Team Spiritz


Lilleshall Abbey :- 30th July 2011

Team Spiritz took the opportunity to investigate this magnificent building



11:00pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location along with guest investigator Chris Butler. They began unloading all the equipment and headed down the lane into the Abbey. Chris began setting up the CCTV, whileAndy and Chris walked around, deciding where to put the other cameras and motion sensors. They decided to set the motion sensors in a doorway, then headed back down the Abbey to the others. Five minutes later, at 11:20, the motion sensors went off, with no one near them. At 11:25 they went off again, no one was in the rea, or any animals, etc.

11:30pm:- Investigation began with a circle of protection done by Andy. Andy began calling out, asking spirit to make the sensors go off again. All of the team heard a weird noise, no one could explain what it sounded like. Andy then heard footsteps and Louise heard music. Chris was having problems with the CCTV cameras, as they were out in the middle of nowhere, could not get a wi-fi signal so decided to turn them off. Sam, Louise and Andy then found a winding staircase, so decided to go up, it was very, very high!! As they got to the top, Chris joined them. It was very creepy.

Back down in the Abbey, in an opening between the doorways, Chris's k2 metre flashed up to red (maximum). Andy's then did exactly the same, and then they both stopped at the same time. It felt like someone/something had been passing through the passage way. Andy then had a quick flash of an image of a woman stood in a nightdress. As they walked up to the top of the Abbey, Andy was sensing the spirit of a negative monk, he was picking up on the name James, but he wasn't sure if it was his first name or his surname.

Andy, Sam and Louise then moved into one of the rooms. It felt very oppresive in there, there was a totally different atmosphere. Andy felt it used to be used as a punishment room.

12:10am:- They then moved back out into the open area and joined the 2 Chris's. Chris's k2 metre was still spiking in the area between the doorways so they decided to set up a table in the area and do glass divination. They connected with a male spirit. Chris suddenly stood up from the table, with a pain in his leg. the male spirit confirmed he was affecting Chris. The glass was then knocking and turning in a circle. It kept pointing to Sam and Louise. So they asked if he only wanted to talk to the females, and he said no. It was making no sense. They decided to reset the glass. They then connected with a female spirit. They asked her to point the glass to where she was standing, it pointed between Sam and Louise. Andy asked if she was the lady he had seen earlier in the nightdress, she confirmed she was. She had died in the nightdress. She drowned in the water around the building, it was not an accident. She confirmed she had been murdered by the negative monk Andy had picked up on earlier. They asked her to write her name with the glass, it wrote - wide?. The glass then stopped moving.

They then moved back into the room they went in earlier, and set the table back up. The team had a new piece of equipment, a plasma ball, Louise sat at the table with it while the rest of the team tried glass divination again. The room felt different to before, less oppressive. The glass started moving but was making no sense at all. It was knocking. It was reacting to Louise touching the plasma ball, every time she touched it, the glass was knocking and moving.

1:00am:- The team had a short break

1:15am:- They decided to walk around the Abbey doing vigils and taking photos. All of the team walked up to the top of the Abbey, and decided to hold hands and do a seance. Chris and Andy sensed someone was standing behind them. Andy felt there was 2 monks standing about 12 feet away from them. All of the team felt like they were being watched. Everyone then heard footsteps on the other side of the wall.

They then moved back down the Abbey, to the open area by the motion sensors, and held hands again. Andy was calling out, asking spirit to walk through the motion sensors, but got no response. Everyone agreed that it seemed much lighter.

Sam, Andy and Louise then walked around the outside of the building taking photos.

2:00am:- Everyone started collecting up all the equipment and packing away.

2:20am:- Closing prayer of protection done by Andy. Investigation ended. Registered & Protected



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