Team Spiritz


Himley Plantation :- 8th September 2012

Team Spiritz decided to do a second investigation of this night again on a full sensory scale, we have done this location a few times but not for quite a while good to go back



11:20pm:- The team arrived at the location and did a circle of protection at the car before entering the woods.

As they began walking in, Sam and Louise felt very apprehensive. Andy had a feeling of "oh no, they're back!". Sam heard a sigh behind her. As they turned right at the bottom of the path, Sam and Louise heard something being thrown quite close to them, but couldn't see anything it could have been.

As they continued to walk through the woods, Sam and Louise had a very uneasy feeling. Andy had the image of a pentagram in a circle of 5/6 trees. There was a pentagram on each tree. Andy felt very sick. He was then picking up on the image of a male spirit, a ranger. He felt his name was Jonathon Matthews. He wasn't killed in the woods, he died of old age, he was just popping by to say hello. Andy was getting the numbers 54 and 64. He felt one was his age, and one was a year, but he didn't know which was which.

Further into the woods, Andy was picking up on a witch. He felt her name was Agatha. She was not a leader. Andy had the feeling of the witches thought they were all ace, but they were nothing in reality. He felt they were trying to replicate the pendle witches but they didn't know how to, they didn't have the knowledge they should have had. He felt they sacrificed rabbits tied to trees.

They then heard voices further along the path so they decided to turn around and head back to the car.

12:30am:- Closing prayer of protection done by Andy. Investigtion ended.



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