Team Spiritz


Haden Hill Park :- 20th August 2011

Team Spiritz decided to investigate this location because of all the stories associated the the house and park area.


9:30pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location and had a walk around the park to work out the layout. They then went back to the car to collect all the equipment.

10:15am:- The team then set off into the park with the equipment and stopped at a clearing next to a big tree, and set up cameras. Circle of protection was then done by Andy. Andy started taking photos while Chris began calling out. Andy then tried psychometry on the tree, he was picking up on a man with a bushy brown beard, he was in his 40's, he was wearing dungarees. Andy felt he was a gardener or a caretaker, or an odd job man, that type of thing. He had looked after the estate in it's day. He would have had a manager above him. Andy then saw a flash of bright white light in the grass/bushes, so he went to investigate but the was nothing there to have caused it. Sam felt a G - sounding name was connected to the male spirit. Chris then had a hot breeze across his face. Andy felt his name was Edward, and he used to hide away from people in the house, he would hide behind the tree so no one could see him. Sam felt his name was either Geoffrey or surname Jeffries. All of the team could smell wood burning.

They then carried on walking into the woods, taking cameras with them. They decided to stop at the gardens as Andy felt drawn to them. There was a very strong smell but no one could work out what it was. Andy began to call out, asking for Edward to come forward, Andy felt he was by 'his' flowers. Andy felt lonely and drawn to the flower beds. On a previous visit, Chris's k2 metre was flashing to red around the flowers. Andy then heard a voice 'oi, get off the grass!!!!' but in a comical way. Andy walked further down on his own, and had a weird feeling. Edward told him 'I was found here'. He felt it was an accident. Children were connected to him. He felt there were 5 children in the house, 2 of them came to the area, they found him.

They then decided to do glass divination on 'his' grass. They connected with a female spirit, a child from the house. She was standing between Sam and Chris. The k2 metre was spiking to red. Noises were heard all around the table. She confirmed she knew the gardener, she knew his name. After counting, she confirmed she was 11 years old. The glass was then knocking. She confirmed she had found the gardener when he had died, she was with her brother. The gardener had died of natural causes. The team the heard footsteps around them. As the table was sloping, it began to collapse so they moved it further into the gardens. The glass kept pointing to Sam, they wanted Sam to talk on the glass. Someone/something was then touching Sam's hand, the hand she was writing with. Sam asked the little girl to write her name with the glass, she wrote - emma. The k2 metre was spiking again. Sam's hand was touched again, and felt a hot breeze like Chris had earlier. The glass pointed to the k2 metre. they asked her to write the year with the glass, it wrote a number one but then stopped and could get no more response. The k2 metre then fell off the board, no one had moved. They put it back on and asked for it to happen again, it didn't, but it did make a loud click, and it spiked to red.

11:45pm:- They then carried on walking, and came to the pond, walked around it, calling out and taking photos.

12:00am:- They then walked up to the house. Started taking photos. Andy was picking up on an elderly woman wearing an emerald green dress. The table was folded up on the floor, and a big knock came from it. Then, 2 knocks were heard coming from the windows of the house. Sam felt like somebody would have been up on the roof, maybe had jumped from it in the past. The k2 was spiking.

They then did glass divination right next to the house. They connected with a female spirit, she hadn't owned the house, she hadn't worked there. She was an adult, not a child. The spirit seemed to have gone. Sam then asked the children from the house to come forward and walk by the k2 metre to make it flash, it went up to red. Sam then called out on the glass, the k2 metre was still flashing. Sam asked if tehy wanted to play, and mentioned throwing a ball to see if it returned. As she said 'ball', the k2 lights were responding, so Chris kept saying 'ball', and it kept responding. 2 flashes of light were then seen in the park by all of the team.

1:00am:- They then packed all the equipment away and did a closing prayer of protection. Investigation ended. Registered & Protected




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