Team Spiritz


Four Crosses :- 2nd Febuary 2013


Team Spiritz were invited to this location by S-P-I-T to help them investigate this very Old Public House and to assist them on their event


8:00pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the location and were shown around the place by S.P.I.T, also setting up equipment. Andy did a circle of protection in the hub. Investigation began.

8:30pm:- Team Spiritz began the investigation in room 6. Everyone began taking photos. Andy could feel spirit around him, but they were holding back. He began to call out, asking for noises. Andy felt like the energy was building but were not ready to come out yet. He could feel a circle of energy was getting bigger. He also felt a J name was connected.

They then entered room 1. Andy was picking up on a male spirit, he had had a blow to the head, but he felt like it was more medical like a brain hemorhage or aneurysm. He felt he was from the mid 1800's, there would have been no information on this type of illness then. He died suddenly. He had ruled the roost, but he was not angry. He felt he was in his 40's, but he looked much older, 55 - 60.

Andy felt the spirit that was holding back earlier was a female, was now stronger, but found it difficult to get through. Andy heard a woman's voice say " My names Annie", with an accent. Everyone then began to hear taps in the room but they were not sure if it was the heating cooling down. There was a temperature drop on Fred's laser thermometre. Andy felt Annie was very stroppy/bossy. She marches up and down. She wanted them to be afraid of her.

They then moved into room 3. Andy was still picking up on Annie, she was wearing an apron. She was head housekeeper. There was then a bang in the corner, so Andy asked Annie if it was her, and got another bang. Bangs were coming on demand, and were quite forceful and impressive. Andy then heard " I looked after 4 children" in a forceful manner. She had lived in the building and worked as a nanny / housekeeper, she did everything. She was rushing around, very busy. Another bang was heard. Andy asked her if there were any other spirits present, she tapped to confirm there was. Andy stood in the corner the noises were coming from. Fred then asked Annie if she had been married, her reply through Andy was "Why should I tell you anything?!" Under her apron was a green/grey plain dress, a white pinny. Fred then asked her if she had been abused as a child, her reply through Andy was "I was not abused, I was bought up properly!" Her dad was a real man. Andy then began to laugh, she had told him "Fred is very cheeky!". She had never got married, but Andy felt she had relationships with men on the sly. She then told Andy "It's none of your business!". Andy felt her house would have been bigger, with possibly an extra building or extension. A knock confirmed this.

They then moved into room 4, the hub, with the webcams. They were watching the webcams, and Andy could feel energies swirling around, building up. He was trying to get the male spirit from earlier to come closer, he felt he was from a different time era to Annie. Andy felt the building used to be a coaching Inn, he could see coach and horses parking up outside. Fred mentioned Victorian (she came to the throne in 1863), but Andy felt it was before then, mid to late 1700's.

10:45pm:- Tea Break

11:00pm:- They then entered the cellar with some members of S.P.I.T and some guests. S.P.I.T and guests tried doing a ouija board in one half, while Team Spiritz went into the other half. They got no response with the ouija board, so they all joined together in the other half. Andy was picking up on 2 boys, they used to live there. Andy began to call out. He felt the boys were connected to Annie. One of their names was Tim. He looked like a chimney sweep, with a dirty face, trousers and waistcoat. He was aged 6 or 7, but he didn't die at that age. His brother's name was Micheal, but he was holding back. He was 9. Andy felt one of them as poking him in the eye. They could get no more communication in the cellar so decided to go back up into the bar.

11:50pm:- They decided to try doing glass divination in the bar. They connected with a male spirit, he had lived there. Fred asked if it was Charlie, he confirmed it was. (Charlie was known to S.P.I.T from previous visits). He owned the building. He didn't die there, he died in hospital. They had to end the session due to a team tea break.

12:10am:- They then moved into room 5. Andy felt that room 5, 3 and 1 were Annie's domain. She told Andy - "not you again!". She had an Irish accent, but not full Irish. She then told Andy "This place is dirty, it needs cleaning!" Fred then asked her if she had staff working underneath her, but Andy felt she liked to work alone and was paid well to do the job. Andy felt the 2 boys from the cellar were running around. Lisa, one of the guests, began talking, and Andy felt calmer, so Lisa continued to talk. She told Lisa, through Andy, that she doesn't look for the children, they just do as they are told. She didn't have children of her own, she was too commited to her job. She told Andy "Thats my life". When asked if she had time to herself, her response was "No time, duty comes first". Fred asked her if she had relationships, Andy felt she never got fully involved with men because she didn't trust them, her answer was "I'm not telling you my business!". When asked if she liked teams coming, she answered "Do as you please!". The k2 metre started flashing. She told Andy that the only man she trusts is her boss. She was in her 50's, and she doesn't smile!

They then decided to try glass divination. They connected with Annie. They asked her if she was a housekeeper, she said no. Louise said that in them times, she would have been called a governess, so they asked her,and she said yes. They then tried to get her age, she said she was older than 50, older than 60, but didn't want to say her exact age. She was from the 1700's. She confirmed she knows the master of the house, and likes him, he was younger, in his 40's. He was married, to someone younger, in her 30's. Fred then asked how she travelled, she said no to horses, coach and carriage, she confirmed that she didn't travel. She didn't want children of her own. She confirmed that she looked after 3 children, 2 boys and 1 girl. Andy asked her if they were Tim and Micheal, the boys he picked up on earlier, she confirmed one was Tim, but not Micheal. Andy asked if Micheal was her boss's name, she said no. Micheal was connected somehow, but the team couldn't work out how. He didn't want to talk. The k2 began to flash.

They all then moved up to flat one. They decided to try glass divination again. They connected with a male sspirit, his name was Derek. After counting, he confirmed he was 64 years old. He had worked there, he looked after horses. He couldn't read. Andy felt he liked working with wood as a hobby. They couldn't get any more answers with the glass, so they decided to try using Sam's pendulum. Sam connected to Derek again, he confirmed he loved working with wood, it was his hobby. He confirmed he died there, he was killed by a horse. He was kicked by the horse which had been startled, while putting the horse into harness. It was a big brown shire horse. Derek confirmed he was not married. He said he knew Charlie, who they picked up on earlier in the bar. Charlie died in his 20's, and he was married. Derek said he knew Annie, but he didn't like her. Sam then felt that the energy was slowing down, so decided to end the session, and call it a night.

2:00am:- They started to collect up all the equipment. Closing prayer of protection was done by Andy. Investigation ended.


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