Team Spiritz


Andy Bavington

Intuitive Paranormal Investigator / Team Leader

Andy is married to Sam and together have 3 wonderful girls,    Andy describes himself as an open minded believer in the paranormal, and is a dedicated paranormal investigator. He belives that Spirits do exist, but not everything is paranormal, so will still keep an open mind to what is really paranormal and what isnt.  Andy uses his intuition on investigations to sence any spirit energy or any info he beliveves to be true.

Sam Bavington

Paranormal Investigator / Experiment Co ordinator

Sam is married to Andy and is a firm believer in the paranormal but will also look at the sceptial side of the paranormal. Also has had many paranormal experiences both at home and on previous investigations, also along with Andy has been to some of the country's most haunted locations like Chillingham Castle, Dudley Castle, The Ancient Ram inn, and many more.

Charlie Danks

Spirit Sensitive/Investigator

Charlie is a firm believer in the paranormal and has had many experiencies in the past, she feels that she has always been able to sense spirit and would like to improve on her sensitivity and experience a lot more on investigations with Team Spiritz

David Danks


David is a firm believer in the paranormal and has had many paranormal experiences over the years and hopes to capture solid evidence while working with Team Spiritz

Karen Jones

Trainee Investigator

Karen is a firm believer in the paranormal and has experienced allsorts of unexplained things through out her life, and always wanted to investigate more into the paranormal, she joined the team to try and find more evidence and to learn more about the paranormal world.