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Drakelow Tunnels 3rd Investigation 23rd June 2012

Team Spiritz were again invited to this location by our good friends from Wolf Paranormal Events Team as this is a great location we couldn't refuse, also we were contacted by Matt West who was also going on this investigation who wanted to join us with his friend Hugh within this location we were more than happy to have them join us





8:30pm :-  Team Spiritz arrived at the location and met up with Matt and Hugh. Also met up with Wolf paranormal events and all the other teams there for the evening. They were shown into the tunnels, and then into the hub.

9:15pm:- The team then began to venture into the tunnels. Investigation began with a circle of protection done by Andy. Andy began to call out, asking for taps and lights. As they were in a tunnel, Andy felt drawn further up it, then walked past an old doorway and he felt like he shouldn't be there, he shouldn't be walking past it. He then saw the image of a young boy running through the doorway. Andy and Louise heard a noise like metal tinkling. They walked further into the tunnels. They stood still again and called out. Louise thought Sam was standing behind her and touched her back, but no-one was near her. There seemed to be clicking noises coming from the end of the tunnel, by some rubble, so Matt and Hugh decided to stand down there while the rest of the team stayed where they were and Andy asked for footsteps. Sam and Louise heard them, quite loudly.

Everyone then walked down to the old entrance and did some calling out. Matt did an EVP session.

They then moved into the kitchen area and began taking photos and called out. Matt tried using his ovilus, but got no response. There was an old shopping trolley nearby, so they tried standing around it, touching it, like table tipping, to try to get it to move. The metal felt like it was pulsing and leaning slightly to the right. The EMF metre was in the middle of the trolley but got no response with it.

As they were walking out of the kitchen into another tunnel, andy was picking up on the image of a very young soldier. He was about 18 years old, had blonde hair. There were 2 stripes on his uniform, Matt confirmed this was corporal.

They all then entered an old toilet block and started doing some scrying in the mirrors. Andy saw - facial hair, his eyes disappear, his eyebrows moved, he was swaying. He felt he changed colour, he went darker/tanned. After 5 minutes he tried again and he saw - he was tanned again, with a filled out face and fatter neck.

11:30pm:- Break

11:50pm:- The team then headed off in search of the dorms. They did some calling out along the way. In the dorms Matt tried using his ghost box but got no response as there was no signal. Andy then had the image of something that he thought was very strange. He saw the little boy he had sensed earlier, but Sam was standing holding her hand out to him like there was some sort of connection. He felt he needed help.

They then set off to find the BBC rooms but when they found them they realised they were different from a previous visit, most of the equipment had been moved. Photos were taken and calling out done. They then headed down the tunnels towards the generator room. Noises were heard as soon as they entered. Everyone stood at the top end, but taps seemed to be coming from the bottom end, so Sam and Louise went down there. Andy was asking questions and taps seemed to be coming from the middle of the pipes.

12:50am:- They then headed into tunnel 3. Andy began to feel unwell, very sick. Matt tried using his ovilus again. It picked up the word Believe. Matt asked spirit for their name, it said - "can't". then it said " Bob". Matt could not get any more answers so decided to head back to the hub for a quick break.

1:00am:- In the hub, Solihull Paranormal told Team Spiritz that they had got good responses with their ghost box all night so they invited them to join them for a session with the ghost box. They had had good responses in the dorms so they went there first but got no response, so instead they went into the generator room. As they were walking there, Andy saw someone walk past the doorway but there was no-one there.

In the generator room, Sharon from Solihull Paranormal set up the ghost box, and got a signal. She began asking questions and was getting responses. Andy also began to communicate with the ghost box and goy some good answers. this is the first time Team Spiritz had successfully used a ghost box and they found this session very interesting, but none of the information they got could be researched.

2:30am:- They headed back to the hub and decided to call it a night.

2:45am:- Closing prayer of protection was done by Andy. Investigation ended.



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