass divination on the coffee table in the living room. While they were setting up, a door was heard slamming in another room, no other team members were out there.

Glass divination - The glass started moving and gave the team the directions for YES and NO. The spirit moving the glass would not confirm if it was male or female. The glass then started making tapping noises. When the team asked where it was standing, it moved to Charlotte. It then confirmed it was a male spirit that does not know Charlotte and does not belong here.The spirit was brought here by Luke and Charlotte. The spirit came with a piece of furniture, possibly the wardrobe. He confirmed he wanted help to move on. The glass started moving frantically and confirmed that Charlotte makes him angry. He is not alone, there are four other spirits present. Kevin sensed there was a little boy in the hallway. Charlotte confirmed she had a miscarriage at 7 months pregnant and the spirit claimed to be her baby. Charlotte was going to call the baby Tyler, so she asked the question on the glass, and it moved at the correct name. Constant banging could be heard in the hallway and running was heard up the stairs.

11:30pm:- Team had a break

11:50pm:- Glass divination continued. A different spirit came on the glass. Again, it would not confirm if it was male or female. It only wanted women on the glass, the glass would not move when Andy put his finger on. The spirit thinks that it can bully the team. It is a spirit that can be anything that he/she wants to be. It is sacred and does not want to be here. This spirit claims to be the one that is attacking Charlotte, and the one that threw the picture off the wall, so the team asked them to do it again, but it didn't.

Constant banging could be heard, and when Steve placed the EMF metre on the table, there was slight movement on it.

12:10am:- The glass began to tap again. A male spirit connected with the team. He was not connected to the building, he came of his own free will, he came through the open doorway left by the ouija board. The team asked if he was connected to someone in the room, the glass moved to Charlotte. Kevin felt the spirit was her grandad and he had only come in tonight. Tina picked up on the name 'Stan', while Tracey picked up on the name 'Craig'. The team then asked for the glass to move without anyone touching it, it didn't move but the picture on the wall did. The team asked him to spell out his name with the glass, it spelt out P.O.L.T, the team stopped as they felt it was going to spell out POLTERGEIST.

1:00am:- Some of the team moved into the bedroom. Andy, Sam, and Louise tried doing some scrying in the wardrobe mirror. Andy saw his head disappear and became broader with a cloak over him. Sam saw the light behind her move. While Louise was scrying, a tapw as heard on the mirror. Sam then heard a sigh right in front of her, she thought it was Louise but it wasn't. When they checked to see if the voice recorder had caught it, they found that it had not been switched on, but later, when checked on the video camera, Steve was on camera, switching it on!

They then decided to do glass divination on the bed. They connected with a female spirit, she would not reveal her age to the team. She used to live here, she is grounded and wants to move on. She lived there more than one hundred years ago, in what was there before the flats were built. It was farmland, she was a farmer's wife in the 1800's.

1:20am:- Luke and Charlotte felt the team had helped to move the spirits on, so the team called it a night.

1:30am:- Closing prayer of protection done by Tracey. Investigation ended.


Luke and Charlette were very distressed on our arrival, Team completed our investigation along with Kevin and Tina and we can now say the flat we were called to is cleared of all negitive spirits. Luke and Charlette were very satisfied in what we did for them and left us feedback on the blog page. Registered & Protected



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