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Himley Woods:- 8th May 2010 & 12th June 2010

The Team didn't conduct a Baseline Test for this investigation as it was an outdoor investigation and shouldn't get any readings from EMF meter. But it was a cold night with little noise from near by roads, around outskirts of woods, with moisture in air.

Full Investigation Report


10:00pm :- Team arrived at location

10:10pm:- Investigation started with circle of protection done by Tracey in the clearing just off the path into the woods. Andy began to call out. All of the team heard footsteps and movement in the trees.

10:30pm:- The team began walking through the woods, taking pictures. They stopped at the first gate along the path, where Tracey and Sam both heard whispering and groaning. Again, movement could be heard all around the team. Tracey picked up on a feeling of hanging so she took out her pendulum and started asking questions.

Is there a spirit in the woods? - YES

Is there more than one spirit? - YES

Did someone hang themselves? - YES

Was it female - NO

Was it male? - YES

11:00pm:- The team carried on walking. As they did, Andy felt a spirit attach itself to him, Tracey felt it was a male spirit, who made Andy feel sick. Steve took a meter reading around Andy which read 0.5. Tracey started using the pendulum to make contact with the spirit. Questions asked were :-

Were you murdered in the woods? - YES

Were you sacrificed by witches? - YES

Does your name begin with a J ? - YES ( this is what Andy was sensing)

Is your name Jason? - YES ( both Andy and Tracey felt this name was connected with the spirit)

Did you die in your early 20's? - YES

Did you die when you were 23? - NO

Did you die on the 23rd of a month? - YES ( again, this was sensed by Andy)

Margaret had the year 1876 come to mind, so Tracey asked if this was the year he died? - YES

Andy asked if he had been tied to a tree? - YES

Did the witches rip out his stomach? - YES

11:45:- Tea break

12:00:- The team moved back into the woods, under the bridge, and started glass divination. Everyone was on the glass except for Louise. Two spirits were cotacted, a female spirit aged 15, was murdered in the woods and her body was found. The second was a male spirit, connected to the girl, age 58, murdered the girl by accident in 1787, he owned up to murder but then hung himself.

During the glass divination, Louise was facing away from the table and saw a face on the wall of the tunnel. It was just a head with a white face and dark, short curly hair. She then saw the same face 10 minutes later on the opposite wall.

As the glass divination was coming to an end, the female spirit wanted Andy to protect her from the male spirit. He asked her if she could see the light, she said YES, but was affraid to walk to the light, Andy then asked her to walk towards it and move glass in a circle motion, as she did and the glass stopped moving as she crossed to the light, Team felt the atmosphere change.

1:00:- Tracey said closing prayer in same place as investigation began

1:10:- Investigation ended.

On 12th June 2010 Team Spiritz decided to return to this location as we felt we needed to investigate this place a little further here is our second report on what we found!

12:00am :- Team Spiritz arrived at location and began by doing protection in the same place as last time. Sam saw adark shadow stood behind Steve

Andy began calling out. The team walked down past the bridge on the railway walk, whilst Andy called out but nothing happened. They then decide to walk back to the car as they believed they were not alone (human, not spirit!)

12:25am:- The team moved in the opposite direction towards the swamp but could not find it, so a table was set up in a clearing for glass divination. The following questions were asked -

Do you want to communicate with anyone? - YES      Can you take the glassto the person you want to communicate with? - YES  -  The glass then moved to Andy

Are you the girl we communicated with last time? - YES

The glass then started drawing a figure of eight. There were witches on the glass, they were messing with the team, 6 witches, all female,stood around the table.    Are there any male witches? - NO    Afigure of eight was drawn again. Margaret then heard laughter in the distance.   Do you practise the Black Arts? - YES     Do you understand that it's wrong to practise the Black Arts? - YES    All of the team then felt uncomfortable like they were not alone.

12:50am:- The team moved location to by the fence that runs along the same path they came in by, and continued glass divination. The witches they spoke to earlier followed them. Do you want to communicate? -YES     Is this your area? - YES     Afigure of eight was then drawn again. They then asked the witches to draw a number 9 and number 2 with the glass, and it did!!  They then drew a pentagram. The team asked them to draw the Team Spiritz logo, and they did!!  Can you point the glass to where your coven was? - it pointed between Sam and Margaret.   Are we close to your grave? - YES   Were you murdered by the witch finder general? - YES  The witch seemed to be attracted to Margaret.   Was Margaret a witch in a past life? - YES   Was Steve her husband in a past life? - NO. He was a slave.

Andy was picking up on a deformed nasty spirit, human/ animal, with blood dripping from its mouth.  They then asked - Did a man live in the woods who attacked people and ate them? - YES   Was he a male witch? - NO  Did he want to be a witch? - YES  A figure of eight was then drawn again.  The team asked the witch to appear to them. She said she would and a moth started flying aound the team. Are you showing yourself to us as a moth? - YES  The moth seemed to be flying around the men, so they asked - Do you like men? - YES!!!   They asked the moth to land in the glass and it did. The moth then landed on Margarets hand and seemed to gain more energy. The team then asked if the the witch recognised anyone around the table, the glass pointed to all the women. Did all the women practise witchcraft? - YES  Were you burnt at the stake? - YES  Steve then started getting a severe headache.

1:20am:- Tea Break

1:30am:- The team continued on the glass.     Is this a female spirit? - NO    Is this a male spirit? - YES       Are you the nasty spirit Andy was picking up on? - YES   Do you like the taste of blood? - YES   Can you point the glass to where you are standing? - the glass moves to Chris   Did you jump out on people and murder them? - YES   Noises were being heard in the woods so Steve shone his torch in the direction and confirmed on the glass, this was where the witch was stood.  The glass started moving in large circles. Did you only murder women? - YES

As earlier, the glass had drawn out numbers, the team asked the spirit to draw out letters of its name. The glass spelt out S A T The team felt it was going to spell out SATAN, so they decided to leave!

1:45am:- The team headed back to the car and did closing prayer of protection

1:50am:- Investigation ended.
 Registered & Protected



Teams Conclusion

Himley Woods very interesting location cannot give a proper conculsion as every time we visit its very different, but does have something strange about the place, but cant be 100% its paranormal or just the feeling of being in the middle of woods in the dark.



History of Himley Woods

Team Spiritz decided do an outdoor investigation in these creepy woods.

Himley Woods spans an impressive 58.96 acres and can be accesed from many gates entering the woods, ( one gate called The Kissing Gate).

The woods dates back to the eighteenth century and was once part of the estate that belonged to the Earl Of Dudley.

As trains became the norm in every day life himley was given its own station which was used for transportion of goods only at first then in 1925 it was allowed to carry passengers through. This all stopped in 1932 and reverted back to goods only. As trains developed  the use of goods ceased running through himley  in 1965. The old track is now a path which is now part of the Staffordshire railway walk and a map of this can be found in the woods. Unfortunately none of the track or station buildings remain.

Many a myth and legend surround the old woods but only one has really captured the imagintion so much so a film has been made about. A man riding a horse has been spotted in and around the himley area close to the woods , this would seem common in this area if it werent the fact this man is a ghost. Many a driver has stopped at the sight of horseman coming towards their car only to have him vanish before their eyes. Two common theories for who this gentleman may be , the first is a man called Robert Wintour who was a gunpowder plot conspirator and the second is a man named Gideon Grove who was stable hand from Holbeche House. Alas no one has yet confirmed who the horseman is.




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