Team Spiritz


Nags Head Inn :- 13th August 2011

Team Spiritz were invited to this old pub in Castle Donington as they had many

reports of paranormal activiy and were interested to find out who resides there.


10:00pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location and had a team meeting before the investigation began.

10:30pm:- The teamwere introduced to Kylie, the owner, and entered the snug. They started setting up the laptop and CCTV cameras. As the pub began to empty, Sam and Louise set up the trigger objects in the bar, restaurant, snug and toilet area. Motion sensors were set up in the restaurant, and the rest of the video cameras were set up around the pub.

11:15pm:- Live cameras were switched on

11:30pm:- Investigation began with a circle of protection done by Andy in the restaurant. As they were doing the protection, Louise fell forward, like she was sea sick. Sam also felt something brush past her right hand. Andy began calling outand Sam and Louise started taking photos. Andy was then picking up on the image of a little boy, he felt he was 4 years old, he had white blonde hair, he flet his name was Thomas. Andy was using a sonic ear, and through it he could hear whispering. Sam listened and could also hear it. Sam then saw a black shadow move across a table, no one was moving. Andy could then hear a baby crying. Louise still felt sea sick.

12:00am:- They then began glass divination with Sam, Andy, Louise and Kylie on the glass. After confirming yes and no answers, they connected with a male spirit. All of the team then heard a thud in the corner of the restaurant. The amle spirit was not an adult, he was a child. Andy asked him to move the glass on his age he counted upwards, the glass moved whne he said 7. He confirmed he was 7 years old. They asked him if he was able to write, he said yes. The glass wrote - d.a.n. Andy asked - Is your name Daniel? - he said no. So is your name just Dan? - he said yes. They then asked if he could write numbers, he said yes, so they asked him to write the year he died, if he knew it, he wrote - 1901. He was not connected to the pub. They could then not get any more answers out of the glass. Throughout the glass session, Louise could hear what sounded like a TV or a radio.

They then tried the glass again, and they connected with a female spirit. She was connected to the pub, she didn't work there. The glass was moving in a funny way. Andy asked if she was in her early 20's, she said a slight yes. Andy asked if she had dark hair, she said no. Kylie then had her hair touched. They asked her to point the glass to where she was standing, and it pointed to an empty space at the table between Andy and Kylie. She said there were no more spirits in the room. Sam could still hear a baby crying. Louise could still hear a TV or radio, a man's voice. They then asked her to write her name with the glass, she wrote - lorretta. They then asked her to write the year, she wrote - 1896. The team realised this was 5 years earlier than the year Dan had died, so they asked her if she was connected to Dan, she said yes, she was related, she was his mother. She had died of natural causes in the pub, when it was a coaching inn. She didn't own the Inn. She confirmed she is with Dan, they are grounded, but they do not want to move on, they are happy. Dan was murdered. He was not left with his Dad when she died, he was left with his gran. Louise could still hear a TV or radio all around the room. Louise could hear a man talking to her, he said - " i'm looking for a movie theatre". Andy asked Lorretts to give them her age, and after counting in tens, realised she was in her teens, she then wrote 19 with the glass. She confirmed she was 19 when she passed. They asked her where she and Dan were standing, and the glass pointed to opposite ends of the table. They then asked if there were any other spirits present with them, and the glass pointed next to Kylie. Kylie's hair and back then felt like they were being touched. Louise then heard another male voice say to her - "darkness is coming". Everyone then felt the temperature in the room drop. They then ended the glass session.

Louise went back into the snug to see if she could hear the voices in there, but she couldn't. As soon as she walked back into the restaurant, she could hear it again. It sounded like an American radio station. When they were doing the glass, Louise had thought the voice were coming from by the fish tank, but when she walked over there, she could not hear it, she could only hear it i the middle of the restaurant. Andy could hear a woman singing. Louise could then children laughing. Andy felt like something was replaying over and over again. Two loud bangs were then heard coming from the bar, Sam went to investigate but there was no one in there, Chris had also heard them from the snug.

1:30am:- All of the team then moved into the bar, Andy began taking photos, while Sam, Louise, Kylie, and Kylie's nan sat down to do Sam's pendulum, while Chris watched on the laptop from the snug. On the pendulum Sam connected with a female spirit, she was not connected to the pub, she was not connected to the land, she had not lived in the area, Sam could feel someone touching her hand as she held the pendulum. She was connected to someone in the room, after saying everyone's name, she confirmed she was connected to Kylie, she was her Grandmother. Kylie asked - Are you Olive? but got no reply, so she asked - Are you Hilda? - the pendulum seemed unwilling to answer, so Sam asked Kylie to ask questions that only she and her nan would know the answer to. They asked - Do you have a son named John? - YES, Is aunty Nancy with you? - YES, Is grandad Bill with you ? - YES, all of the answers were correct. They then asked if she was happy, she confirmed she was. She comes to visit often, she watches over her family. she visits Kylie at her home in the village. They then were not getting any more clear answers so decided to reset the pendulum.

Sam asked if there were any more spirits present willing to communicate. She connected with a male spirit, he was connected to the pub, he used to work there, behind the bar. He lived in the area. He did not die recently, it was a long time ago. He did not die of natural causes, he was murdered. As they were doing the pendulum, Sam noticed Louise was acting strangely and drawing pictures on top of the report page. She drew an aeroplane with RAF wrote on it, VE DAY, a radio with musical notes, and a balloon. Louise did not know why she had drawn these things, she just knew she had to. Sam asked if his murder had something to do with aeroplanes, he said yes. Kylie's nan then had WWII come into her head, so she asked - were you killed in WWII? - he said yes. Kylie's nan asked if he was bombed? - he said yes. Sam then asked if he died on his birthday, he said yes. He also confirmed that he had been playing the radio that Louise had heard all night. The team were amazed that Louise had made a connection with this spirit. She had heard him and had drawn everything that was connected to him.Once all of the connections had been made, communication with him stopped.

2:00am:- All of the team then decided to have a go at table tipping in the bar. They did not get any movement but Sam and Andy both felt sea sick, Sam felt like she was falling backwards, and Andy was falling forwards.

They all then went into the snug to start packing away all the equipment. Andy felt a sudden pressure down the right hand side of his face.

Sam and Louise collected up the trigger objects, the coins in the restaurant had moved significantly.

2:30am:- Closing prayer of protection done by Andy in the bar. Investigation ended. Registered & Protected



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