Team Spiritz


Peascroft Woods :- 19th November 2011

Team Spiritz decied to risk the cold weather and investigate this small wooded area which holds some great history


9:30pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location. They set up the body cameras at the car, and Andy did a circle of protection before entering the woods. They started walking down the path around the edge of the woods, Sam ans Andy both thought the atmosphere felt very oppressive. As they were walking, Andy saw a shadow move across the path and down into a ditch, but there was no one there.

They entered into the centre of the woods through a gate and stopped at a clearing. Photos were taken. Andy began calling out. Noises were heard all around the team. They walked up to the top of some steps and called out again. Everyone agreed the atmosphere felt very different inside the woods than it did on the path around it, it felt much calmer and quieter. They came back down the steps and decided to set up the table and try glass divination. After several attempts, the glass would not move at all. Andy could feel a cold blast on his left cheek, but when the rest of the team checked, that cheek was warm, but the other one was freezing.

They decided to carry on walking through the woods, but the fog was getting very bad, making it very difficult to see where they were going. When they stopped, again, Andy felt the same thing on his cheeks.

11:30am:- For their own safety, the team decided to stop the investigation due to the bad weather conditions and started heading back towards the car. As they were walking, Sam heard a loud groan coming from down one of the ditches.

The team agreed this was a great location that needs a further visit in better weather conditions.

11:45pm:- Closing prayer of protection done by Andy at the car. Investigation ended. Registered & Protected


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