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Moreton Corbett Castle:- 26th June 2010


A Baseline test was not needed for this investigation as it was an outdoor location and should not get any EMF readings.



 10:45pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at location. They started looking around and taking photos, orbs were picked up on cameras.

11:05pm:- Circle of protection was done in middle of ruins by Andy

11:10pm:- The team began walking around the ruins as a group, Andy started calling out. Andy picked up on the name Micheal, he felt Micheal was a monk, or had a religious connection.

11:20pm:- The team went into the churchyard, stood around a tree everyone was drawn to, orbs appeared on cameras. It was possibly a hanging tree.

11:30pm:- They then entered the Elizabethan side of the castle, Andy felt Micheal was connected more to that side than the other. They then started a seance. Andy started calling out. Andy and Steve felt cold sensations on their arms. Margaret saw a flash of green light on the wall. Andy then saw a flash of green light on the stairs, behind the motion sensors. The motion sensor then fell over and went off and made everyone jump!! The seance continued but the smell of horse manure was over-powering.

11:45pm:- The group moved into the upper section of the Elizabethan side. Seance started again and got a cold sensation. They then walked around the outside of the ruins.

12:15am:- The team moved into the old kitchen area and started glass divination. The sound of a ticking clock could be heard. The glass started moving

Is this a male spirit? - YES - Are you connected to the castle? - NO - Are you connected to the church? - YES - Margaret smelt perfume - Are you giving us the smell of perfume? - YES - The glass then began to knock on the table.

The glass started moving differently, a female spirit connected with the team, she doesn't know she is dead, this was her land. The team asked her to lift the glass and it did. Andy felt the name Mary, Is your name Mary? - YES - Are you connected to Mr. Corbett? - YES - Did you work for Mr. Corbett? - YES

12:30:- Team had a break

12:45:- The team went straight back to the glass on table. The glass straight away began to knock again, then move in large circles. The team think that more than one spirit was trying to connect as the glass was still knocking. Mary came back on the glass again - the team felt she pushed the other spirits away. They then connected with a different spirit who they believed to be a female witch. She was hung from the tree in the 1200's. She was standing at the table with the team. They asked her to touch Steve and he felt a cold breeze on his hand, and it was not windy. She practised witchcraft. Steve and Chris then tried the glass alone but it would not move.

1:15am:- The team moved the table and glass to the Elizabethan side of the castle. Andy picked up on the name Micheal earlier on - Is this Micheal? - YES   Did you work here? - YES   Do you have a religious connection? - YES   Do you like to have a laugh and a joke? - YES   Are we the best paranormal team? - YES!!!!!!!!!   He was a minister connected to the church behind the castle. He was 53 years old. He was born 1190, died 1243. Did you die of natural causes? - no response.  Did you want people to think you had died of natural causes? - YES   Did you take your own life? - YES   Did you poison yourself? - YES    Sam then saw a flash of light on the wall behind Margaret.

1:35am - Closing protection done in circle

1:40am: - Investigation ended.

The Team decided to revisit this amazing location again on the 4th September 2010

Our 2nd Investigation Report

10:00pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location and began taking and setting up cameras and equipment.

10:10pm:- Circle of protection done by Tracey in the castle ruins. They began walking around the castle, where Tracey had a sharp pain in her head in the kitchen area, but went when she walked out.

10:35pm:- All of the team went into the Dungeon and began calling out. Anoise was heard like a growl/groan by most of the team. Footsteps were also heard all around the team.

10:45pm:- They then moved up the stairs, above the dungeon, where Tracey smelt fresh mint. Andy began calling out, a few noises were heard. Tracey picked up on the name 'Anthony', and surname/second name 'James'.

11:00pm:- They then moved into the kitchen area, where Louise saw someone walk past Steve, and all the team were accounted for.

They then started glass divination. They connected with a female spirit, her name was Mary, she had spoken to the team on a previous visit, she was a witch, she did not like talking to the men.

They then connected with a male spirit, Andy felt his name was 'Samuel', the spirit confirmed this on the glass. He was not happy to talk to the team, he liked tipping the glass over, he did it many times!!

They then connected with another male spirit, he did not work at the castle, he lived there, he owned the building, he confirmed he was Mr. Corbett. The team then decided to try some table tipping, and got a shaking movement.

11:30pm:- Break

11:45pm:- A seance was then conducted by the doorway with the motion sensors. A few unexplained noises were heard.

12:00am:- Chris decided to go inot the dungeon alone, while the rest of the team returned to the table. Chris heard a bang above him in the dungeon, at the same time the other team members heard it aswell. Chris rejoined the team and continued with table tipping. They filled the glass on the table with water. The table started vibrating and moving, water began to spill all around the table. The team asked the spirit to lift the table off the floor, and two legs raised off the floor! After vigourously rocking the table, the leg broke! Team Spiritz have never tried Table Tipping before and were very impressed with the results.

12:30am:- Closing prayer of protection done by Tracey. Investigation ended. Registered & Protected


We found this location very interesting and some great things were experienced, this place would need more investigation to be sure of any paranormal activity

History Of Moreton Corbett Castle

In the 11th century Bartholomew Torret built  a castle in the area known as Moreton. In 1239 the Castle passed into the hands of the Corbet family through marriage and the Castle became known as Moreton Corbet. Over the following years Sir Andrew Corbett merged the Castle into the Elizabethan manor house but unfornatley before the work was complete Andrew Corbet died.

The house then passed into the hands of Sir Vincent Corbet who carried on the work of Andrew.

During the reign of King James, Vincent took pity on his neighbour Paul Holmyard who was a puritan. After some time Vincent became unhappy with Pauls views and asked him to leave the house. Paul hid in the local woodland eating anything he could find. One day paul left the woods and put a curse upon  the Corbet family cursing the house never to be completed.

During the civil war Vincent stopped work upon the house and fortifed the house, he had been miss led and the house was taken over by Paliamentrian Troops who burned down the house. (was this the work of pauls curse?)

The house then over the years changed hands many times . In the 18th century after plans to rebuild the house were never followed through the house was abandoned and all that is left of what was once a  house fit for royalty is now in ruins.

If you belive in curses or not  you cant disagree that something or someone was stopping the completion of that house and unfornatley we will never know what the somthing was!!!!


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