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Dudley Priory :- 14th May 2011

After having cancellations two weeks in a row, Team Spiritz decided to get together and try to find some outdoor locations to do in the future, and to try out some new equipment and investigation techniques. The team decided to check out Dudley Priory Ruins first.


10:00pm:- Team Spiritz arrived at the ruins, and had a walk around, and decided where to set up equipment.

10:30pm:- Circle of protection was done in the ruins by Andy. Investigation started with andy calling out. Photos were taken, with lots of orbs caught around the smsall staircase. Andy then saw something white bounce off his shoulder, then someone/ something touched the top of his head.

10:45pm:- They then set up a table in the middle of the ruins, and began glass divination. Before they started, all of the team heard a strange noise, like something hitting off metal railings, but there are no metal railings in the area. The glass began moving, they connected with a male spirit, he was a monk, it was his priory. All of the team then felt a cold blast move across the table. The glass then started moving differently, in bigger, faster circles. The team felt it was a different spirit present, the glass confirmed it was. They connected with another male spirit. Andy asked him to write the year with the glass, it wrote - 1290. He confirmed he had died in 1290. He confirmed the priory was over 800 years old., he was not around when the priory was built, it was built before he was born. Andy then asked him to write his name with the glass, it wrote - go. He confirmed he was telling the team to go. He wanted them to leave. Andy then became angry and aggressive with spirit, which is something the team has never tried before, to try to get a reaction from him. Andy had taken his finger off the glass, but the glass kept pointing to him, and moving in bigger, faster circles. He then wouldn't answer any more questions so they decided to end the session.

11:20pm:- All of the team then walked down to the pool area. Andy began to call out. Everything seemed quite calm and relaxed down there. Photos were taken and orbs were caught around the pool.

The team then decided to go back to the car and try out a different location. As they were walking back to the car, Andy was picking up on the image of soldiers marching, they were wearing red and blue uniforms. He felt they were heading up towards Dudley Castle. He felt there were lots of soldiers. Their uniforms were half and half, half red, and half blue. He also felt the road did not exist, just a grassy area.

12:00am:- The team then got in the car, and went to a nearby woods, but as it was by a very noisy pub, and there were lots of people about, they decided not to enter for their own safety. But they will return to this location at a later date.

12:30am:- Closing prayer of protection done by Andy. Investigation ended. Registered & Protected

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