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Hare & Hounds :- 14th January 2012

Team Spiritz were invited to this location by the owners to investigate the paranormal acivity by witnessed themselves and customers, and this location as not been investigated before


10:00pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location and had a drink before being shown around the pub and living rooms by the landlady.

10:30pm:- They started setting up all the equipment., cameras, CCTV, laptop and Trigger objects.

11:00pm:- Team Spiritz went live. Investigation began with a circle of protection done by Andy in the bar/lounge area. Photos were taken. Andy began to call out, asking spirits to cme forward and make themselves known. Andy was sensing 2/3 children running around. He felt the name " Little Mary" was connected to them. In the restaurant, Nigel, the landlord, got goosebumps all over him, he felt very shivery, and felt like he was being touched. He then had pins and needles all down one arm, and felt like someone was holding his hands. Andy was picking up on Mary again, he felt she was about 4 years old. Andy's hand then went tingly, right up his arm to his elbow. He felt that she trusted men more than women.

Louise had been sat in the next room at a table on her own, but she felt like someone was sitting with her, Andy felt like it was a little boy. There was then a knock in the corner of the room by the fireplace. Andy felt a cold blast, and Sam was touched on the back of her leg. Andy was still picking up on Mary, she had long brown hair, in ringlets. She was wearing an old fashioned white frilly dress.

Out in the corridor, Andy was getting the image of someone walking down the stairs. Sally, the landlady, felt someone touch the back of her knee. Andy felt that someone had fell down the stairs, and it was linked to one of the bedrooms upstairs. In the Kitchen, just off the corridor, Andy felt sick and angry. Just outside of the kitchen there was a walk-in cupboard, Andy felt trapped in there, and that the kitchen, cupboard, stairs and bedroom were all connected in some way.

Upstairs in the bedroom, Andy was picking up on a male spirit that had had a serious blow to the head. He could hear "GET OUT!". He felt that there had been a burglary in the pub, he was picking up on 2/3 men charging up the stairs, Andy could hear thud thud thud. He felt that they had locked the man they had attacked in the downstairs cupboard while they took what they wanted. The k2 metre started flashing at the exact as Andy asked it to.

Everyone then gethered back in the bar/lounge. The k2 metre flashed up to red in the middle of the room, nowhere near anything, and then just stopped. Nigel then had to go upstairs to the living room to turn off the TV as it was on very loud, even though all of the team had been up there earlier when Sally had turned it off!

12:00am:- All of the team then decided to try glass divination in the bar.The glass started moving straight away, and Andy asked them to confirm their answers for YES and NO. Footsteps were heard by Sam and Louise. They connected with a female spirit, no older than 20 years old. After counting, she confirmed she was 17 years old. She was not from the 1800's, she was from the 1900's. She died in 1947. Andy then asked her to write her name with the glass, she wrote - p.a.u.l.i.n.e. She had lived in the pub. Andy asked her if she had any connection to the burglary, and the glass started moving in fast, big circles. She had died in an upstairs room, the bathroom, she was murdered. The temperature then dropped drastically. She told the team that she was grounded, and not happy about it, she wanted the team's help to move to a better place. So the team guided her towards the light and communication stopped.

12:30am:- In snug room one, Sally was alone and heard footsteps walk right through the room. Sam, Andy and Louise joined her and began to call out. Andy was picking up on a little boy. He felt he was 8 years old. Andy felt a cold spot quite low down, and the k2 metre flashed at the same time at the same height. Andy then had the image in his head of him standing behind Chris in the bar (Chris was sat at the laptop). He saw the back of Chris's head. So he went inot the bar and stood behind Chris but he felt nothing.

1:00am:- Everyone then moved into snug room two, and began glass divination again. They connected with a male spirit. A child. He confirmed he was the same spirit Andy was picking up on earlier. He was 7 years old. He lived and died at the pub. He didn't die of natural causes. Sam then felt tickling in her hair and ear. Andy asked him where he was standing, he put the glass in the middle of the table, Andy asked him if he was standing on the table, he said yes! His parents had worked at the pub. He died in 1911. Andy asked him if he could see some marbles that the team had set up, he said he could. He said they were not in the bar or lounge, they were not upstairs, they were not in the boy's toilets, he could see them in the girl's toilets. He said he could take one, and that he would like the blue one. Sally and Louise went to the toilets to check, and a big marble had moved in the flour. Sam had her hair touched. Sally then saw something move across the table, in an up and over motion.

1:30am:- Sam and Louise then went upstairs into the living quarters and began using Sam's pendulum in the bedroom. She connected with a male spirit. Sam asked him if he was connected to the building, he answered - don't know/maybe. He did not work at the pub. He was connected to the family that lives at the pub, a relative. He did not pass recently, he passed quite a while ago. After saying family members names, he confirmed he was Sally's relative. He was her grandad. He wanted her to know of his presence. He was her grandad from her father's side of the family. He hadn't shown himself to Sally, he comes to protect the family from the other spirits in the pub. Throughout the pendulum session, the chain was vibrating and twisting.

Sally then joined them and they asked her about her grandad. She said the only grandad she knew of was on her mother's side. So Sam asked him to confirm he was her grandad from her father's side, and he confirmed he was, and that he protects them from the other spirits, but there are no negative spirits in the pub. Sam then felt someone touch her face. He confirmed there were 3 spirits present in the pub. He said Sally would not have known him. He passed from a heart condition. Sam then felt something touch her hand. Andy then joined them. He felt a connection to the Army. Sam asked if he was a sergeant in the Army, he said no, but he had been in the Army. Andy was picking up on the letter J, he confirmed this was his initial. J was the initial of his surname. Sam could not get any more clear answers so decided to end the session.

2:15am:- Everyone then started collecting up all the equipment.

2:30am:- Closing prayer of protection was done by Andy in the bar. Investigation ended.



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